Winter Gathering: The Results!

The long-awaited results of the Gathering are finally here! First off, I’d like to thank everyone who participated–either by hosting a contest, playing the games, making art or writing, or just chatting and hanging out! Each and every one of you made the Gathering super fun (and chaotic) and we couldn’t have done it without you 💖

We started out the events with Name that Tribe Cat, with the Seals winning a whopping 12 points and the Penguins coming in close behind earning 7 points! Next up we had Wordsearches, with 6 Seals and 5 Penguins completing the task. The Riddle Hunt gave the Peculiar Penguins a boost with 9 points and the Seals earning 7.

After a bit of a break, the Guest-Hosted Contests began! First up was Coldheart’s NTA with a Twist, winning 10 points for the Seals and 8 for the Penguins. Bramblefire’s Guess that Background Kitty boosted up the Penguins with 5 points! Ebonyrain’s Slam Poetry earned the Seals 6 points and the Penguins 3 ❄️ Finally, Waffleheart’s Warriors Trivia ended the day with 13 points for the Penguins and 11 for the Seals. By the end of Saturday the score was 52-50 in favor of the Seals!

On Sunday the Seals continued to go strong, earning 7 points in Purrsona that Object with the Penguins not too far behind with 5. In Who Said It, the Seals earned 14 points and the Penguins earned 10! BlogClanner trivia gave 15 points to the Peculiar Penguins and 17 to the Sparkling Seals.

For the second round of Guest-Hosted Contests, the Penguins took the lead in Redblaze’s Warriors in Different Languages with 13 points while the Seals scored 11! Plumecloud’s Name that Cat Picture ended in a tie with both teams scoring 6 points ✨ Pinestripe’s Describe that Cat earned the Seals 5 points and the Penguins 3! Lastly, Cinderpaw’s NTA also ended in a tie with 6 points for each team. So far the score is 124-110 with the Sparkling Seals in the lead. Will the contest winners be able to tip the scales?

First of all, we awarded the Sparkling Seals 3 extra points for team spirit! By chanting “SEALS SEALS SEALS” every time a member of your team scored a point or sporting seal profile pictures and names on the main blog, y’all truly showed some Seal spirit! 🥳

Now onto the art contest, for which the prompt was favorite animals! I’d just like to say that every single one of you is incredibly talented and it was insanely difficult to pick only three winners. To check out all of the submissions for art and writing, look at the comment section of this post! They’re all absolutely amazing.

In 3rd place for the art contest we have POTATO/BLUEFLOWER!!!

Stunning! I love how you have the calm-looking tiger up front and then the fierce one in the background, and your art style in general is just gorgeous 😀 That’s 3 points for your team, the Peculiar Penguins!

In 2nd place we have ROSESONG!!!

This is so gorgeous? The background and the bubbles and the little skin details on the manatee are amazing and it just looks so good! 5 points have been awarded to your team, the Peculiar Penguins 🐧

And finally, in 1st place we have LUPINETAIL!!!!

This is just… so fabulous. I love the feather boa and the glasses and the way you incorporated your team into the art! The goose in general is also just phenomenal. 7 points have been awarded to your team, the Sparkling Seals!

Once again I would like to say how amazing all of the entries were! It still amazes me just how talented this community is. Now onto the writing contest, in which the prompt was something crazy happening at a Gathering!

In 3rd place we have FERNPAW!!!

Fernpaw's Entry
Flames. Flickering everywhere, giving birth to a haze of smoke that wraps its choking fingers around your gaze as you stumble forward. The thudding of your heartbeat is the perfect backing track for the wails and yowls that rise above the startled murmurs, a stream of cats rushing past you, as if you’re a boulder. Tension hangs in the air, the inferno cackling at your helpless figure. Trapped in your own thoughts, running out of time, as the veil of shadows creeps towards you.

A disaster, born from the tiniest spark that couldn’t be quenched. A lack of NTA names. Just one missing and a rebellion is born. Now your fellow members of BlogClan are slapping one another with hardcover super editions. This can’t be right. Gatherings are for peace and love. There shouldn’t be any self-deprecating, any uncivilised arguments.

