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Cats related to cats you didn’t think of by Tawnypaw

Art by GrayPillow

Tawnypaw traces some cats’ family histories

Hi! My name is Tawnypaw, and i’m am very new here. His is my first article, so I really hope you enjoy it.

This atricle is about some cats that you didn’t think had some genetics whether it be kittypet, rouge, or other clans. Foe exmaple, Ivypool has kittypet in her, because Princess is her great-grandmother. That one is obvious, but here are some prety crazy ones!! Also, please comment what you think about cross-clan relationships! Should they be allowed?

10. Feathertail and Stormfur are related to Mapleshade
Feathertail and Stormfur were born to Graystripe and Silverstream, and Silverstream was Crookedstar’s daughter, right? Well, Shellheart was Reedshine and Appledusk’s son. This may be by marriage, but I found it interesting.

9. Squirrelflight is Whitewing’s second cousin
Squirrelflight was a kit of Sandstorm and Firestar, and Firestar’s nephew was Cloudtail. Cloudtail’s kits were Whitewing, Snowbush, Ambermoon and Dewnose.

8. Spottedleaf is Stemleaf’s great-great aunt
(i think, but another way to say it is Spottedleaf is Stemleaf’s great-great grandmother’s sister) Stemleaf mother was Blossomfall, and his grandfather was Graystripe. Graystripe’s mother was Willowpelt, and her sister is Spottedleaf. Eh, am I doing okay?

7. Hollyleaf was WindClan tunneling in her
Hollyleaf’s father was Crowfeather, and his father was Deadfoot. Deadfoot’s parents are Meadowslip and Hickorynose (search em’ up). Both of them were tunnelers!

6. Spotfur has kittypet
Spotfur was born to Lionblaze and Cinderheart, and as you know, Lionblaze has kittypet from Firestar. This isn’t really a big suprise, but it made me a little bit amaze, that this brave warrior has soft kittypet blood runniñg through her veins.

5. Thistleclaw is Fernsong’s great-great-grandfather
Fernsong’s mother was cinderheart, and his grandmother was Sorreltail, right? Sorreltail’s father was Whitestorm, and Thitleclaw is Whitestorm’s father, so that makes Thistleclaw Fernsong’s great-great-grandfather. It’s sorta suprising, a blood-thirsty cat like him could have soft and sweet Fernsong as his great-great-grandson.

4. Ravenpaw is Ivypool’s great-great-uncle
Ravenpaw’s sister was Frostfur, and Frostfur’s kits were Brackenfur, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, and Thornclaw. Brightheart’s grandaughter is Ivypool. I found this cool, Firestar’s best friend, is his grandaughter (i think)

3. Bluestar is Cherryfall and Molewhisker’s great-great-aunt
These two were the grandkits of Sorreltail, and Sorreltail was the daughter of Whitestorm. Whitestorm’s aunt was Snowfur, which makes Bluestar Cherryfall and Molewhisker’s great-great-aunt. I found this really cool.

2. Squirrelflight is somehow related to Cloudstar
This may not be correct, but i believe it is. Cloudstar and Birdflight had Spottedpelt and Gorseclaw. Spottedpelt’s mate was Beetail, and they had Squirrelwhisker. Squirrelwhisker’s mate was Stonepelt, and they had Adderfang and Stormtail. As you know, Adderfang had many kits with Ssiftbreeze, and one of them was Redtail, who had Sandstorm with Brindleface. Obviously, Squirrelflight is Sandstorm’s daughter. It may be wrong, but i believe it.

And number 1…
Ashfur is Squirrelflight’s half-uncle!
Yes, you heard it! He is her half-uncle. Ashfur’s mother was Brindleface, but she also had Sandstorm with Redtail. So that makes Ashfur and Sandstorm hafl-littermate’s, and so Ashfur would be Squirrelflight’s half-uncle!

So, I hope you enjoyed the list, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments! Thank you for reading, and have a great day/night/evening/afternoon!

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  • Tigerclaw/star and Graystripe are cousins! Graystripes mother is wilowpelt, Willowpelts sister is leoperdfoot and leopardfoots son is Tigerstar/claw.

    Well this means also that Tigerheart x dovewing kits and Graystripe x Millies Granchildren/kits arr related to each other. For example briarlight and shadowsight.
    Briarlight-Graystripe-Willowpelt-Leopardfoot-Tigerstar/claw-Tawnypelt-Tigerheart/star-shadowsught. Just thought it was funny

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