My favourite and least favourite characters and why by Redblaze

Redblaze lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

We all have our favourite and least favourite characters and I’d like to introduce you to some of mine! Warning: it’s gonna be long!
This contains major spoilers for every arc including The Broken Code.
10) Crookedstar- I love Crookedstar mainly because of his fighting spirit and the fact that, despite being abused and manipulated, he stayed good and true. Crookedstar suffered a lot during his lifetime and did nothing bad in return, instead mentoring his daughter and making sure his clan was safe.

9) Honeyfern- Honeyfern made the ultimate sacrifice- her life and the lives of her unborn kits- to save other kits. Then, she risked her place in the stars to save more kits, fighting off Brokenstar and Breezepelt to save Poppyfrost and Jayfeather. I’m not really sure what she saw in Berrynose but the fact that she saved the life of the she-cat he had kits with after her death just shows her selflessness and non-vengefulness. We should all aspire to be like Honeyfern!

8) Greystripe- I love Greystripe! He’s the wonderful, loyal friend who will do anything for his bestie. Greystripe is on my list because of his determination and the fact that you just can’t hate him. I just think it’s so sweet that he sneaks extra prey from the pile- I think we would all do that in his place! But I also think that his determination when taken by two-legs is admirable. And, no, I don’t hate Millie!

7) Mapleshade- some hate her, some love her. I’m firmly in the love category! No, that doesn’t mean I think murdering three people is good or that vengeance is good either. I just think her personality is great- she’s mad, bad and proud of it! She doesn’t care what anyone thinks and won’t give up for anything. Sure, she’s evil but evil characters are always interesting (unless they’re Hawkfrost or Thistleclaw) and just appealing in general. However, what I like most about Mapleshade and what I think other people like is that she was rejected and put down but she didn’t let is get to her. She took matters into her own hands. This is why Mapleshade is awesome.

6) Shadowsight- where to start with Shadowsight? He was looked down on from the beginning, being half-clan but was always special. His seizures were terrifying but important and he basically ended up saving the clans while he was just a kit, almost drowning himself just so the clans would be united. You’ll probably noticed that I like selflessness in a character. Shadowsight is selfless- he risked his reputation and is father’s anger to reveal a vision to the clans. Even if this turned out to be false, he still tried his best to help others and still is.

5) Rootspring- I think a lot of us like Rootspring. Probably because he’s relatable. Scared of being thought of as weird and left out, Rootspring was teased constantly. I think a lot of us have experienced things like that. Yet, Rootspring has risen above that. He is now respected by many in the clans and has been vital in discovering that Bramblestar is actually an imposter. Rootspring isn’t particularly brave in battle but is brave in other ways, brave with words not actions

4) Alderheart- like Rootspring, Alderheart is very relatable. He worries about what others think of him and is constantly scared of failure. And yet, he is extremely sensitive and good at healing. Alderheart is probably the cat I’m most like in the Warriors universe. He is very skilled as a medicine cat and uses compassion instead of claws.

3) Bristlefrost- I love Bristlefrost because of her bravery. At first, she only aimed to please but, when her clan was in danger, she stepped up. She was the rebel’s main source of information and was a great help in the discovery that Bramblestar is not Bramblestar. She also risked her position in the rebels to protect Bramblestar’s body. She is incredibly brave and that’s why I love her.

2) Ivypool- Ivypool is quite similar to Bristlefrost in that she risked her life to get vital information to the clans. The reason I put Ivypool higher is because I think the stakes were much higher. While the imposter may have exiled Bristlefrost, Ivypool risked her life every single night and, in the end, was a huge part in saving the clans. Some people do dislike Ivypool because of her jealousy. We all get jealous at some point, that’s no reason to hate someone and I think Ivypool more than makes up for it.

1) Pouncetail- you can be forgiven for not knowing who Pouncetail is. He is a minor character and his debut appearance was in Battles of The Clans. Pouncetail was in the battle in the tunnels in Power of Three and was fighting ShadowClan with his clanmates. He had cornered a ShadowClan warrior and all of his clanmates were telling him to kill the unfortunate cat. But Pouncetail let him go, stating that warriors did not need to kill to win battles. With that action, he made it to the top of my list! Despite extreme peer pressure, despite all of his friends telling him to do it, Pouncetail chose the right thing. That is what makes him the best.

Least Favourite
10) Star Flower- I haven’t actually read all of Dawn of the Clans but, from what I’ve seen, she’s just not great. She betrayed Thunder and then went out with his DAD of all cats. She also had the cheek to say her One-eye was a good cat! After he basically caused the death of Petal and many others!

9) Berrynose- I don’t think anyone likes Berrynose. He is rude, arrogant and annoying and, in The Broken Code, it is also shown that he has a hunger for power. Then, he fought on the side of Bramblestar even after he’d been exiled That cat does not have one scrap of loyalty or humility inside him.

8) Hawkfrost- Hawkfrost is overrated. He was evil only for the sake of it really and he didn’t even manage to kill anyone. He was evil apparently only because Tigerstar was when Bramblestar was completely fine. Basically, he was just a filler villain for The New Prophecy.

7) Rainflower- the only reason she isn’t higher on my list is because I didn’t think of her before. Rainflower seemed nice at first, loving her sons and caring for them. But, when Stormkit had his accident, everything changed. She became cold and abusive, renaming him to Crookedkit and clearly showing favouritism towards Oakheart. She basically abandoned him. Shellheart was right to abandon her.