It hits you, a tsunami of relief, terror and hope. “Please listen!” Your voice rings out in the BlogChat clearing. “I have a plan.” A few pairs of eyes have shifted towards your voice. “I.. um…” Uh, about that non-existent plan.

“I meant Viper started it!”

Short and sweet! Very well-written, and perfectly encapsulates the chaos of Gatherings 😛 3 points have been awarded to your team, the Sparkling Seals!

In 2nd place we have EAGLEFROST!!!

Eaglefrost's Entry
I must be good I must be good I must be good. I try to steady the pounding in his chest and tries to focus on anything other than the repeating litany in my head. I scan the crowd and my eyes land on the withered face of my medicine cat, Coralbranch. I’m certain she can see through me.

And if she knows what I did, then everyone will know what I did and I can’t let that happen because if I do I’ll get cast out like a common rogue, or worse, killed. But maybe that’s what I deserve. Because of what I- NO! I didn’t do anything. I’m the faithful RiverClan leader and I’m goodgoodgoodgoodGOOD.

The crowd of cats whisper to themselves and oh StarClan they know. How can they know? I’m goodgoodImustbegood. I must be goo–

And suddenly, there, in the back of the crowd, as plain as any of the other cats, is Treestar, the WindClan leader who should be- NO! I DIDN’T DO IT! I must be good! “I didn’t do it, I swear to StarClan. I didn’t kill you!” I scream aloud to Treestar. Treestar vanishes, leaving behind a group of confused, but concerned warriors.

“Birchstar, is there something you would like to report?” the ThunderClan leader, Goldentar, asks in her haughty soprano.

“I kiiiillled him,” I sob hysterically. Must be good must be good must be good.

The branches rustle and my deputy’s face is right in front of mine, blocking my view of the crowd. “Birchstar, what are you talking about? It’s just me. You can tell me anything,” Runningwater says calmly. I don’t deserve his kindness. Or anyone’s kindness.

“Treestar. Dead. Meeeeee,” I wail out like a lost kit.

Runningwater shakes his head. “You’re not making any sense.”

I point my head in the direction of where Maplestar is sitting. “I killed Treestaaaaaarrr.”

The crowd gasps in unison. Maplestar knocks Runningwater away from me and bares her teeth. A low, threatening rumble settles deep in her throat. “Murderer!” she snarls. “What did my mate ever do to you that would make you kill him?” She digs a forepaw on my throat, stealing my breath. “Tell me, or I swear to StarClan, I will kill you!!”

“The, the Code,” I choke, gasping for breath. “Treestar wanted to get rid of the Code.” I wince as Maplestar unsheathes her claws. They bite into my neck enough to draw blood.

“Not good enough!” she growls, using her other forepaw to strike me across my muzzle.

I howl in pain. “Sorrysorrysorrysorry,” I babble, trembling under her claws. “K-kill me…”

“No! Maplestar, don’t! He’s not worth it,” her deputy meows.

Maplestar narrows her eyes at me. “He’s right. You’re not worth it. Living is going to cause you more suffering than death.”

She turns to return to her place on Fourtrees and Goldenstar’s voice rings out over the crowd, calling the end of the Gathering. My cats turn to go, but I linger behind, unsure of what to do now that everyone knows my secret.

Very intriguing and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I’m very curious to know what led to Birchstar killing Treestar and what will happen next 👀 5 points have been awarded to your team, the Peculiar Penguins!

In 1st place we have HAWTHORNPAW!!!

