Worst Parents in the Warriors Series by Tinypaw

Tinypaw lists some of the parents who underperformed in the series.

Artwork by Tusofsky

Hello, everyone, my name is Tinypaw. As you can see in the title, I’m going to be listing the worst parents in the warrior series (the cats below are only my opinion, no hate please). This is a really common topic, but I want to write about it anyway.

10. Stormtail

Stormtail wasn’t a very good father to Bluekit (star) and Snowkit (fur). He never really got to know his kits, and he didn’t seem to care, either. The reason I he’s number 10 and not higher on the list is because he was an important warrior, and so he may not have time to take care of his kits (but then there’s Adderfang, who was deputy for a while: he seemed to really care about his kits).

9. Millie

Don’t get me wrong: Millie is an amazing character!! I just find it frustrating that she completely ignored Blossomfall and Bumblestripe after Briarpaw (light) was crippled. You should give a bit more attention to your injured kit, at least for a while when it’s still not known if she will live, but you can’t just ignore your other kits! In fact, she kind of caused Blossomfall (who wanted attention) to join DF (of course this is still mostly Blossomfall’s fault).

8. Spiderleg

Spiderleg becomes mates with Daisy, has kits, and then acts like nothing ever happened. What’s the point of having a mate and kits if you do that? Some people include this part when debating whether Spiderleg is a good mate/father:

Daisy: “Spiderleg, what’s the matter? Are you ill?”
Spiderleg: “I’m fine. I just wish every cat would stop fussing.”
—Daisy concerned for Spiderleg when he has a cough Long Shadows, page 233

Honestly, though, everyone is like that. For example, Hawkwing claimed that he was fine when Pebbleshine was worried about his hurt leg (I think that was in Hawkwing’s Journey, but I haven’t read that for a while). The only reason I don’t like Spiderleg (as a father) is because he ignored his kits.

7. Sandgorse

Sandgorse doesn’t really care about how Tallkit (paw, tail, star) felt, like, he just doesn’t understand Tallpaw (I’m just gonna call him that) wanting to be a moor runner instead of a tunneler like him. Then, he gets super angry because Tallpaw got scared when tunneling and “causes” tunneling to be banned. I can understand him being angry, but he just refers to Tallpaw as “an apprentice”. Doesn’t Tallpaw mean more to Sandgorse than that?

6. Palebird

Palebird kinda ignores Tallkit because she is grieving for Finchkit. I mean, I know it’s really really sad that you lose a kit, but you can’t just stop caring for your living one! In fact, she was so bad to Tallkit to the point where he thought that Palebird wished he died instead of Finchkit. Also, when Tallkit becomes Talltail, Palebird doesn’t seem to care when Talltail leaves and when he comes back. When she becomes mates with Woolytail, she doesn’t really care about Talltail’s feelings (I mean that makes sense Talltail can’t stop Palebird from loving someone). The part that really bugs me is that Palebird seems to forget that Talltail is forget, and scolds him WHEN HE’S TRYING TO HELP!!!

5. Appledusk

I HATE APPLEDUSK!!! He doesn’t deserve a mate like Mapleshade. At first he was all “omg i love u so much” and then he was like “I hav nothing to do with you my mate is Reedshine”. The only reason he isn’t number 1 or 2 is because he is mostly only a horrible mate (he is still a really horrible father, though). When his kits die, he doesn’t even seem to care, and he blames Mapleshade for killing the kits. Appledusk is such a fox-heart!

4. Crowfeather

It’s pretty obvious that Crowfeather is a bad father (an abusive mate, too). He doesn’t really care about Breezepelt (I know he changes after Crowfeather’s Trial but still). I feel bad for him, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s right to ignore Breezepelt. He definitely partly caused Breezepelt to join DF. In a way, Crowfeather’s situation is similar to Appledusk’s (I like Crowfeather more, Appledusk is one of my least favorite characters): he took a mate just to prove that he is loyal to WindClan. That’s the main reason I don’t completely like Crowfeather.

3. Clear Sky (Skystar)

Ok, Clear Sky has so many mates and kits, mostly that he rejected. Here’s a list:

Mate #1: Bright Stream (2 unnamed kits)
Mate #2: Storm (2 unnamed kits, Thunder who is later known as Thunderstar)
Mate #3: Star Flower (Flower Foot, Dew Petal, Tiny Branch)

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  • It looks like it was cut off? But anyway…
    I have to disagree politely with Crowfeather first.
    He wasn’t an abusive mate. He and Nightcloud were both… problems in their relationship. And he wasn’t abusive to Breezepelt either, just distant.
    Appledusk wasn’t a bad father either. Bad mate, yes, but bad father? No, he grieved, and was angry at Mapleshade for a valid reason. Mapleshade took the kits into the flooding river when it was obvious they’d probably drown to their size and age. RiverClan cats must’ve died on that as well…
    Skystar’s many mates do not make him a bad father. He only rejected Thunderstar, but cared for his other kits with Star Flower.
    Millie wasn’t a bad mother. She cared for them very much, and Briarpaw had her spine broken when the three B’s had completed their warrior assessments, meaning they were almost grown-ups. Blossomfall took it overboard. You don’t see Bumblestripe spitting bitterly at the ground and training with maniacs, do you? Millie didn’t have to gush over Blossomfall, a grown woman, while Briarlight (even if she didn’t want it)’s care had a valid reason.
    Nice article 🙂

