My Favorite to Least Favorite Leaders by Whitepaw

Whitepaw lists some of their favourite and least favourite leaders from the series.

Art by CinderpeltsCandy

Hi, here I am! This is Whitepaw here and I will be listing my favorite leaders from favorite to least favorite. I am not doing all of the leaders, just the ones that I have reason to like or dislike. Anyway, let’s get started! P.S. None of the leaders are my favorite characters yet, so the reasons for why I like the leaders I like might not be very strong opinions.

Bluestar was a really good leader. She gave up her kits to become a leader and she gave her last life to save her clan. She was also an amazing mentor to Firestar and helped shape him into everybody’s favorite hero! Yeah, she did go a little crazy, but can you blame her? Everybody kept on dying!
Firestar was a really good leader, partly due to his mentor, Bluestar. He was the main protagonist of the first series and everybody is supposed to go Wow! Firestar! So amazing! He also had three apprentices and I like how he would disobey Bluestar for the right reasons.
Bramblestar was a really good leader, partly due to his mentor, Firestar. When he was young, he led the cats on the sun-drown quest which I think helped prepare him for being a real leader of a clan. It’s too bad that his body got taken over by the impostor. I really want him back!
Mistystar is a really good leader, and I like how she went from a prisoner of TigerClan to Leopardstar’s deputy to the leader of RiverClan. I don’t support how she exiled Mothwing and the other two warriors from RiverClan after the battle against the impostor. That is really the only thing I don’t like about her.
Pinestar was a good leader. He led ThunderClan and was leader when Bluestar was born. He refused to kill his kit Tigerkit, but that was a crazy request from StarClan. I like him because he went to live with twolegs after his kittypet girlfriend died. He felt sympathy for twolegs!
Crookedstar was a good leader. I feel sorry for him because of the whole Mapleshade thing, but I think I read somewhere that all of that stuff was going to happen anyway, and Mapleshade just made it sound like a curse. But, he got to be leader after a while, so yahoo Crookedstar!
Tallstar was a good leader. I think that it was good of him to try and avenge his father’s death, but then he decided not to, which was also the right decision. Also, I support that he actually changed his deputy with his dying words to lead WindClan to a better future, but I don’t support Onestar’s actions.
Shadowstar was a good leader. I know her better as Tall Shadow, so that’s what I will call her. Anyway, I like how she is always calm and the only female leader of ShadowClan that I know of. Which is odd, because she’s the first one; she ought to be the role model!
Windstar was a good leader of WindClan. I kind of know her most from Moth Flight’s Vision, because I’ve read that most recently because I own the book. Anyway, Windstar is a good strong cat and she was the first official leader, meaning the first cat to receive nine lives from StarClan. I just like her.
Riverstar was a good leader. I like how he likes to swim in the river, while the other cats are like I hate water! He was a nice cat and in my mind he was always kind of mysterious. I just like his character and the fact that he was one of the founders. He’s also a pretty nice cat.
Thunderstar was a good leader. I think he was pretty young but left Clear Sky’s camp to start ThunderClan anyway. He wanted to settle somewhere else and so he did. He didn’t care what his father thought. Some cats came with him and he started a new camp where he was the leader.
Tigerheartstar is a good leader. He was given his eight lives after he had already lost his first one, the only cat that has ever happened to. I definitely support how he’s supporting the ThunderClan exiles and giving them somewhere to live like a clan. That is pretty much the only thing that’s really great about him.
Leopardstar was an okay leader. She held a grudge against Graystripe for accidentally killing Whiteclaw, which I didn’t like. She also combined her clan with Tigerstar’s ShadowClan which I didn’t approve of, but she had no idea about Tigerstar’s ThunderClan exile or why.
Blackstar was an okay leader. He killed a lot of cats as deputy and was exiled along with Brokenstar. Later, he also let Sol into ShadowClan and Sol persuaded him not to believe in StarClan which was bad and one of the reasons that I don’t like him, but he’s gotten much better since being Brokenstar’s deputy.
Heatherstar was an okay leader. We don’t see very much of her, and one of the few glimpses we get of her are in Tallstar’s Revenge. I guess I know she made Tallstar a moor-runner instead of a tunneler like his parents wanted him to be and he was happy and so Heatherstar is nice.
Hailstar was an okay leader. He made Crookedstar deputy which I like, but that was because of a false sign done by Mapleshade. I guess he agreed to Crookedkit’s new name, which I disapprove of, but I remember him as a classic good leader. He’s a nice cat like I remember, except I have no examples.
Nightstar was a not so great leader. He was nice as an elder in Into the Wild, but then he was so rude to ThunderClan even though they helped him drive out Brokenstar. Also, StarClan didn’t approve of him, (but they somehow approved of Brokenstar?) which makes him lower on this list.
Rowanstar was a not so great leader. He was kind of a background character and came out of nowhere. I like him, more than some probably do, but he’s still not the best. We know how his clan was kind of torn apart by Darktail and he declared himself as not a leader because he thought he was a terrible leader.
Raggedstar was a not so great leader. He mated with Yellowfang and got her in trouble and also helped Brokenstar come into the world. Then, he made Brokenstar his deputy, which I really dislike. I think that he could have been a lot better. Cedarstar also regrets naming Raggedstar deputy, which is saying something.
Harestar was a not so great leader. He’s been okay, I guess, but he hasn’t done anything super important yet, and he wasn’t so much of a character. He’s just there. He also supported the impostor, which is what I really don’t like about him, but it’s the only thing that’s bad.
Onestar was a bad leader. He made friends with Firestar, ThunderClan’s leader and ThunderClan helped WindClan many times. He wasn’t necessarily bad at leading, but he completely ditched Firestar and practically exploded whenever he got the chance to sneak attack them.
Brokenstar was a bad leader. I actually mean he was a terrible leader. He trained kits too early and was planning to drive out the rest of the clans like he did with WindClan unless they would let him hunt on their hunting grounds. Then he was driven out and became a rogue, but he continued making trouble.
Skystar was a terrible leader. He was one of the clan founders, but he set up a camp and then drove out any cat who couldn’t help. He also killed a bunch of cats I think. He was just a terrible cat and kept on stealing his family member’s loves! I think he would have been better with Bright Stream.

