Giving Warrior Names to cats who don’t have one by Leafsky

Leafsky gives some Warriors names to cats who never got one

Hey guys! It’s Leafsky again, and I am back with another article. This time, however, I’m going to be giving cats warrior names who don’t have them. Let’s start!

1. Swiftpaw
Swiftpaw’s death was mostly because of his overconfidence and his desire to prove himself to get his warrior name. Now, I just think that the name Swiftclaw would be a good name, though in my opinion the suffix is slightly overused, like the suffixes ‘tail’ and ‘fur’.

2. Snowkit
Snowkit’s death was just sad. He was deaf, and just playing in the clearing when a hawk swoops down and carries him off, and basically brutally murders him. My warrior name for him would be Snowdrizzle, mostly because I think it’s a very cute name, and because I think it suits him.

3. Wishkit & Hopekit
These two were Yellowfang’s dead kits, and I feel bad because I think they didn’t really deserve to die, but sometimes, some characters need to be killed off. The names I think would suit these two are Hopewhisper and Wishspirit. These prefixes you typically don’t see them at all, except for Brightspirit, who appeared to Jayfeather.

4. Mosskit
Mosskit died from the cold, yet this kit deserves a warrior name in my opinion for actually not dying sooner from the cold. My warrior name for her would be Mossheart.

5. Dandelionkit and Juniperkit
These two died, Juniperkit at birth, and Dandelionkit after weakening over two moons. I feel as though Dandelionkit suffered a lot, since she weakened over time. The warrior names I’d choose for these two would be Dandeliondrift and Junipersong, because I feel these suffixes match with the prefixes.

6. Splashkit and Morningkit
These two were Graypool’s kits who were born very sickly, and died when they were less than a moon old. I figure this is a terrible way to die, and that’s why I think these two deserve a warrior name. The names that I figure would suit these two are Splashmist and Morningcloud. I know these two suffixes may not be the best, but I think that they suit these two.

7. Minnowkit and Willowkit
These two died of greencough alongside their mother, Willowbreeze, which I figure is a sad death, since it took their mother too. Anyways, I think that they deserve warrior names for the same reason as Splashkit and Morningkit. Anyways, what names I think would suit these two is Minnowleap and Willowstream.

8. Volepaw
This apprentice was said to have died from a rat bite in Yellowfang’s Secret, which is a very possible death. Anyways, I figure that this apprentice didn’t deserve death, but then again, death can happen at anytime and in some of the most terrible ways possible. What name I think would suit this ShadowClan apprentice is Volefang.

Well, well, it seems this article has come to an end. I could’ve done so many more names, but I just didn’t want to do all of them, because that’d take forever. Anyways, hope you liked it, and, Leafsky out!

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  • ❄️𝓘𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓮❄️ 🎀🦌ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕪 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℍ𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕕𝕒𝕪𝕤!🦌🎀 says:

    I’m doing it with ALL of them!!!

