• Happy clanniversary Turtle!! You’re such a kind and outgoing person, and I am glad that you are on the blog <333

  • So today is my first clanniversary. I have been on BlogClan for an entire year, and I can hardly believe it.

    February 1st, 2020: the day I joined the Blog. I remember it so clearly.

    I even remember my first comment, which is honestly EXTREMELY cringey.

    Here’s the link to the article that my first comment was on. The comment of mine that’s there? Yeah, that was my very first one.


    I have some shoutouts to do. Please don’t be offended if you aren’t on this list. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s more likely that I’m just kinda forgetful.

    Ok, shoutouts. Let’s get started.

    Mapledrift: Maple, you are such an awesome person. You have helped so many BlogClanners with LGBTQ+ stuff- from helping them use neopronouns correctly to assuring them that all sexualities are valid, you have brought so much happiness to the Blog.

    Rufflecloud: Ruffles, you’re a great friend. Your kindness lights up this Blog, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you in the year I’ve been on BlogClan. Also, you told me about the non-binary Crowfeather AU MAP, Latter Days, which is now my favorite MAP of all time- thanks for telling me about it!

    (Also, here’s the link to that MAP in case anyone wants to watch it.)


    Pinestripe: Oh Pine, my fantastic mentor. Whenever it’s passionately defending Jessy together, or just chatting on your secret page, I am so grateful for our friendship. I know you so well, sometimes I can’t believe that we’ve never met irl! (Though I did dream about that once.) I view you as a sister, and I care about you very much.

    Bluebellsponge: Bluebell, you rock! You are a wonderful presence on the Blog. I admire the time you take to reply to every comment on various pages, and you are a pleasure to talk to! You have supported so many BlogClanners during so many things, and the Blog wouldn’t be the same without you.

    Snowbreeze: Snowy, you’re a fairly new friend of mine. I haven’t know you that long. But from what I can tell, you’re kindhearted, and definitely the kind of person I want to continue being friends with. I love your upbeat comments, and I like having a conversation with you on my secret page.

    Ebonyrain: eBay, you are an outstanding person. You have given me great advice on the hug page various times, and you are awesome on the tavern with your caring replies. You deserve to become a senior warrior, which is why when you said you were running, I vouched almost immediately.

    Cheetahspark: Cheetah, you are a cheeto-tastic person. You’re a speedy moddo, and fun to talk to. I’m actually pretty sure you were the first person to call me ‘Turtle’! I root for you when you take over the purrs, and I enjoy calling you Cheeto or Cheetah. It’s fun.

    Falling Feather: Falling, I’m so happy you’re my friend. We share similar views on Silverstream. It’s nice to have another Gray X Silver lover on the Blog. And someone else who isn’t a fan of Slate. I enjoy the conversations we have, and hope that you’ll be on the Blog for a long long time to come.

    Eagleflight: Aquila, you’re awesome! You’re so fun to talk to about Harry Potter stuff! And we like a lot of the same Warriors characters, and we both dislike Clear Sky. Also, you were the first person to draw my purrsona! Thanks for that. In all, I enjoy the times we’ve talked, and I think you’re a good friend.

    Viperfrost: Viper, you are the most wonderful snake. You’re funny and warm and nice and sweet and kind and loyal and caring and a good snake and also BREAD, and also VAMPIRES apparently. You’re a great mod. And we are lucky to have you here on the Blog.

    Shatteredmask: Ttera, you are a super-duper lovely person. We both heart Black X Sol, and we both LOVE Mapleshade. You’re fun to role play with, and I love your characters in Pine’s role play. I know that there are some things we disagree on (like if Millie is a good mom or not) but it doesn’t matter: you are still a great friend.

    Darkwing: Darkie, you are absolutely epic at art! Your art brings this whole awesome vibe to the art page, and I see you as an inspiration, art wise. I like hearing about your dog, Boo, who is adorable, BTW! You are a very kindhearted person, and we are all happy to have you on the Blog.

    Ok, I think that’s the end of the shoutouts!

    I am very happy to be a BlogClanner, and I love you all very much.

    Fleur is amazing!

  • Oh my god, how did i not see this? Turtle your amazing, and 10x nicer than me! Happy clanniversary :3 <33

    You’re one of my best friends both on the blog and irl, and I’m so sorry I missed your Clanniversary.

    • It’s ok, Sunni! <3333

      when you said ‘You’re one of my best friends both on the blog and irl’ at first I was confused because we don’t know each other irl, but then I kinda got what you meant ; )

      Lupin is awesome!

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