[Bluestar with Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit]

Was Bluestar Right to Give Away her kits? by Ferretpaw

Ferretpaw wonders if Bluestar made the right choice with her kits.

Art by Twilight (tumblr: twilights-800-cats)

Bluestar many people love this character(including myself.) Anyone is the clans should here about her. It was very sad to see her go. But was it right to give away her kits in order to gain power? Yes-the way I said makes Bluestar seem like the worst; maybe I should rephrase that- Was it right to give away her kits in order to become deputy? That phrase mellows it out a bit, but is that the true way to say it? She wanted to become leader, so she had to give away her kits. This sounds somewhat like Tigerstar, doing anything to become deputy. The only thing different…. is that Bluestar felt bad afterward. She felt regret for her WHOLE life. Feeling bad that Mosskit died, missing her kits, and feeling bad that they didn’t know her. She was remorseful and regretful, she never really lived her life fully. She loved her clan, but she loved her kits more.

How are Bluestar and Leafpool are alike and different? Well both had to make a sacrifice for their clan. Bluestar wanted to be leader, and Leafpool wanted to continue being medic. Leafpool felt regret and missed their kits. A difference is that Bluestar only saw her kits at gatherings, and Leafpool saw them all the time. I think it would be harder for Leafpool because she would constantly see them and wish they knew. Another difference is that Bluestar’s kin never knew about her until she passed away; Leafpool’s kits on the other hand figured out before she passed away.

More about her and Tigerstar… Yes Tigerstar never gave away his kits, but he did do many things to become leader. Bluestar did give away her kits to become leader though, it seems she wanted to become leader very badly. As I said before, Bluestar felt remorse for giving away her kits. She also didn’t do as many drastic things as Tigerstar.

Bluestar was a great leader despite her flaws, and unlike Tigerstar felt remorse for things she had done. She leaded her clan to victory, and peace. Bluestar is truly someone to remember.

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