My Top Two Favorite Warrior Cats by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares their favourite characters from the series.

Art by th1stlew1ng

It’s sometimes hard to choose favorite characters, with so many good ones in the series. I still haven’t figured out my top twenty Warrior cats, and although I have managed to do it, making my top ten list was a hard task. The list is unstable, changing over time as my liking for certain cats lessens or grows.
But on that ever-changing list, the first two cats always stay the same. It’s clear for me to see and easy for me to say that these are my favorite cats in Warriors. They are the best characters to me, and although I love so many Warrior cats, these two cannot be beaten.
Here are my favorite and second-favorite Warrior cats:

Number 1 (favorite): Honeyfern!
I love my Honeyfern so much- she’s so kind! The part where she sympathized with Lionblaze when he was having trouble hunting was really sweet and Honeyfern has been my ultimate favorite character ever since. I love how gentle and caring she is. She has such a nice, pleasant personality and I would love to be friends with her! I tend to like kind characters, and it’s clear that Honeyfern is one of the kindest- she’s such a sweetie! She was always there to comfort her Clanmates, she was gentle and patient, she loved her Clan and the cats around her, and she cared so much more about others than herself. Honeyfern was also really good with kits- she would have made a great mother. Throughout her whole life, Honeyfern never did anything mean, she would never deliberately hurt anyone. She didn’t even show any jealousy when Berrynose and Poppyfrost became mates. Honeyfern was somewhat shy, but she had a very brave heart- brave enough to risk her life for her Clanmates. Honeyfern died a brave and selfless death, saving Briarkit. Her courage and kindness will never be forgotten.

Number 2 (second-favorite): Jessy!
I know a lot of people don’t like her (Poor Jessy!) but I see absolutely no reason to dislike her and I love her! Jessy is awesome! She was such a good friend to Bramblestar, and just a great cat in general. Despite her stubbornness, Jessy was a caring, kind cat and had a gentle side. She had such a great personality, too- sassy and funny. A lot of parts with her were hilarious and some of the things she said really amused me. But she was also really wise at times, which was somewhat unexpected because she’s usually so cheerful and lighthearted. Jessy helped mend Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship, and BrambleXSquirrel is one of my favorite ships. She even left ThunderClan (Her leaving quote made me cry- she was so wise!) so Bramblestar could be with Squirrelflight, which was so selfless and couldn’t have been an easy decision. But Jessy made that decision anyways, despite the pain, because she is so brave and mature, and cared more about Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s happiness than her own. Jessy deserves more love and respect for her selfless decision.

These two wonderful, amazing cats are my favorite characters in Warriors and I love them.
Honeyfern and Jessy forever!

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  • Now that I think about it, Honeyfern is surely very nice!
    Not sure about Jessy, though. I’m pretty neutral on her.

  • Honeyfern is cool, and I liked how she defended Jayfeather at the Moonpool. But Jessy…

    I don’t like Jessy. She feels somewhat pointless, and even more like a cardboard version of Squirrelflight.

    And to the people saying both are Mary Sues, there are no Mary Sues in Warriors.

    • wow, wow your like the only person in the whole warriors comunity that say that there are no mary sues, and when I think about it I completely agree

  • I didn’t like jessy that much because bramblestar and squirrelflight is one of my fav ships, but yeah honeyfern is such a good cat. I’ve seen a lot of lists about saddest warrior deaths, and honeyfern should be number one of all of them!!!

    • Just saying that it’s possible to like Squirrelflight X Bramblestar and Jessy ^^

      Squirrelflight lover

  • I love Honeyfern. I hate jessy so much. I’m very sorry but she’s my least favourite cat and she sucks. Jessy literally just sucked up to bramblestar and butted into every conversation squirrelflight was having with bramblestar. She moved her nest next to his without even asking him. She made squirrelflight feel jelous and then suddenly she’s all like “OH u LoVE SquIRReLFlIgHt I’m dUmB FoR NOt ReAliZiNg iM gOnnA lEaVe NoW cauSE you ShOuLd be WiTh HEr”. She’s so annoying. Shes a Mary Sue too. She is too “perfect”. She masters hunting, fighting, manages to make the clan leader fall in love with her, andddd is described as “brave bold sparkling kittypet”. I HATE HER SO MUCH. PLEASE TRY TO SEE WHY JESSY SUCKS!

    • I respect your opinion, but I have to strongly disagree.

      Jessy is a good cat.
      -It’s understandable that Jessy would want to stick close to Bramblestar because he was the cat she knew most in a new place. However, she actually did do a lot independently from him, like going on patrols.
      -Jessy didn’t purposely butt in to anything. Squirrel and Bramble actually had multiple conversations where she was not present. When Jessy walked in on Squirrelflight and Bramblestar watching their grown kits she actually offered that her and Bramblestar can talk later since he’s busy.
      -Jessy moved her nest next to Bramblestar’s NOT as a romantic advance, but because she was worried about him after he had a rough night. She was just being caring.
      -Jessy masters hunting and fighting because she’d already practiced for many days in her backyard. Trust me, my pet cats are good at hunting, too- and that doesn’t make them unrealistic.
      -Bramblestar falling in love with Jessy does not make her a Mary Sue. Love is natural- people fall in love. It doesn’t have to do with how ‘perfect’ Jessy is, but rather Bramblestar’s feelings. And his feelings were the reason he described her as sparkling.

      I don’t think Jessy sucks. I think she’s quite the opposite- a fun character who sets a good example of kindness.