Matching Clans with Wings of Fire Tribes by Whitepaw

Whitepaw draws parallels between Warriors and Wings of Fire

Hi, this is Whitepaw and today I will be comparing warrior clans with Wings of Fire tribes. Wings of Fire is a great series written by one of the Erins, Tui T. Sutherland. If you are a warriors fan, you will probably like this series because it has a lot of similarities. Enough advertising Wings of Fire, let’s get on with the article.

There are seven Wings of Fire tribes on Pyrrhia (I will not be doing the ones on the Lost Continent because that’s too much). They are IceWings, MudWings, NightWings, RainWings, SandWings, SeaWings and SkyWings. They each have skills that their tribe specializes in. Now, let’s compare.

The most obvious one even for people who haven’t read the series is SkyClan and SkyWings. The SkyWings feel most at home flying in the sky. These dragons are the fastest fliers in Pyrrhia. SkyClan cats don’t fly, but they climb in trees, as far into the sky as they can get. Also, SkyWings and SkyClan have the same prefix.

What I think the second obvious one is is StarClan and the NightWings. They both refer to night sky, and they are both the most mysterious. Also, NightWings may be able to see the future and read minds, and StarClan can see the future and somewhat appear to be able to read minds, though it isn’t really confirmed.

Now, we’ll just go in alphabetical order with the clans.

RiverClan is definitely the SeaWings, and this one probably ties with StarClan and NightWings for second obvious. The Seawings have gills and feel most at home swimming in the ocean. RiverClan like to swim in rivers, and they can’t breathe underwater but they can hold their breath longer than most other cats.

ShadowClan would probably be MudWings, because they lived in marshy areas originally. The MudWings like to live in marshes and their scales are dark and mud colored. The ShadowClan cats pelt colors are usually dark and shadow colored. There is also no better clan to go with MudWings, so yeah.

ThunderClan would be RainWings, because there is no better match for them. RainWings live in the rainforest and the ThunderClan cats live in just regular forests. The RainWings are also known to be lazy, but ThunderClan isn’t lazy so I put them with the RainWings just because there is no other tribe that lives in forests.

WindClan would be the SandWings. The SandWings are used to being in open land and can deal with heat better than any other tribe. They live among the rolling sand dunes. WindClan are probably the most accustomed to heat as well, for living on the open moorland. The difference is the terrain, but this is still the best match.

The last Wings of Fire tribe is the IceWings, and there are no clans to go with them. Can we think of anything else to go with them?

Aha! The Tribe of Rushing Water! The IceWings are adapted to live in cold environments and don’t do very well in heat. The Tribe of Rushing Water lives high in the mountains where it is often very cold and where prey is scarce. They are more used to living and hunting in the cold than any of the clan cats.

So, I hope you liked that article and I think you guys should try out the Wings of Fire series if you haven’t already. Goodbye!

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