    Acornpaw- Acornshell sounds good.
    Adderkit- Adderstrike is an awesome name!
    Blossomkit- Blossomclaw for how hard she tried to be good at fighting but was too young.
    Bluebellkit- Bluebellpetal it’s long but it sounds good!
    Bristlekit- Bristleleaf, I wanted this to be Bristlefrost’s name so…
    Brownpaw- Brownfur; uhh he has brown fur so uuhhhhh yeah…
    Cherrypaw- Cherrystem sounds so cute :3
    Cherrypaw (2) – Cherryleaf, just imagine them together, the perfect pair!!!
    Chesnutkit- Chesnutdapple sounds good.
    Cricketkit- Crickethop, I LOVE THAT NAME!
    Dandelionkit- Dandelionshine I like.
    Deerpaw- Deerleap is cool.
    Dewkit- Dewdrop is cute!! ;3
    Downkit- Downwind? If he’s a good tracker!
    Duskpaw- Duskclaw, after his father who died.
    Eaglekit- Eagleflight sounds awesome!
    Elderkit- Elderberry? I don’t know XD
    Emberkit- Emberblaze, I just love that name!
    Emberkit (2) – Embertail sounds fine to me.
    Featherkit- Featherfall is an OC of mine!!
    Finchkit- Finchbird after their father.
    Flickerkit- Flickersong after their father.
    Flowerpaw- Flowerfang is another OC.
    Flykit- Flyflight. Icestripe out.
    Gorsepaw- Gorseheart, after his closeness to Fireheart.
    Hatchkit- Hatchegg? Dunno.
    Hillkit- Hilldawn just sounds pretty.
    Hollykit- Hollystorm after their grandfather.
    Hopekit- Hopeheart is like the cutest and saddest thing ever-
    Juniperkit- Juniperbranch I like quite a bit.
    Larchkit- Larchdusk after their father.
    Larchkit (2) – Larchface after their grandmother.
    Lavenderkit- Lavendbreeze is my second main OC! They even look like her!
    Littlekit- Littleflower has a nice ring to it.
    Lynxkit- Lynxpelt after their father.
    Marigoldkit- Marigoldfang after Yellowfang who tried to save her.
    Marshkit- Marshflower I like.
    Marshpaw- Marshpool is cool!
    Minnowkit- Minnowbreeze after their mother.
    Mintkit- Mintleaf sounds nice.
    Mintpaw- Mintdapple is another good choice.
    Mistkit- Mistheart after their father
    Mistlekit- Mistletoe. Enough said.
    Mistlekit (2) – Mistlesong I guess.
    Morningkit- Morningclaw after their father.
    Mosskit- Mossfur after their mother.
    Mosspaw- Mosspool sounds nice.
    Nightkit- Nightshade sounds really cool!
    Patchkit- Patchshade after their mother.
    Perchkit- Perchfeather I suppose.
    Petalkit- Petaldapple is an OC.
    Pigeonpaw- Pigeonwing I guess?
    Pikepaw- Pikeclaw after their father.
    Pricklekit- Pricklepelt sounds cute!
    Primrosepaw- Primrosefoot after their mother.
    Quailkit- Quailflight sounds pleasant.
    Quietkit- Quietcall is cute!
    Rabbitkit- Rabbitpelt is Okay.
    Ravenpaw- Ravenshade sounds perfect!!
    Rubblekit- Rubblefur? I don’t really know…
    Seedpaw- Seedtail after Sorreltail who died defending her.
    Shrewpaw- Shrewbird, since he tried so hard to catch the bird, but died trying.
    Smokepaw- Smokemist I like.
    Snailpaw- Snailshell I just can’t help loving…
    Snipkit- Snipwhisker I like!
    Snowkit- Snowstorm. My first OC!
    Sorrelpaw- Sorrelpetal sounds pretty.
    Splashkit- Splashleap sounds cute!
    Spottedpaw- Spottedfeather I love for some reason….
    Storkkit- Storkflight is interesting.
    Swankit- Swanfeather I love.
    Swampkit- Swamppool?
    Sweetpaw- Sweetheart. Enough said.
    Swiftpaw- Swiftwind because he can run as fast as wind?
    Talonpaw- Talonclaw is fine.
    Tulipkit- Tulipface, after their mother.
    Tumblekit- Tumblefall makes me laugh…
    Turtlekit- Turtleleg is funny 😛
    Vixenkit- Vixentail I guess…
    Volepaw- Volefang because he wanted to be strong.
    Weaselkit- Weaselburrow is awesome!
    Webkit- Webwhisker is catchy!
    Willowkit- Willowheart is cool.
    Wishkit- Wishcloud just stands out to me.

    • This is RANDOM but remember Sasha’s Kits? Hawk Moth and Tadpole, I think the only reason the erins killed tadpole is because the warrior name would be weird- like, was his warrior name gonna be TadpoleSplash?

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