What would have happened if Tigerstar killed Scrouge? by Jayfox

Art by BowtieMySoul

Jayfox theorizes on how the books may have progressed if Scourge had died by Tigerstar

*This is my first article, so sorry for spelling, grammar, content mistakes, etc. :D*

The battle of Tigestar and Scrouge was one of the most dramatic and unexpected plot twists of the entire Warrior Cats series. Nobody expected a random Twolegplace rouge to swifty kill Tigerstar, one of the strongest and formidable foe to ever walk the forest – and in one blow. In the Darkest Hour, Firestar saw Tigerstar die right in front of him, nine times. “Not even Starclan would heal such a wound.”

In fact, what if Starclan WAS able to heal Tigerstar’s wounds?

We don’t know yet the limit of Starclan’s powers, but we can guess based on the information we have now. Starclan can apparently bring a cat BACK TO LIFE, even when they literally almost dead. This is shown two times; Windstar being revived after a battle, and Tigerstar (the second) after being mauled by a hawk. If Starclan can revive them, why couldn’t they heal Tigerstar when he had NINE lives?

Let’s assume Tigerstar lived Scrouge’s first blow. After this, two scenarios could have played out:

1. Tigerstar kills Scrouge
Tigerstar now knows that Scrouge has deadly dog-claws (how did he even attach them in the first place, is my question), so he easily kills him. Tigerstar is a pretty darn good figher, killing almost EIGHT total cats on his bloody path to leadership. So it’s not that hard to assume he could beat a self-trained scrawny Twolegplace cat who used to be a kittypet. In fact, Scrouge’s biggest weapon was being underestimated, and Tigerstar literally has nine lives to back him up.

2. Scrouge kills Tigerstar
Who knows, Tigerstar could be shell-shocked after his death, and Scrouge could easily kill him over and over, nine times. Scrouge used the element of SUPRISE to snatch away his first couple of lives, so who knows what else he has behind his collar? Rouge life in the dirty alleys of Twolegplace would probably be harder than the lax forest life, so Scrouge might atcually beat Tigerstar on a 1v1 fight. Even if Scrouge ended up dying, Bone might quickly jump in to kill Tigerstar instead before Bloodclan disbands.

If Scrouge kills Tigerstar, than the plotline in Darkest Hour would probably be the same.

However, if Tigerstar kills Scrouge, many things would change. Either Bloodclan would run away, or they would join Tigerclan. Jaggedtooth changed sides after Tigerstar died, so who knows if Bloodclan would have been loyal to Scrouge or not. Tigerstar could even promise them the forests even after Scrouge’s death so they join him. Either way, with Bloodclan and Tigerclan joining forces, there is no way Lionclan ever stands a chance. Firestar would most definitely die or be taken prisoner, most of Thunderclan and Windclan would be dead or forced to join Tigerclan.

In conclusion, it was surely Firestar’s lucky day when Scrouge killed Tigerstar in ONE hit, for otherwise the clans would have died out quickly.

– Jayfox 😀

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