Briarlight Lives Forever! (Almost) by Whitepaw

Art by idess

Whitepaw describes Briarlight’s near death experiences!

Hi, this is Whitepaw and today I will be talking about this death-defying cat: Briarlight! She is one of my favorite, favorite characters, because she was able to overcome everything and become a happy kitty. So, I will be talking about the times that she almost died, and how she survived.

So, the first time was when she was a kit. She was playing with her littermates near the hollow wall, but there was an adder about to eat her and she didn’t know. Honeyfern jumped in front of the adder and Briarkit was saved! Oh yeah, but Honeyfern died. Poor Honeyfern, carrying kits. I kind of feel like that was a waste, because Honeyfern would have survived and had kits for the clan, while Briarkit would have survived and broken her back and become unable to be a warrior. But, if Honeyfern hadn’t saved her then maybe Lionblaze would have tried and that would be terrible, or maybe no one would have tried and Briarkit would be a nobody and not my favorite character. There were going to be no good outcomes for this situation. Protip: kill all adders before settling in unknown territory.

So, the second time she almost died is also the most obvious. It had something to do with Longtail and rabbits, and this is how it always goes in my mind. Longtail and Mousefur are in the leaders den and Mousefur realizes that they gotta go leave, but Longtail won’t leave until he gets his rabbit, so Briarpaw, being a good, obedient apprentice, fetches him a rabbit because that is the warrior code. I think there should be a code not to follow the warrior code if a huge tree will break your back or kill you if you do, but that is self-contradicting. Anyway, that’s probably not how the story goes, but that’s how it is in my mind. This shows that Briarlight was a good apprentice which is also why she is one of my favorite characters. Risking her life for the code before she even becomes a warrior. Wow.

So, the third time she almost died was when she got a chest infection. We know the aftermath of the second incident, and this chest infection makes it even harder for her to breathe and she gets out of breath when she is trying to pull herself around with just her front legs. Millie was probably totally freaking out for the third time about this particular kit dying and I can’t say I blame her. Briarlight seems so delicate yet so strong, and I love it. I’m pretty sure everyone thought that she was going to die within a moon because of the chest infection, but she managed to live with it for much, much longer than anticipated. She died because of a belly sickness though. When she finally died, Millie and Graystripe were the elders carrying her body. But, it was a happy day for Briarlight, because she got healed.

So, that is my opinion on Briarlight!

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