[done in a realistic art style, Sandstorm and Firestar nuzzle each other]

Finding EVERYONE Firestar is related to by Splashkit

Splashkit lists all the cats who are related to Firestar.

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

Yay! My fourth article! As I’m writing this, it’s storming, I just finished my school day, and my grandparents are here.
Anyway, as I said in my last article, today I will (try) to figure out how many people are related to Firestar, even if they’re in-laws, and, drumroll please…….Everyone’s favorite ranting subject: How many couples are related to each other? At the end, I will pick out all of the couples who are related. This sounds fun!

Firestar’s Reign (did I spell that right? XD):
Sandstorm- Firestar’s mate
Squirrelflight and Leafpool- Firestar’s daughters
Brambleclaw- Firestar’s son-in-law
Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze- Firestar’s grandkits
Cinderheart- Firestar’s grandaughter-in-law
Cloudtail- Firestar’s nephew
Brightheart- Firestar’s nice-in-law
Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush- Firestar’s grand nieces and nephews
Birchfall- Firestar’s grand nephew-in-law
Ivypool- Firestar’s great grand niece

Bramblestar’s Reign:
Alderheart, Juniperkit, Dandelionkit, and Sparkpelt- Firestar’s grandkits
Larchfall- Firestar’s grandson-in-law
Flamepaw, Finchpaw, and Flickerkit- Firestar’s great grandkits
Snaptooth, Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Flywhisker, Spotfur, Fernsong- Firestar’s great-grand nieces and nephews
Bristlefrost, Flipclaw, Thriftear- Firestar’s great-great grand nieces and nephews
Baypaw and Myrtlepaw- Firestar’s great-great-great grand nieces and nephews
Leafshade, Larksong, and Honeyfur- great grand nieces and nephew


Crowfeather- Firestar’s son-in-law


No one in RiverClan? Surprising!


Tigerheart/star- Firestar’s great grand nephew-in-law
Dovewing- Firestar’s great grand niece
Shadowsight, Lightleap, Pouncestep- Firestar’s great-great grand nieces and nephew


Jake- Firestar’s father
Crystal- Firestar’s grandma
Nutmeg- Firestar’s mother
Scourge, Socks, and Ruby- Firestar’s step-siblings
Princess and others- Firestar’s siblings
Oliver- Firestar’s brother-in-law
Princess and Oliver’s kits- Firestar’s nieces and nephews


Dewnose x Sorrelstripe (yes this is true. you can find it on the wiki)- Dewnose is Cloudtail’s son. Cloudtail is Firestar’s nephew, making Dewnose Firestar’s great grand nephew. Sorrelstripe’s father is Fernsong, who’s mate is Ivypool, who’s grandfateher is Cloudtail, who’s son is Dewnose, making Sorrelstripe Dewnose’s……..great grand-niece? Sorrelstripe’s mother’s uncle. Yeah. Wow, that’s weird.
Sparkpelt x Larksong- Larksong’s father is Snowbush, who’s father is Cloudtail, who’s cousin is Squirrelflight, who’s daughter is Sparkpelt. Larksong’s grandpa’s cousin’s kid. No idea how to simplify that. Help?
Ivypool x Fernsong- Ivypool’s grandpa is Cloudtail, who’s cousin is Leafpool, who’s son is Lionblaze, who’s son is Fernsong. Ivypool adn Fernsong are…..third cousins? I think?
Anywho….comment in the comments if I made a mistake or if you have anything to add!
Fourth article celebration! Whooooooo!
Stay tuned for my next article!
Splashy/Rivi/Ches out!
(Splashfeather, Riverfire, Chestnutsomething [DeviantArt is blocked on my school chromebook, so give suffix suggestions in comments!])

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