Bumblestripe’s Flaws by Sunshade

Sunshade analyses Bumblestripe’s character.

Art by kewlgingerbat

Hey ya’ll!
I’ll be poking through Bumblestripe’s personality a little.
To start, Blossom and Bumble were mostly ignored by Millie when Briarlight broke her spine as an apprentice (not rlly implied) which didn’t really have a harder impact on him as it did on Blossomfall. Still, his crush on Dovewing developed pretty early in oots, even as apprentices. I don’t know if he seemed to care as much about how she felt about him rather than what he felt about her.
To be honest he probably could have respected her wishes not to be mates between river of fire and the last hope, especially with all these cats backing him up and making Dovewing feel bad about not wanting to spend more time with him, such as Blossomfall and Rosepetal (especially) Cinderheart, and Whitewing, etc.
Second, I find his romantic relationship with Dovewing unsettling and kind of disgusting. I mean, he got betrayed and passed over by her in favor of Tigerheartstar, I mean, I can sorta understand the way he felt after Dovewing ran away with Tigerheartstar and their children. (And by the way, this is just my overview of Bumble).
Third, he doesn’t seem capable of handling the cold hard truth about Dovewing not sharing his feelings for her. But he does play a very interesting role in Dovewing’s Silence, and I really would like to see him take another mate for some reason. But this sadly rules out Rosepetal, since she went through the same situation as Bristlefrost did with Stemleaf and got rejected almost immediately. But I do like the thought of those two eventually becoming mates.
Fourth, Bumblestripe doesn’t actually understand romance the way other cats in the series view it, and turns it into more of an obsession rather than a choice. He put a lot more stress and pressure on Dovewing, mainly because she already had enough to deal with: Tigerheartstar, the prophecy, her powers, etc.

And last but not least, the fact that he had a ton more decisions for a mate in the Clan. I don’t know if he thought Dovewing was charming or anything, but ok.

Ty for listening to me rant! This is my first post lol.

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