Willowpelt: The Character You Never Noticed by Dawnpaw

Art by berrym00n

Dawnpaw looks at Willowpelt’s character

Hi everyone, and welcome to my third article here on BlogClan, Today we’re going to be talking about Willowpelt, the ThunderClan queen nobody noticed.

Willowpelt was born alongside her littermates, Redtail and Spottedleaf, to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang of ThunderClan. She also had two older littermates, Patchpelt and Leopardfoot. Willowpelt grew up happily in ThunderClan. She eventually fell in love with an unknown tom and gave birth to a tom named Darkkit, who would grow up to be Darkstripe. Something happened between Willowpelt and her unknown mate, and she broke up with them and became mates with a different unknown tom. At first this tom was Patchpelt, which is wrong because HE IS HER BROTHER. This was removed and now her mate is unknown. She had, again, one little tom-kit, whom she named Graykit.

After Graykit was born, tragedy began to strike Willowpelt’s family. Her parents and her older sister, Leopardfoot, all died. Redtail became Clan deputy…and then was brutally murdered by his nephew, Tigerclaw, who wanted to become deputy. Willowpelt also broke up with her second unknown mate.

Spottedleaf was also brutally murdered by Clawface when ShadowClan attacked the camp. Now three of Willowpelt’s siblings were dead, her parents were dead, her older brother was in the elder’s den, and she had had her heart broken by two toms and was raising two sons by herself.

In short, life wasn’t looking too good for Willowpelt.

But then she began to form a strong bond with Whitestorm. He sympathized with her (his parents were dead as well), and soon they were very much in love. Willowpelt gave birth to two toms, Sootkit and Rainkit, and a she-cat, Sorrelkit. Also, her only surviving sibling, Patchpelt? He died when a ire raged through their camp.

Even though most of Willowpelt’s blood family was dead, she still had her wonderful mate, Whitestorm, and her three healthy kits. She also had her older son, Graystripe. Darkstripe, however…he was a problem by himself. Tigerclaw had been exiled from ThunderClan, and he was working with him. Willowpelt eventually caught Darkstripe trying to kill her only daughter via deathberries. Tigerclaw’s orders. Graystripe was ready to tear him to pieces, but Firestar ended up exiling Darkstripe.

During the battle with BloodClan, Whitestorm, her only true love, died. Willowpelt was heartbroken, but she stayed strong for her daughter and sons. When she was out on a patrol, a badger attacked Rainpaw, Willowpelt fought it herself, but lost her life while protecting her son.

So Willowpelt had a very sad life. Most of her family was dead when she passed on, and a lot of her kin were murdered. But she found peace at the end with Whitestorm, the only mate who didn’t break her heart (and yes, I know it doesn’t state anywhere that she got her heart broken, but this is much more dramatic).

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