Bluestar: Two Sides of an Argument by Whitepaw

Art by melo_draws (WildMelo)

Whitepaw debates Bluestar’s character

Hi, Whitepaw here with yet another article. I’ve seen a lot of articles about sad deaths and Swiftpaw and how Bluestar should have made him a warrior so he wouldn’t have died. I’ve also seen a lot of articles about defending Bluestar, so I decided to make a mix of the two, because I can see both sides of the argument. First, I’m going to be doing the reasons why she’s a great leader and people should stop hating her and then I will do the reasons why Bluestar is a bad leader and people shouldn’t like her. Here goes!

Hi everybody! Some people think that Bluestar was a bad leader and they blame her for certain things. However, here are some reasons why she should be recognized as a great leader. She is strong. She has gone through a lot of things in her long life. When she was just a young apprentice, her mother died at an attack on WindClan. Later, when she was a warrior, her sister died on the Thunderpath. Bluestar was also given a prophecy by the clan’s medicine cat before she became a warrior. She went through a lot of things early on, but she came out strong. She was ambitious. Too much ambition is not a good thing, as demonstrated by cats like Tigerstar, but wanting to become leader because you think you can lead the clan best is fine. She gave up her kits to become leader. She gave them to Oakheart to be raised in a whole different clan, just so that she could try to become the deputy instead of bloodthirsty Thistleclaw. I admire her for that and you should too. She was a good leader. She was a good strong ThunderClan leader that could stay calm if she wanted to, but could also be very fierce. She did mate with a cat from another clan, but that was when she was young and foolish and saw no harm in being with Oakheart. She has learned from her mistakes and used that to become one of the best leaders the clan could hope for. She was an outstanding mentor to Firepaw who would one day become Firestar and she taught him all she knew. I know that she went crazy during her last life and declared war on StarClan, but I can’t blame her. ThunderClan cats kept on dying! Redtail died at a battle at Sunningrocks which is also where Oakheart died. She lost Lionheart in a battle against ShadowClan and Tigerclaw turned out to be plotting against her, so she had to exile him. Think about the impact that would have on you. Your seemingly perfectly loyal deputy was secretly plotting to kill you. She would have to be more careful. If Fireheart hadn’t been there to save her, Tigerclaw would have killed her. She doesn’t know who else is planning her murder, so it was safer to assume that the whole clan was made of traitors. She was also suffering dementia, which made an impact. Bluestar decided that she couldn’t take the risk of making more warriors in the clan, more cats who might betray her. So, she didn’t make them into warriors. It wasn’t necessarily Bluestar’s fault that Swiftpaw died and Brightpaw got injured. She could have prevented it if she wasn’t scared they might betray her. It was just the events that happened during her life that led her to not making them into warriors. I hope that now you guys understand that Bluestar was a great leader and should be honored throughout ThunderClan.

Hey there! I know a lot of people who like Bluestar, but to me, she’s kind of eh. I am going to be explaining to you why Bluestar was a bad cat and does not deserve as much liking.
I do feel sorry for Bluestar and the events of her early life, but let’s skip forward a bit. She mated with a cat from a different clan! How many times do I have to say that the warrior code prohibits that! I know that there weren’t that many before Bluestar, but I still think she should have learned that cross-clan relationships were a bad idea. Anyway, she wanted to become leader and she gave her kits up for it! She brang her kits out into the cold night and one of them died, just so she could become leader. She did suffer a lot of losses and stuff, but that doesn’t justify her declaring war on StarClan. Also, if she had just agreed to make Swiftpaw, Thornpaw and Brightpaw into warriors, Swiftpaw would have survived and Brightpaw wouldn’t have gotten her injuries. Another reason I hate her is that she named Brightpaw Lostface. That is the worst name any cat could have. It isn’t fair to continue her war with StarClan and take out her anger on naming Brightheart Lostface. That was very mean and rude of her. Also accusing WindClan of hunting on her land without evidence when it was so obviously dogs. Usually she would want to avoid a fight, but she started to provoke one with WindClan and then she got mad at her deputy for avoiding the fight. I just don’t understand Bluestar in her last life. She was being so bad and out of her mind. Bluestar was an okay cat, but I still think she’s overrated and I hope I managed to convince you of something. Bye!

Okay, so if I had to defend or state reasons why Bluestar is bad, this is probably how I would do it. I know my Bluestar is bad paragraph thing was shorter than the one about how amazing Bluestar is, so you probably know my opinion. Anyway, comment if you think I did a good job with both arguments.

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