Swiftbreeze Family Traits: Part 2 by Whitepaw

Whitepaw continues their series on Swiftbreeze’s family.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr: warriorcatsdesign)

So, this is a continuation of the Swiftbreeze family traits article I did last time. This will be kind of like genetics except without the fancy words. I will be doing Swiftbreeze’s grandchildren and their kits in this part, and last time I did Swiftbreeze and her kits. So, let’s do this!

We’ll start with Graystripe. He fathered his first litter with Silverstream. Graystripe is a gray tabby with blue eyes and Silverstream is a silver and black tabby with blue eyes. Feathertail is a silver tabby with blue eyes and a fluffy tail. She got the silver tabby from Silverstream, and her fluffy tail is probably due to Graystripe’s long fur. Both her parents have blue eyes, so it only makes sense that she would too. Stormfur is a long-haired gray tom with amber eyes. His long fur comes from Graystripe and he is also gray, like Graystripe. But how does he get his amber eyes? Willowbreeze, his grandmother on Silverstream’s side, has amber eyes. Crookedstar’s eyes are green. Willowpelt, his grandmother on Graystripe’s side, has blue eyes. Patchpelt also has amber eyes, so he gets it from two of his grandparents. Now, we can do Graystripe’s second litter. He fathered Millie’s kits. Millie is a light gray tabby with blue eyes. Their kits were Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight. Bumblestripe is pale gray with black stripes and blue eyes. He gets his gray color from Graystripe, and he has stripes. I’m not sure where the black stripes come from, but we don’t know what color Millie’s parents were. He gets his blue eyes from both of his parents. Blossomfall is tortoiseshell and white with blue eyes. Blossomfall probably gets her white from her grandfather Patchpelt, and her tortoiseshell could be from Swiftbreeze or Adderfang, because one of them must have been carrying it for Spottedleaf to be possible. It could also have come from Millie’s side of the family. Her blue eyes come from both her parents. Briarlight is dark brown with blue eyes. Her dark brown probably comes from either Swiftbreeze or Adderfang, but it is also likely that it comes from Millie’s side of the family. Her blue eyes, like her siblings, come from both parents.

We’ll do Tigerstar and his kits now. Tigerstar mated with Sasha and Goldenflower. Let’s do his kittens with Goldenflower first. Tigerstar is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes. Goldenflower is pale ginger with yellow eyes. Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes, just like his father. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think he resembles his mother at all, so he looks just like Tigerstar. Tawnypelt is tortoiseshell and white with green eyes. I’m not quite sure about what causes calico kitties like these, because none of her other family members really look like her. She probably got her green eyes from her grandmother Leopardfoot. Tigerstar’s other kits were with Sasha. Sasha is a tawny-colored she-cat with blue eyes. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby with blue eyes. He got his dark brown tabby pelt from his father and his blue eyes from his mother. Mothwing is a golden tabby with amber eyes. I’m not sure where the golden tabby comes from, but her eyes are definitely from her father. I’m guessing that the golden tabby might be from somewhere on Sasha’s side of the family. Tadpole was dark brown, but I don’t know his eye color. He got his dark brown from his father.

Now, we’ll do Sorreltail and her kits. Sorreltail mated with Brackenfur and had two litters. The first litter was Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Honeyfern and Molepaw. The second litter was Lilyheart and Seedpaw. Sorreltail is tortoiseshell and white with amber eyes. Brackenfur is a golden brown tabby with amber eyes. Poppyfrost is tortoiseshell and white with amber eyes. She gets her tortoiseshell and white from her mother and her amber eyes from both her parents. Cinderheart is a gray tabby with blue eyes. She looks almost exactly like her aunt Cinderpelt. Her grandmother Frostfur must have passed stuff on to her as well as Cinderpelt. Honeyfern is a light brown tabby with blue eyes. She probably got light brown from Brackenfur, but was also tabby which she could have gotten from a lot of her relatives, but not her parents. Her blue eyes come from her grandmother Willowpelt. Molepaw is black and white, but I thought he was brown? He has amber eyes. I’m not sure why he’s black and white though, because his family members don’t have a lot of black. His amber eyes come from both parents. Lilyheart is a dark gray tabby and white cat with blue eyes. Her gray probably comes from Willowpelt, but on her, it appears darker. Her blue eyes also come from Willowpelt. She gets her white spots from her mother. Seedpaw is golden-brown with blue eyes. She gets her blue eyes from Willowpelt, her grandmother and her golden-brown coloring from her father, Brackenfur.

Sandstorm’s kittens are up next! Sandstorm is pale ginger with green eyes. Firestar is flame-colored with green eyes. Squirrelflight is ginger with green eyes and has one white paw. She gets her ginger from both of her parents, except she is darker than Sandstorm, so probably mostly from Firestar. Her green eyes are from both her parents, but I have no idea where he white paw comes from. I don’t know what causes cats to have paws a different color than the rest of their body. So, Leafpool is a pale brown tabby and white cat with green eyes. Her grandmother Nutmeg is also brown and white. She gets green eyes from both her parents.

There we go! That is some more of Swiftbreeze’s family tree with geneticey stuff. Stay tuned for the next part. (It’s going to be pretty long!)

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