My favorite and least favorite cats by Frostcrystal

Frostcrystal shares their favourite and least favourite characters

Hello!! I’m Frostcrystal but call me Frost! Anyway I’m going to share some of my fav and least fav cats. Now… I don’t want anyway hurtful comments but you can list your opinion, just don’t make it mean or offensive. Ok let’s do this!
1: Jayfeather
I love grumpy cats. I don’t know why but they always make me smile. Jayfeather has the greatest quotes! Like… “Great, let’s lump all the useless cats and hope a tree falls on them.” I love that quote. “Shut up, I’m thinking.” Is also a funny quote. Jayfeather totally got his grumpiness from Crowfeather. Of course Jay has feelings like everyone else beneath all the sarcastic edginess. I know most people don’t like him, but I love him!
2: Briarlight
Hello??? I ship Briar x Jay!!! Anyway, I think Briarlight deserved to be in this list! She is the bravest cat so far! Briarlight is so kind!! She’s happy (wish I were that happy😑😟)
3: Ivypool
I get why Ivypool got jealous of her sister. I mean, her sister was in a prophecy, was a hero, and cats loved her! Besides, Ivypool helped the clans.
4: Bristlefrost
TBH, I kinda only like her because, 1: I feel bad for her because Stemleaf broke her heart and 2: I ship her with Rootspring. She should have deserved better!! Bristlefrost IS a young warrior but she’s honest.
5: Mapleshade
OK PEOPLE!!!!! I know I know, Mapleshade is a big fat v i l l i a n, but she killed Appledusk because she was crazy from grief. What would you do if your banished from two clans, your mate rejected you, your kits died, and was wet? CATS DON’T LIKE BEING WET! Ok, breathe. Inhale, exhale.
Least fav:
1: Pinestar
Exsqueeze me but PINESTAR IS THE REASON TIGERSTAR IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was like, “Oh I’m on my last life boohoo, wait I have a awesome plan! I’ll live in a warm twoleg nest, drinking milk while the clans are fighting! I am brilliant! *pats himself on the back* I can leave my mate and my one surviving son!” (Me: EEEEEEEEEEH!! *screams in a pillow*) But oh wait!!! He gets to go and live in starclan when he died?!!! WHAT?!!!!! Can you tell that I don’t like him?
2: Rainflower
RAINFLOWER!!!!!!!! SHE’S A MONSTER!!!! SHE CHANGED STORMKIT’S NAME, ONLY LOVED ONE SON, AND ARGUED WITH SHELLHEART LIKE A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!! I’m team Crookedstar!!!! Good thing Shellheart isn’t her mate anymore! I’d feel bad if someones her mate.
3: NIghtcloud
She was the reason why Breezepelt hated his dad (According to Crowfeather)! I don’t have a lot of reasons why I do not like her. I just really ha- I mean strongly dislike her.
4: Brokenstar
Even when he was a kit, the world knew he was a bad guy. I MEAN RAGGEDSTAR WHY DID YOU MAKE YOUR SON DEPUTY?!
5: Lizardstripe
I’m sure she was the reason Brokenstar was evil…

Ok that’s it!! Thanks for reading this!

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  • Great article! Most of your faves are in my top 10, except for Mapleshade, and most of your least faves are in my top 10 least favorites, except for Nightcloud