My top 5 fave warrior cats by Lavenderpaw

Lavenderpaw lists some of their favourite warriors from the series.

Art by maracat0901

Hi guys! This is my very first article! I hope it’s good and y’all like it. I may have made a couple mistakes with names and events but please don’t come at me! Anyway, onto the actual article. I’m going to talk about my top 5 favorite warrior cats. They are in no specific order, they’re just in the order I remembered them in!


Ok… so I know I said no particular order but Briarlight is my all time fave. She was so enthusiastic to be was warrior when she was a kit and when she was an apprentice which was SUPER cute. She was even willing to sacrifice herself to save Longtail. After that she gets her spine crushed and that sucks but (even if not immediately) she keeps on going and works to make sure her she’s still capable of walking. Even with her crushed spine, she is kind and encouraging to the other cats and even helps out in the medicine cat den a bit. Eventually she succumbs to the cough going around camp (I cried so much) but that doesn’t spoil her good mood.


I’ve read Yellowfang’s Secret SO MANY TIMES and never stop loving it! She was always so passionate about being a warrior and was probably one of the most loyal cats in her clan. She helped Sagewhisker out even before she became a medicine cat, and still got her warrior duties done. When she became a medicine cat she gave up Raggedstar even though it hurt her to do it. She was a very skilled and cared about the whole clan. When she found out she was going to have kits, she was willing to give them up to another queen, even though it devastated her, because she knew her place. When she was outcast from Shadowclan for “killing kits” she went to Thunderclan and spent moons serving as their medicine cat, then killed her own kit because it saved the forest.


Sandstorm is amazing! She was kind of annoying to Firestar when they were both apprentices but that was just because she, like the rest of the clan, had a thing about kittypets. When she became a warrior she was loyal to her clan, and fought battles bravely. She was a mentor to multiple cats who also grew up to be great warriors. Sandstorm was a great mother too Leafpool and Squirrelflight and was supportive to their kits as well. She died on a mission to find Skyclan, even though she knew she might not make it back, because she wanted to die doing something important.


I. Love. Mapleshade. I can’t deny that she has done some bad things, but she had her reasons. Technically, she never confirmed that the kits were Frecklewishes brothers kits (I forgot his name XD), so when the clan found out they shouldn’t have cast her out. Sure, she made a mistake but they could have atleast kept the kits, because it’s also part of the warrior code that all kits are protected. Now, when her kits drowned that was so sad and I will cry every time. Then she went on a killing spree to avenge them, which was probably not the right way to go about it BUT I see her reasoning. She was hearing her kits voices and couldn’t bear it. When she got sent to the place of no stars and separated from her kits I cried AGAIN (seriously it’s a sad book). Over all, I love the complexity of Mapleshades character and I feel really bad for her. I’ll probably write another article looking even deeper into her character because she’s just so interesting!


Last but not least… Ravenpaw! He. Deserved. Better. He was such a young apprentice and yet he had a death threat over his head. Ravenpaw was always so nice to Firepaw and all the other apprentices, and he tried his best even though he was scared of Tigerclaw. Then, he lived with Barley (I love the graphic novel I can’t remember the name of) and their bromance is so cute. He continues his compassion and finds a home at the barn. In Ravenpaws farewell (one of the saddest warriors books) he helps Bella and Riley by taking them to Skyclan. He later succumbs to the bellyache :’( and decides he does not want to go to because he doesn’t belong in Thunderclan anymore, he knows where he belongs and that’s great.

That’s it! I know it probably has some flaws, but this is my first article. Anyway, let me know what you think! Who are your favorite warrior cats?

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