Hawthornpaw's Entry
The moon seemed to be shining brighter than usual that night. The cats of the 4 clans thought it was just one of those special nights. It wasn’t.
Little Midnightpaw, a new apprentice, was excited for his first gathering. He followed after his mentor, Tawnyfire, eagerly as the cats of LightningClan headed to Fourtrees for the big event. He could barely contain his excitement.
When they arrived at Fourtrees, Midnightpaw quickly ran over to where his friends, some of the other LightningClan apprentices, were sitting. It felt great to be at a place he had dreamed of his whole life. The leaders went to stand in their places, and he smiled.
His smile turned into a frown when he saw Riverstar, the leader of DarknessClan, pounce on his leader, Skystar. This resulted in a fight that spread through the whole gathering.
When an apprentice from BreezeClan jumped on him, Midnightpaw did not want to fight back.
“Why is this happening anyway?” He asked. It seemed as if he was the only one who was against it. “The founders of our clans would not approve of it.”
“Who cares,” The cat said. “Everyone’s doing it.”
Midnightpaw looked around at the leaders, apprentices, warriors, and even medicine cats who were fighting with each other. He knew he was the only one who could stop it.
He stood up on the LightningClan rock, now stained with blood. He looked up at the once shining moon, now covered with clouds. He knew that CloudClan was not happy with it either. He had heard the legends that the elders told. The moon covers with clouds when CloudClan is ashamed of the clans. The cats usually noticed. They didn’t this time.
He cleared his throat. “You all need to stop.” He meowed
The cats didn’t listen.
“Everyone stop!” He meowed louder.
They still didn’t listen
“EVERYONE STOP!” This time it was more like a yowl.
Every cat turned to him.
“Why are you doing this?” He asked.
Riverstar stared at him. “Sometimes actions are better than words. I needed Skystar to know that I was furious that she took the Wolf Woods away from DarknessClan. It’s been our territory for years!”
“That’s the only reason you jumped me? You told me we could have it! Besides, you haven’t used the Wolf Woods in years. It was useful territory for LightningClan!” Skystar argued.
“I never told you you could use it!”
“Yes you did!”
“ENOUGH!” Midnightpaw yowled. “I know I’m supposed to be respectful to elders, but you two are acting like kits in a nursery! Everyone is. Skystar took a bit of land that DarknessClan barely uses, so Riverstar jumped her, and everyone thought they were supposed to fight? This is not what our clan founders wanted! Look at the moon!”
Everyone looked up at the moon. They all looked terrified. They all stopped fighting and apologized. Everyone looked to Midnightpaw, who was sitting on the LightningRock, shaking.
What if they all yelled at me? He asked. I’m not supposed to be up here. I’m not even a warrior.
Suddenly, the clouds on the moon were gone, and the founding members of the clan were on the four rocks. Lightningstar, the original leader of LightningClan, stood next to Midnightpaw.
“What happened tonight was a disgrace,” Lightningstar said. “And Midnightpaw was the only one to acknowledge it. Clearly you all need to take a lesson from him.”
“I am especially disappointed in Riverstar, who did not show the DarknessClan spirit.” Darkness-star said.
“Tonight we have decided to start the clans over. Four apprentices will be chosen as leaders, and the rest of you must either leave the clans or go down a rank. Our first appointed leader is Midnightpaw. He is more noble than anyone in this hollow tonight, and will serve as a great leader for LightningClan. Midnightpaw, you will go to the Moontree in 2 days to earn your nine lives. The rest of the new leaders will be chosen in dreams. These cats will teach the new ways of the clans.” Lightningstar explained.
Midnightpaw couldn’t believe his ears. They must have been lying. There was no way he was the leader.
“You must now walk home in silence, for you have disrespected us.” Lightningstar said.
The cats walked home in silence
The clan restart helped the clans to be less violent. The new leaders led with pride and made sure nothing like that fight would ever happen again.
As for Midnightstar, he was the best leader the clans have ever seen.

Amazing work! I love the idea of an apprentice becoming a leader, and it is true that kids usually have more sense than adults in certain cases 😛 7 points have been awarded to your team, the Sparkling Seals!

That leaves the Sparkling Seals victorious, with the final tally at 144-123 ⭐️ Congrats, Seals, and amazing job to the Peculiar Penguins as well! Rainie and I had so much fun putting this Gathering together and we hope to see you all at the next one, which will hopefully not be in another two years 😛

✨ Cheetahspark ✨



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