6) Finleap- I used to like Finleap, until River of Fire when he started being horrible and demanding to Twigbranch. He started demanding that she have his kits, even though she clearly didn’t want to. This is a sign of how selfish Finleap can be. Although he has made up for it a bit, he still makes it onto my list.

5) Darkstripe- Darkstripe is just a plain nasty person. To begin with, he is an obnoxious, self-centred suck-up who cares little for others, shown when he convinces Longtail to break the code which causes Poppydawn’s death. Then, he still follows Tigerstar even after he abandons him and, to top it all off, tries to poison a kit. He obviously shows no remorse for these actions and had no reason for them other than being just plain nasty.

4) Appledusk, Frecklewish, Ravenwing and Darkstar- these are all a tie because they’re pretty similar. Appledusk seemed okay to begin with. He told Mapleshade he loved her, had her kits and horribly deceived her. He was CHEATING on his forbidden mate that he seemed to love so much and clearly would rather be liked by his clanmates than be loyal and honest. In that respect, his personality is similar to Darkstripe. He loved himself more than anything else. Frecklewish is here because she let three innocent kits drown without lifting a paw. Yes, Mapleshade deceived her but still! No good person could let three children drown. Ravenwing I kind of understand- he did what he thought was right for his clan. However, if he had had any foresight and wisdom, he surely would have known that he would hurt Mapleshade and her three kits irreparably. Darkstar I think is one of the worst of this bunch. She told Appledusk, who clearly wasn’t that upset, that his children dying was enough punishment and he could stay and all. But apparently the grieving mother of the children whose husband jus abandoned her too hasn’t had enough punishment. In a way, Mapleshade’s evil is Darkstar’s fault.

3) Clear Sky- Clear Sky caused the deaths of dozens of cats and basically got away with it all and became leader to boot. He caused a great battle and even killed a queen with kits! Then, he rejected his brother when he was injured and needed help as well as his own son. Clear Sky is self-centred, cruel, tyrannical and cold. Not exactly a great role-model for the first leader of SkyClan.

2) Firestar- For those who love Firestar, this may be a little hard to understand. The thing I don’t like about Firestar Is basically his complete lack of character. I’m fine with Firepaw and Fireheart but Firestar is too good to be true. He is always sooo noble and soooo honest and sooo good and incapable of doing anything remotely evil. To put it simply, he has no flaws. I also think that him being the fourth cat was really unoriginal. It would have been so much more interesting if a cat like Mothwing or Flametail had been the fourth. Also, if you’ve read Firestar’s quest, there is a scene where Sandstorm confronts him, accusing him of still liking Spottedleaf. He basically tells her that he loves Spottedleaf way more than her and is a complete jerk. I rest my case.

1) Breezepelt- This guy is pretty similar to Clear Sky. He is a disloyal traitor who gets away with everything. He trained in the dark forest with the intention of destroying the clans and massacring innocent cats, including kits. He attempts to kill Lionblaze and certainly would have if Crowfeather hadn’t stopped him. Also, so what if his father ignored him? Plenty of other cats have had that like Rosepetal and Toadstep and they didn’t turn out crazy! Breezepelt got away with everything in the end. Though he did find his match in the other traitor Heathertail.

Well, that’s it! Let me know what you think in the comments! Redblaze out!

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  • Firestar DOES have flaws! He’s nosy, tactless, judgemental, and a bit dim. This can be shown when the prophecy is presented to him: “Fire alone can save our Clan.”
    Wonder who it could be? Firepaw did too.

    There are no real characters with no flaws in the Warriors series. Every character is flawed. Take some commonly called Mary Sues: Dovewing and Spottedleaf.

    Spottedleaf is meddling, nosy, and somewhat insensitive to Firestar and Sandstorm’s relationship. Dovewing is naive, whiny, and fickle. Both have many more flaws that I won’t list.

    I don’t like Spottedleaf or Dovewing, but they certainly aren’t Sues.

  • I respect you opinions .Firestar is overrated. Even though he’s my 7th favorite leader..
    [spoiler title=”Why i dislike him:”] So well… AS A KITTYPET HE BEATS LONGTAIL WITH NO WARRIOR TRAINING, NO FOREST CAT EXPERIENCE, HE’S 6 MOONS OLD WHEN HE BEATS LONGTAIL. just hadda get that out of my system. But I respect that cause he is a Prophecy cat. [/spoiler]

  • BREEZEPELT HAD PARENT PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crowfeather admits that it’s his fault Breezepelt was…well…Breezepelt

  • Great article! But it’s not really Frecklewish’s fault. She was a lot like Mapleshade, really. They both suffered and made bad choices because of it. Mapleshade lied to her about her dead brother, saying that her dead brother was her mate when her mate was actually her brother’s killer. And so we can’t really blame Frecklewish for wanting to banish Mapleshade. As for Ravenwing, he was only doing his job. But yes, it was definitely partially Appledusk and Darkstar’s faults. Especially Appledusk, I think he only did it because he liked Reedshine better than Mapleshade and wanted an excuse to dump her for the she-cat he liked more! Urgh, I reeeeeeealy don’t like Appledusk.

  • Awww. I love favorites who are so minor. I honestly can’t number my favs very well.
    The Prophecies Began: Sandstorm (warrior), Brightheart, and Cloudtail
    Power Of Three: Hollyleaf (warrior) or Jayfeather
    Omen Of The Stars: Ivypool
    Vision Of Shadows: Needletail and Violetshine
    Broken Code: Bristlefrost (warrior) and Rootspring

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