My top 10 least fav and fav cats and why by Riverkit

Riverkit lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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Hi! I already did an article on this, but I changed my opinion on a lot of them.
Here are my favorite cats:

5. Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight is not a character mentioned much. I love her because she has endless energy (in The New Prophecy.)

4. Ivypool. Ivypool is one of my favorite characters for multiple reasons. First reason: She was overpowered by Dovewing. In my opinion (and many peoples’ opinions I think) she should’ve been the fourth cat. Second reason: She risked everything to go to the Dark Forest.

3. Crookedstar/Half Moon (I can’t decide.) Crookedstar: Crookedstar’s background is so sad! Rainflower gave him the name Crookedkit after he broke his jaw, and all of the cats that he loved died! I don’t know anyone who does not love Crookedstar’s Promise. Half Moon: I’m a big fan of the Jayfeather and Half Moon ship. I don’t know why I like her, I just do.

2: Jayfeather. I think pretty much everyone likes Jayfeather. He is just so grumpy and…and… what is another good word for him? Defiant, and brave, and defiant. (Again a big fan of the Jayfeather Half Moon ship.) I love ya Jay!

1. Yellowfang. Ohmygosh, Yellowfang is my favorite. She’s also just so grumpy, and like, ‘do this, do that’ and I just love her! I don’t care if she broke the warrior code, and is kinda, maybe, a little bit bossy. She is so awesome!

Honorable mentions:

Least favorite cats:

5. Millie. Millie is just “Oh no, my kits!” and scolds them when they can take care of themselves. For example, when Blossomfall and Ivypool come back from the tunnels, Millie was all like, “Where did you go! You could’ve been killed!” and “You are so irresponsible!” and also when Briarlight broke her back, Millie was giving her all the attention, and when Blossomfall came back from hunting, Millie just scolded her and said “Your sister would give up everything to hunt for the rest of the Clan!”

4. Mapleshade. Poor Crookedstar! (Note that I have not read Mapleshade’s Vengeance, but I have read Crookedstar’s Promise.)

3. Rainflower. Also poor Crookedstar! He doesn’t deserve to be treated that way! And named Crookedkit after he broke his jaw! Any cat can break their jaw, but I doubt that any good mother would rename their kit “Crookedkit.”

2. I have no idea.

1. Dovewing. Dovewing is just all goody goody, smarty smartypants. I hate her! In my opinion, Dovewing should never have existed.

Thanks for reading!
May StarClan light your path.

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  • I like alive Yellowfang but not dead Yellowfang. Yellowfang was by far one of my favorite characters throughout Yellowfang’s Secret and The Prophecies Begin. But then in StarClan she was completely different, and I started to dislike her. It’s too bad she changed so much when she died.

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