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#JusticeForRiverClan by Waffleheart

Waffleheart shares why RiverClan deserves more attention in the books.

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WARNING: There might be spoilers for all the books, really

Hiya BlogClan, Waffles here. It’s currently 12:00 AM and it’s not like I have school in the morning or anything… so I decided to do something I have never done before: Write a BlogClan article!

So for my first ever (at least I think:P) article here on BC, I needed to find a subject that I really cared about. I present to you my new campaign: Justice for RiverClan! Let’s get right into it.

RiverClan is the best Clan. It just is. Name one other Clan as unique and just plain cool as RiverClan! They are cats that swim! They’re literal mermaids! Not to mention, every single cat from RiverClan is described as gorgeous. Just take Silverstream, Oakheart, Leopardstar, Willowbreeze, Appledusk, the list goes on and on!

So why aren’t cats with such good genes given more attention? As of right now there are three cats in RiverClan with any sort of relevance whatsoever: Mistystar, Mothwing and Willowshine. But all of these are not relevant any more, and I think that’s a part of where the problem lies: The Erins don’t care about modern RiverClan.

There hasn’t been a RiverClan main character since The New Prophecy. I was two years old when the final book of The New Prophecy, Sunset, came out! In the original series we had several major minor characters in RiverClan, most notably Silverstream, Oakheart, Mistyfoot, Stonefur and Graystripe’s kits if you count them. In The New Prophecy, we got Feathertail and Stormfur (who were both given POVs in Moonrise) and we were introduced to Hawkfrost and Mothwing. And since that, the only other cats with the slightest bit of relevance have been Willowshine, and if you count them, Petalfur and Rippletail (spoiler alert they’re both dead). So there’s no doubt that we need more modern major characters from RiverClan. After all, it is the cOoLeSt ClAn EvEr!!1!

Let’s talk about Dawn of the Clans. No Clan founder intrigued me as much as River Ripple. But I don’t even think we were inside RiverClan camp *once* the entire series. We have had DotC POVs from SkyClan (Skystar), WindClan (Gray Wing, Moth Flight), ShadowClan (Shadowstar) and ThunderClan (Thunderstar), but nothing from RiverClan. All I have to say is WHY.

Now we’re finally getting a RiverClan point of view again, with Leopardstar in her upcoming Super Edition. And although I am super (hah) excited, I didn’t really want a classic “flashback” super edition? I loved the concept of Hawkwing’s Journey and Tigerheart’s Shadow where the plot is parallel to the main series. And since we’ve had super editions about all the deputies of the four other Clans, I was hoping we would be introduced to a new RiverClan warrior that would be deputy, like we were with Hawkwing. For example Minnowtail? I’ve always liked Minnowtail.. I have a whole head-canon about her that I can get into some other time.

In conclusion, the Erins ignore RiverClan even though it is undoubtedly the most interesting Clan and deserves much more attention, the Leopardstar super edition will be awesome, but I want a modern RiverClan cat’s perspective. (Also Reedwhisker better not become leader I will flip)

Waffle OUT.

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