So! Those are the list of leaders in my mind. I didn’t put everybody on there. Just the ones that I felt like doing.

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  • i dissagree with raggedstar and nightstar. so basically, nightstar wasn’t accepted because brokenstar/tail was still alive and ragggedstar, he was mates with yellowfang and then she became a med and broke up with him making him furious. and then he chose brokentail as dep cuz he wanted his son to sucseed him. (also i love riverstar :3 he is my fave)

    • THANK U Ocean-reed (lov ur name ;))
      Yeah Nightstar wasn’t all young and glorious, but as an apprentice+ jr warrior, he so was! he was sooo kind and helpful so i think he deserves a bit mor credit.
      And as 4 raggedstar, he was kinda cool even tho he’s not the best leader, and brokenstar was his ONLY SON so duh he want him to have a good life (and make up for his mother who ‘ditched’ him)
      but anyway HIIIII BLOGCLAN.

  • Great article!
    Nightstar was a really good Clanmate. Like, really good! He was an elder and gave up his retirement because ShadowClan was falling apart. Here is what I think are good leaders. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 is good, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 is bad.
    Good leaders:
    Firestar- 10/10
    Bluestar- 8/10
    Sunstar – 9/10
    Mistystar – 8.5/10
    Nightstar – 8/10
    Leafstar – 7.5/10
    Cloudstar- 7/10
    Crookedstar- 9/10
    Tallstar – 9.5/10
    Bad leaders
    Tigerstar 1 – 2/10
    Brokenstar – 1/10
    Leopardstar – 4/10
    Blackstar – 5/10
    Bramblestar – 3/10
    Tigerstar 2 – 5/10

  • Skystar is only bad because two of his mates died. And I don’t know why people say he stole Star Flower from Thunder when Thunder didn’t want to mate with Star Flower after she reveled that One Eye was her father. And while Thunder was being rude Skystar allowed her into camp and mated with her which made her happy despite the time Thunder was super mean.

  • Great article! I can agree to a lot of this! But Leopardstar is one of my favorites, something about her just makes me laugh!😂❤️

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