Swiftbreeze Family Traits: Part 4 by Whitepaw

Whitepaw continues their series on Swiftbreeze’s family.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr: warriorcatsdesign)

Hi y’all! It’s me, Whitepaw back here with part 4 of the Swiftbreeze family traits series thing. So, this is pretty much genetics. Anyway, in part 1, I did Swiftbreeze and her kits, in part two I did Swiftbreeze’s grandkits and their kits. In part 3, I did Swiftbreeze’s great grandkits and their kits, and now I will do the fifth level of the family tree, and their kits. Let’s start!

Let’s do Tigerheart’s kits. I know his current name is Tigerstar, except that’s confusing, so I’m calling him Tigerheart in this article. Anyway, he mated with Dovewing and had Shadowsight, Pouncestep and Lightleap. Tigerheart is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes. Dovewing is a pale gray cat with (green) eyes. Shadowsight is a dark gray tabby with amber eyes. I’m not sure how he got his dark gray. He probably got gray from Dovewing and it turned out to be a lot darker in him than in her. He got tabby from his father as well as his amber eyes. Pouncestep is another gray tabby with amber eyes. Like I suspected with Shadowsight, she gets her gray from her mother and her tabby and amber eyes from her father. Lightleap is a dark brown tabby with amber eyes. She looks exactly like her father, Tigerheart.

Let’s do Dawnpelt’s kits next. Dawnpelt mated with Crowfrost and had Juniperclaw, Sleekwhisker, and Strikestone. Dawnpelt is cream-furred and I don’t know her eye color. Crowfrost is black and white, but I don’t know his eye color. Juniperclaw is black with green eyes. He got his black from his father and his green eyes were probably from his grandmother Tawnypelt, who may or may not have passed them on to Dawnpelt as well. Sleekwhisker is golden yellow with green eyes. She probably gets her golden yellow from her great-grandmother, Goldenflower and her green eyes from Tawnypelt, her grandmother. Strikestone is a brown tabby tom with a white belly and amber eyes. I think the brown tabby is just that Tigerstar family thing where there are bound to be brown tabbys. I’m not sure about the white and the amber eyes are another one of those Tigerstar family traits things. I also infer that either Dawnpelt or Crowfrost or both of them have green eyes as well, hence two of the kits having green eyes.

Okeydokey! Now we do Sparkpelt! She mated with Larksong and had three little kitties who have not become warriors yet at least not while I am writing this article. Their names are Flamepaw, Finchpaw, and Flickerkit, the one who died. Sparkpelt is a flame-colored tabby with green eyes. I think Larksong is a blck cat with blue eyes, but I’m not entirely sure. Flamepaw is a black tom. He gets his blackc from his father. Finchpaw is a tortoiseshell she-cat. I think Larksong has a lot of tortoiseshell on his side of the family, so that’s probably where Finchpaw’s tortoiseshell comes from. Flickerkit is an orange and black tom. He is a mix of his two parents: orange from Sparkpelt and black from Larksong!

Now, let’s do Fernsong. Fernsong mated with Ivypool and had three kits: Bristlefrost, Flipclaw, and Thriftear. Fernsong is a pale yellow tabby and Ivypool is a silver and white tabby with blue eyes. Bristlefrost is gray with blue eyes. She gets her gray and her blue eyes from her mother, Ivypool. Flipclaw is a brown tabby. He probably got that from Fernsong’s side of the family, because there are cats with a lot of different colors there. Thriftear is dark gray with amber eyes. She gets her dark gray from her mother and her amber eyes are probably from Fernsong’s father, Lionblaze, who may or may not have passed the trait on to Fernsong, because I don’t know his eye color.

That was my article! If you’re wondering why I didn’t do Larksong or Lionblaze, I did Sparkpelt, who was Larksong’s mate and I did Cinderheart, Lionblaze’s mate last time. Anyway, I hope you liked this whole series thing. Bye!

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