Swiftbreeze Family Traits: Part 3 by Whitepaw

Whitepaw continues their series on Swiftbreeze’s family.

Art by AllePowerReal

Hi guys! This is part three of the Swiftbreeze family traits series thing, and this will be the longest part. As I said before, this is going to be genetics without the fancy words. That’s because I’m not good at the words for genetics, but I understand the basic idea. Anyway, if you haven’t read the previous parts, then you might want to read those, but you don’t have to have read those to understand this one. In the previous ones I did Swiftbreeze’s kits and her grandkits and their children. In this one, I will be doing her great-grandkits and their children. So, let’s get started.

I will start with Stormfur. Stormfur is dark gray with amber eyes. His mate, Brook, is a brown tabby with gray eyes. They had two kits, Lark and Pine. Lark is a pale tabby, but I don’t know what color, I’m presuming brown, like her mother. I’m pretty sure that Pine is another brown kitty like Brook.

Now, I will do Blossomfall. Blossomfall is tortoiseshell and white with blue eyes. Her mate, Thornclaw, is a golden-brown tabby with blue eyes. Their kits were Shellfur, Eaglewing, Plumstone and Stemleaf. Shellfur is a tortoiseshell, but I’m not sure about the eye color. The tortoiseshell comes from Blossomfall. Eaglewing is a ginger she-cat, but I don’t know the eye color for her either, because I don’t know much about the younger, newer, nobodies. I’m not sure why she’s ginger, because I don’t know where she would have gotten it from. Plumstone is black and ginger. I guess the ginger must be coming from somewhere, but I really can’t figure out where. There are some ginger relatives, but none of them are close relatives. Anyway, I don’t know where she got her black from, but maybe it’s her great-grandfather Patchpelt, which seems a bit too distant, but whatever. Stemleaf is white and orange and I think he has green eyes. He gets his white from his mother Blossomfall, but I still don’t know where everybody is getting their gingery colors!

Let’s do Tawnypelt. She mated with Rowanstar and had three kits: Tigerstar II, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. Tawnypelt is tortoiseshell and white with green eyes. Rowanstar is dark ginger with amber eyes. Tigerstar II is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes. He gets that entirely from his grandfather. Dawnpelt is cream-furred with amber eyes. I’m not sure where she gets her cream-coloredness, but I don’t know a lot about Rowanstar’s side of the family, so it may be from there. Her amber eyes come from Rowanstar and probably Tigerstar. Flametail is flame-colored with blue eyes. He gets his ginger, or flame colored pelt from Rowanstar, except it appears lighter in him than in his father. His eyes might come from Rowanstar’s side of the family because there are only distant relatives that have blue eyes on Tawnypelt’s side.

Now for Bramblestar. Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes. His mate, Squirrelflight, is ginger with green eyes and one white paw. Their kits are Alderheart, Sparkpelt, Juniperkit and Dandelionkit. Sparkpelt is a flame-colored tabby with green eyes. She gets her flame-coloredness from her grandfather, Firestar and her green eyes from her mother’s side of the family. Alderheart is dark ginger with a white-tipped tail and amber eyes. His dark ginger comes from his mother’s side of the family, because like all of them were ginger, and he’s just darker than them and I presume his white tail tip has something to do with Squirrelflight’s white paw, but I’m not so sure about what causes that stuff. His amber eyes come from his father, Bramblestar. Juniperkit is a dark brown tabby with white and Dandelionkit is a pale ginger tabby. Juniperkit gets his dark brown tabby from his father and white from his mother’s side of the family. Dandelionkit gets her pale ginger from Squirrelflight’s side as well, but her pelt was a much lighter version of her littermate Alderheart’s pelt.

We’ll do Poppyfrost next. She mated with Berrynose and had two kits: Cherryfall and Molewhisker. Poppyfrost is tortoiseshell and white with amber eyes. Berrynose is cream-colored with green eyes and a stump for a tail. Cherryfall is ginger with amber eyes. I’m not sure where she gets her ginger, but we don’t know much about Berrynose’s side of the family, so it might be from there. Her amber eyes come from her mother. Molewhisker is brown and cream with amber eyes. He definitely gets his cream from his father Berrynose and probably gets his brown from his grandfather Brackenfur. He gets his amber eyes from his mother.

Now, Cinderheart. Cinderheart mated with Lionblaze and had six kits. This is going to be a long paragraph. Cinderheart is gray with dark blue eyes. Lionblaze is a golden tabby with amber eyes. Their six kits were Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Fernsong, Spotfur, Flywhisker, and Snaptooth. (That was in no particular order). I’m just guessing most of their genders based on their names, because I don’t know much about them. Sorrelstripe is dark brown. We do not know much else about her because she is a nobody character, like most of Cinderheart’s kits. She might have gotten some brown from Brackenfur, but he is closer to golden brown, so I guess it just came out a lot darker in her. Hollytuft is black. I believe she was named after her aunt Hollyleaf who died in the great battle along with Sorreltail and Ferncloud, whom Cinderheart also named kits after. She probably gets her black from her grandfather Crowfeather, who also passed it on to Hollyleaf. Fernsong is a pale yellow tabby. He probably gets his yellowy color from his father, Lionblaze. Spotfur is a gray and white spotty tabby with blue eyes. She probably gets her gray from her mother and her aunt Poppyfrost had white, so it is likely that Sorreltail or Brackenfur was carrying some, so that’s probably how she gets her white. Her blue eyes definitely come from her mother. Flywhisker is a gray tabby. She gets her gray from her mother and I’m pretty sure she has some tabby relatives somewhere along the line. Snaptooth is a golden tabby. He looks exactly like his father, Lionblaze.

Okeydokey! Now we shall do Lilyheart. Lilyheart mated with Snowbush and had Honeyfur, Leafshade, and Larksong. Lilyheart is a dark gray tabby and white cat with blue eyes. Snowbush is white with amber eyes. Honeyfur is white with yellow splotches and green eyes. I think she is named after her aunt Honeyfern. She does look like Honeyfern some, but I felt like Honeyfern was solid honey colored. So, Honeyfur probably gets her fur color from Sorreltail and Brackenfur who must have been carrying it to pass it on to their daughter, Honeyfern. Or maybe she got it from her grandmother Brightheart. Leafshade is a tortoiseshell cat with amber yellow eyes. She probably also gets her tortoiseshell from her grandparents, Sorreltail and Brackenfur, hence Poppyfrost, or just from Brightheart, or both. Her amber eyes come from Snowbush. I’m pretty sure Larksong is a black cat with blue eyes, but I’m not so sure. I don’t know where he would get his black from, though. His blue eyes are definitely from his mother, Lilyheart.

Last but not least, Leafpool! Leafpool mated with Crowfeather and had Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Leafpool is a dark ginger tabby with white chest and paws. Crowfeather is an almost black cat with blue eyes. Lionblaze is golden with amber eyes. I’m not really sure about his genetics, though. He’s kind of like Sandstorm, I guess but more ginger? And I don’t know where his eyes come from either! His family doesn’t have any amber eyes, just green and blue! Anyway, Hollyleaf is a black cat with green eyes. She gets her blackness from Crowfeather and her green eyes from Leafpool’s side of the family. Jayfeather is a gray tabby with blind blue eyes. His gray is a lot lighter than his father’s but still gray. He gets his tabby from Leafpool, but his blue eyes are from Crowfeather again.

Oh, and I didn’t do Squirrelflight in this one because I did Bramblestar, and so Squirrelflight’s would be the exact same as Bramblestar’s. Anyway, hope you liked it and stay tuned for part 4, the final part.

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