Warrior cats as Naruto characters pt 1 by Dovepaw

Dovepaw draws parallels between the characters of Warrior cats and the popular Japanese anime, Naruto.

Official art from Naruto

Henlo, hoomans, it is i, Dovepaw! Imma be counting warrior cats as Naruto characters. If you don’t know what Naruto is or have never watched it, SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! And this is from all arcs!
1. Firestar is Naruto; Well, They both are the main characters of their series´ and have an unwavering determination. When Firestar was a kittypet, the clan treated him meanly and rudely and some ignored him. When Naruto was a child, the entire village he lived in hated him because he had a demon fox sealed inside him. Firestar had that group of friends in his life; Bluestar, Graystripe, Whitestorm ect. Naruto also had a group of people who cared. Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, ect.
2. Graystripe is Sasuke; In the most part, this is actually not too relevant. But, Graystripe was Firestar’s best friend who would stick by him anyday. Sasuke was Naruto’s best friend who would do the same, even if he decided not to show it sometimes. But the thing i don’t agree with is Sasuke wants to kill his brother, but Graystripe has no mortal enemy. Ah, well, they do compare in some ways, as i stated before.
3. Sandstorm is Sakura; Ok, i might have everything twisted a bit, but still! Sandstorm fought alongside Firestar and Graystripe like a loyal friend. Sakura did the same for her two teammates. The thing I seriously don’t agree with here is this; Sandstorm becomes Firestar’s mate, but Sakura becomes Sasuke’s mate. Wow, i didnt even think about that one.
4. Whitestorm is Kakashi; Whitestorm is that wise cat from the first series, we knew that. Kakashi is the leader of team 7, and frankly very wise. He watches over Sasuke and Naruto closely (Not so much to Sakura tho >:() and helps them when they need it. Also, Whitestorm dies in battle. Kakashi dies in battle as well.
5. Willowpelt is Ino; I don´t know where I’m coming up with these, but Ino would kinda fit Willowpelt, for some reason. And no, she is not Sasuke’s mom. Well, this just got a bit out of hand here.
6. Jayfeather is Shikamaru; I think this because in my opinion, Jayfeather is very intelligent. Shikamaru is too, but very lazy. I think they are both amazing, and deserve far better than what they are treated like. (I’m talking to you, people who make fun of Jays blindness >:( )
7. Cloudtail as an apprentice is Choji; Cloudpaw was a very big eater, especially when it came up to kittypet food. Choji is also a big eater, when it comes to everything. At all. They were both resilient at one point, but grew out of it, at one point.
Well, that is all for part one, feel free to express your opinions down below!
Have an amazing fantabulous day!
-Dovepaw/stream- 🙂

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