[Firepaw, Bluestar, and Tigerstar as Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and Voldemort respectively]

Harry Potter Characters-Given Warrior Cat names-1 by Ferretpaw

Art by HappyCokex3

Ferretpaw gives Warrior cats Harry Potter names

Hi there, I’m going to give Harry Potter characters Warrior Cat names!
Based on personality these characters might be sorted into different clans, but I’m going with Gryffindor-Thunderclan, Ravenclaw-Riverclan, Slytherin-Shadowclan, and Hufflepuff-Windclan.

Let’s start with the Boy Who Lived-Harry Potter; I think his name would be Lightningstrike, the main reason-well he has a lightning scar. Another reason is that he has an electric personality also going for it, like a true Gryffindor, or in this case Thunderclan. He would follow clan rules-unless a friend was endanger-or he was on an epic quest. Who knows he might rule one day!
Now for Ginny; I think her name would be Gingerfur-well because she has red/ginger fur. She also has a fiery passion and won’t be afraid to stick up for what she feels is right. I think she like Harry would be in Thunderclan.
Ron Weasley; I think his name would be Lionclaw-no not due to the color of his fur because obviously like Ginny he has red fur-but due to the fact he can sometimes be hot headed. He may not always be the bravest(spiders) but like a true Gryffin-I mean Thunderclan cat he never gives up and is brave when it truly matters.
Now for Greg and Forge, I mean George and Fred; These pranksters deserve great names, they are always getting into trouble-Fred’s warrior name should be Redfire, I mean he has red fur, and a fiery spirit. Fred is very funny and usually the one leading the pranks, meaning Redfire is a funny/good name for him. What about George? Well if you think I’m going to call him Firered, you would be absolutely correct….Just kidding. I think George’s name would be Swiftfur as they both have funny, outgoing personality’s it’s hard to give them names so far apart, but George typically waits for Fred to make a move before he does.
Hermione Granger… A hard to place girl who is both smart and brave, I think I’m going to put her in Riverclan-because she could have ended up in Ravenclaw, but because of her bravery ended up in Gryffindor. I think her name should be Raventalon because Ravens are smart, and also Ravenclaw. (did you know that Ravenclaw’s animal is actually a Eagle? Weird right?)
Now for Neville Longbottom, our first Windclan cat! Yes he was in Gryffindor, because he showed he was brave when it counted. I think his name would be Cottonclaw, because he is kind, but also brave.
Draco Malfoy-A shadowclan cat- somewhat mean, but cunning, intelligent, ambitious, but also has a soft side. Snakefang, an ambitious cat deserves a name like that-also Slytherin’s animal is a snake. He might even be tasked in killing someone he doesn’t want to 😉
He Who Must No-Voldemort; a Windclan cat, just kidding a Shadowclan cat, Darkstar, an evil cat who will do anything to get power, even kill.
That’s all for now! Keep a look out for my next one! Hope you enjoyed!

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