Swiftbreeze Family Traits: Part 1 by Whitepaw

Whitepaw takes a look at Swiftbreeze’s family and genetics.

Art by AllePowerReal

Hi Whitepaw here! So, after I did that series on family trees, I wanted to look closer at the family trees and look at the traits, kind of like genetics, except without the fancy words. Also, this is part one, because I figured that all of Swiftbreeze’s family’s traits would be too much for one article.

So, the first problem happened right at the start. I was trying to figure out how Swiftbreeze, a dark brown tabby and white cat, could have had all of these different kittens that are different colors. Her mate, Adderfang is just another dark brown tabby, which doesn’t help very much. I don’t think it is genetically possible for two brown tabbies (tabbys?) to have a black and white cat (Patchpelt), a black cat (Leopardfoot), a silver-gray cat (Willowpelt), a red cat (Redtail) and a black, brown, amber, and white tortoiseshell (Spottedleaf). It just doesn’t make a lot of sense unless Swiftbreeze and Adderfang inherited a bunch of genes that they don’t show from their parents which I guess is possible, but unlikely. Anyway, now for the eyes. Swiftbreeze and Adderfang’s eyes are both amber. Patchpelt and Redtail both also have amber eyes, but Leopardfoot and Spottedleaf have green eyes and Willowpelt’s eyes are blue. I’m pretty sure that one of the parents has a gene that doesn’t show for green eyes and one for blue eyes.

Now, let’s look at Patchpelt’s kitties. Patchpelt had Longtail with Robinwing. Robinwing’s pelt is brownish and I’m not quite sure about the markings. Patchpelt is a black and white tom. Longtail got tabby from his mother, except I guess he got some black from his father, because he is pale brown with black stripes, which is sort of strange. For the eyes, Patchpelt’s are amber, Robinwing’s are amber, and I’m not quite sure about Longtail’s, since he was blind, and whenever I try to search up something about his eyes online, all these things about him being blind pop up, and I don’t remember myself, because it’s been so long since we had him in a series. Anyway, Patchpelt had Graystripe with Willowpelt, who is his sister, so I feel like that ought to do something with the genetics, but since Swiftbreeze had such diverse kits, Graystripe is fine. Willowpelt was a pale silver-gray she-cat. Graystripe is a tabby, which he probably got from his grandmother or grandfather, and he got his gray pelt from his mother along with his blue eyes. He does not really resemble his father at all. Patchpelt also had Swiftpaw and Lynxkit with Goldenflower. Goldenflower is pale ginger with yellow eyes, basically a golden cat. Swiftpaw is black and white with amber eyes like his father. Lynxkit is a ginger tom with balck patches, which is a mix between Goldenflower’s ginger and Patchpelt’s black and white. Patchpelt got a kit that thoroughly resembled him, two kits that partially resembled him, and a kit that didn’t resemble him at all. You can never be sure about what is going to happen with genetics!

Now, let’s do Leopardfoot! She mated with Pinestar and had three kits, Nightkit, Mistkit, and Tigerstar I. Pinestar is a reddish brown tom with green eyes, and Leopardfoot is a black she-cat with green eyes. Tigerstar I has famous amber eyes and a dark tabby pelt, which seems to be a mix of Leopardfoot’s black and Pinestar’s brownish pelt colors. His amber eyes come from his grandparents on Leopardfoot’s side. I’m pretty sure Nightkit was black, which comes from her mother and she had green eyes which comes from both her parents. Mistkit I think is gray, but I don’t know her eye color. She got her gray from her grandparents, because one of them probably had a gene for that that didn’t show, because Willowpelt had blue eyes. Mistkit could also have blue eyes.

Now, we’ll do Willowpelt! Willowpelt mated with Tawnyspots and had Darkstripe. (Darkstripe seemed older than Willowpelt in the first series!) Willowpelt is silver gray with blue eyes and Tawnyspots is a gray tabby with amber eyes. Darkstripe is a gray tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes. The yellow eyes are most likely the blue messing with the amber and I’m not sure where the black comes from, but it could be his grandparents, because they had Patchpelt, who is a black and white cat. Willowpelt mated with Patchpelt and had Graystripe. You can scroll up for details on that, because I already did Patchpelt because he and Willowpelt are siblings. Willowpelt also mated with Whitestorm and had Sorreltail, Sootfur and Rainwhisker. Whitestorm is a white tom with yellow eyes. Sorreltail is tortoiseshell and white with amber eyes. She probably got her white from her grandparents because Patchpelt also had white so either Swiftbreeze or Adderfang must have been carrying it. I’m not quite sure where the tortoiseshell comes in, because Snowfur, Whitestorm’s mother, was a white cat too. For her eyes, I think the amber eyes are from her grandparents, Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. Sootfur is light gray with amber eyes. He probably got his gray from Willowpelt and his amber eyes from his grandparents. Rainwhisker is a gray tom with blue eyes, and I think he got all of his characteristics from his mother, except his gray is a little darker.

Now for Redtail. Redtail mated with Brindleface and had Sandstorm. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that Sandstorm is genetically incorrect, but let’s see what we can figure out in terms of her and genetics anyway. Brindleface is a gray tabby with green eyes. Sandstorm is a pale ginger she-cat with green eyes. I don’t know how she became pale ginger, it should be plain ginger like her father and none of these cats that are related to her are pale ginger I don’t think. For the eyes, she got them from her mother and father.

Spottedleaf didn’t have any kittens although if she survived, she might have, so I did not do her in this article. Anyway, that was part 1, and stay tuned for the other parts. Whitepaw is out!

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