    • i agree,except Millie. Even though she loved them even,she didn’t act it. Blossomfall didn’t want gushing. She only wanted what her clanmates did. When she talked,it was enough difference. Clanmates: *listens to her*ok
      Millie: *answers without meeting her gaze and with inattention* ok,ok.
      It’s more then just ‘not gushing over and giving attention’ it’s neglecting and acting as if she doesn’t love her. Briarlight had been injured since she was an apprentice. Even though their were almost grown ups,it had been some time. She adapted with her bright nature, and the reason isn’t very reasonable.
      also,if Blossomfall’s overreacting,why would the others feel that Millie is wrong too?

    • Agree with Crowfeather not a huge fan of him but do not think he was abusive to Breezepelt or Nightcloud. But not a really good parent.

      • I agree with you as well Silverclaw,(But I’m a huge fan of him) Crowfeather did nothing wrong but I will admit that he could have made a bigger effort to bond with Breezepelt.

    • I agree especially with Millie and Clear Sky, they weren’t bad parents, Blossomfall was basically a grown adult, I don’t usually see adults whining that their parents aren’t paying that much attention to them when their brother or sister get angered. And Thunderstar was the only kit he neglected. (As proven in Mothwings Super Edition.)

  • It’s a shame this article was cut off, but it was great anyway! I think that the next two cats would have been Rainflower and that cat in Yellowfang’s secret who raised Brokenkit, I think she was called Lizardstripe? Anyways the first part was great!

  • Yeah it was cut off
    But any doodle
    I disagree with Millie, imagine this, your kit tried to save a cat who died, she cant walk, she can’t become what she desperately wanted, and she can’t feel her leg!
    Blossomfall is just a jerk, he is jelouse of her sister that can’t walk becuase her mother puts more attention to her! The rest of your artical I agree with, and it is well written

  • Stormtail wasn’t exactly interested in Moonflower… Millie treated Briarlight with more care because she was “different”…Spiderleg ignored his kits because it’s exactly what Dustpelt did to him… Sandgorse wanted what he thought was best for Tallkit/paw/tail/star… Palebrid was depressed… Appledusk cast out his mate because I assume he didn’t want his secret kits/mate to come to RiverClan… Crowfeather took a mate and had Breezepelt because he wanted to show loyalty to WindClan after Feathertail and Leafpool… and then Clear Sky/Skystar was just overall a bad cat.

  • Appledusk didn’t even get to be a father to Mapleshade’s kits. He gave his life for Reedshine’s unborn kits, and I think that makes him a decent father.

    I get why people think Millie is a bad mother, but I don’t think she is. Briarlight was in a dangerous condition, and I totally get why Millie focused on her. It’s not like Blossomfall or Bumblestripe were kits either. Their mother’s attention was not as important to them as it was to Briarlight.

    Other than that, I agree with mostly everything.

  • Also, Crowfeather wasn’t abusive. Probably neglectful, but not abusive. He and Nightcloud were both bad parents.

    • Yeah, everyone acts like Nightcloud was the best parent in the world but both her and Crowfeather caused Breezepelt to be how he is. Also I love your name.

  • Your article may have gotten cut off, but this was SUPER fun to read! I wish I had read it earlier, but I haven’t really been feeling that great lately. This article cheered me up a lot though 🙂

  • I agree with these, except for Crowfeather. First, i love CrowxLeaf. Also, he wasn’t an abusive mate, but he wasn’t the best father…

  • I must disagree with crowfeather. this is because crowfeather loved feathertail, who died saving him, which broke him, and then next was leafpool, which he hated himself for having feelings for her after feathertail, and then when he went back to his clan, he took nightcloud as a mate so that she could have kits before the died (like she wanted) and he wanted to show he was loyal again. and the reason he didn’t pay much attention to breezepelt is because he was scared of loving any cat because any cat he always loved died, or left him (feathertail, ashfoot, leafpool) so he was scared to love breezepelt because he was scared that if he loved him, he would die to. also, breezepelt did not go to the DF becase of crowfeather, it was because he wanted to become a better warrior, and he felt egnored by everyone (which yes, that is kinda crow’s fault but that i explained) and in the DF he felt wanted and important, and, he was never truly on the DF’s side in the battle, he just had a personal hate to lionblaze, so attacked him because he hated him. so yh, that is my oppinion. and yh, he changed a lot in crowfeather’s trial, because he realised that when nightcloud was not there, that breezepelt needed him a lot, and he shouldn’t ignore/ not love him just because other cats he loved had died, and he realised his son needed him more than he knew.

  • 🌧️🐍 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖; 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕤 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕟 || 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕨 🐍🌧️ says:

    I am kinda hoping that RainFlower (I know she is my profile photo, I just think she looks most like my oc) was on either 1 or 2 cause she was AWFUL (No offense to RainFlower lovers).