The Next Generation of Leaders by Tinypaw

Tinypaw shares their opinion on who should be the next cats to lead the Clans.

Art by Vialir

Hi everyone! My name is Tinypaw, and this is my first article, so I really hope it gets published! Today I’m going to share who I think will be the next leaders of the Clans. Let’s begin!

ThunderClan: I really want a Lionstar, because that just sounds awesome and it goes well with Tigerstar. Plus, Lionblaze is one of my fav characters. I don’t understand why people hate Lionblaze! Everyone’s like “he never gets hurt” and all that, but hey, LIONBLAZE DIDN’T ASK FOR HIS POWERS! Anyway, that probably won’t be very soon, though, because in the The Place of No Stars blurb Squirrelflight is still alive, and is not a leader.

RiverClan: Mistystar is getting old, so I think that Reedstar should be leader by The Place of No Stars. Reedwhisker is also (that was supposed to be italicized, but it didn’t work) pretty old, though, so I guess it could be one of Curlfeather’s kits (Graykit, Mistkit, and Frostkit). If that’s true, then I’m totally rooting for Froststar.

WindClan: I think everyone agrees that the next leader will be Crowstar. I mean, he’s just such an important character! Also, it would be cool to have all 4 leaders related (to Firestar). Then there’ll probably either a Nightstar or a Heatherstar. Somewhere in the series it was said that Sedgewhisker is really sensible, so maybe Sedgestar.

ShadowClan: Tigerstar will obviously will live for a very long time. I’m pretty sure he still has 8 lives, in fact! My guess is that something happens to Cloverfoot, and then Dovewing, Lightleap, Pouncestep, or some other cat that is not born yet or is a kit will be deputy, because Cloverfoot is not a very important character. I know there’s Harestar, but at least Onestar did that for a reason (he wanted to prove that he trusted cats who trusted the DF at first) .

SkyClan: Finally, SkyClan! This one is kinda hard. I’m not sure how many lives Leafstar lost, but I remember she lost one fighting Dodge and one in The Rising Storm (i think). I really want Hawkstar, though, and also Violetstar, Needlestar, or maybe Sandystar (I didn’t include Rootspring because I think he will be a mediator). Sadly, Violetshine and Needleclaw don’t have apprentices yet, so probably not. After Hawkstar I’m guessing maybe Cherrystar or Blossomstar, or maybe Rabbitstar? Idk, I only guessed those 3 cuz their Hawkwing’s kin and they are expierienced (Cherrytail is getting a little old though…).

Ok, that’s it. Thank ya’ll for reading! Bye!

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