Cats I feel most sympathectic for by Tawnypaw

Tawnypaw lists some cats they sympathize with.

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Hi! Tawny again. In this article, I will be listing the cats I feel most sorry for. Like in all my articles, this will be from all series, but I won’t be including spoilers. That’s enough talking, let’s into it!

10. Jaypaw
When Jayfeather was Jaypaw, everybody was cooing over him, but poor Jaypaw was just fine. I guess that his family was worried, but still, give him a break!

9. Swiftpaw and Snowkit
Swiftpaw was a great cat, willing to die for his clan; literally. Swiftpaw should’ve lived longer, and it was all Bluestar’s fault. I have nothing against her, but Swiftpaw would’nt have tried to kill the dogs if it Bluestar had trusted her warriors. Swiftpaw was a good cat, and he didn’t live out the full life of a warrior. It’s the sma efor Snowkit. StarClan shouldn’t have made him him deaf, and he shouldn’t have died so early.

8. Mothwing
Mothwing might have been a good medicine cat, but she could’ve been a great warrior too. Hawkfrost had no right to change her destiny, and poor Mothwing had to be an amazing medicine cat to make up for her loss of faith.

7. Blossomfall and Bumblestripe
When Briarlight was paralyzed, Millie left Blososmfall and Bumblestripe to fend for themselves. Blossomfall is a good cat, and Tugerstar didn’t have a right to exploit such a personal problem. And poor Bumblestripe was abandoned too, meanwhile being dumped by Dovewing. She got his hopes up, and left him for a forbidden love.

6. Hollyleaf
It wasn’t Hollyleaf’s fault that her parents broke the warrior code, and it also wasn’t her fault that Ashfur wouldn’t keep silent. Hollyleaf was just a misunderstood cat who never meant to hurt anyone.

5. Nightcloud
When Crowfeather became Nightcloud’s mate, she didn’t know he never loved her. She was trying to help him forget the past, and look the the furture. Crowfeather just abandoned her and Breezepelt, and poor Nightcloud was basically a single mother.

4. Tawnypelt
When Tawnypelt was an apprentice and young warrior, she would always be mistreated because of her father. Even Firestar didn’t like her! Eventually, she left for ShadowClan where she just might be excepted. Poor Tawnypelt, judged for someone she isn’t.

3. Ivypool
Dovewing was always so selfish and self-centered (sorry to those who like her), and she caused so much pain for Ivypool. If Dovewing hadn’t been so caught up in herself, Ivypool wouldn’t have been exploited. Ivypool was so young, she shouldn’t have to had the decision of choosing between the battle of good and evil.

2. Briarlight
Briarlight was just an apprentice when she was crushed by a giant tree trunk. Briarlight was such a cheerful and happy cat like Graystripe, but StarClan shouldn’t have taken that from her. When she died, it was like ThunderClan died with her.

1. Ashfur
I know that most of you hate Ashfur, but he’s one of my favourites. Ashfur was a great warrior. He may not have been a close friend of Firestar, but he was loyal to ThunderClan without hesitation. When Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him, he was a great warriro for years, and nothing was suspected. When he threatened Squirrelflight and Leafpool’s kits that night on the cliff, I agree he shouldn’t have done that. But still, he could have killed them! But he didn’t. He let them go, let them live, and would only reveal a secret. When Hollyleaf killed him, he went to StarClan. Some say we only went because StarClan didn’t want many cats to battle in the Great Battle, but maybe they just accepcted his mistakes. I like Ashfur, and feel Squirrelflight made the wrong choice choosing Brambleclaw over him, but please don’t hate on the comments.

Welp, that’s a wrap everyone! Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think! And once again, please don’t hate on me for loving Ashfur. Tawny, signing off.
~ Tawnypaw

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