My opinion on Rainflower and Crookedstar’s renaming by Flowerfern

Flowerfern shares their opinion on Rainflower and Stormkit’s renaming to Crookedkit.

Art by CascadingSerenity

Hi! Flowerfern here, and I’d like to say NOBODY LIKES RAINFOWER. I want to go a bit deeper into her character, and try to think of reasons why she’s basically a jerk to Crookedstar, even though I can’t think of any at the moment.
In the beginning of Crookedstar’s promise, she acts like she loves him. Then he breaks his jaw and she’s like “I hate you.” Later on, she convinces Hailstar to rename him Crookedkit. One, How did she think that would help the situation?! Hopkit was renamed Deadfoot so his enemies would think he couldn’t fight. Brokenstar always had his name, and he seemed just fine with it. Neither of those reasons apply to him, so I’m guessing she and Bluestar did the same thing, and renamed a cat to a mean name simply out of anger. Obviously, that doesn’t look good for her.
Next, how could she convince Hailstar to give him such a horrible name! I can’t think of any good leader who would do that. I thought of three possible options for this. One: He isn’t a good leader. He’s a evil leader who likes torturing kits. Two: He can’t handle leadership, or he suffered a tragedy, or something like that, and he’s insane and Rainflower easily bent him to her will. Finally, option three: There’s something going on between him and Rainflower. This sounds crazy, but I was thinking about this: Rainflower told Shellheart about the name-changing, and Shellheart hated it. Without her mates support about renaming Crookedkit, she felt that it wouldn’t work. So, she flirted with Hailstar until he agreed to rename Crookedkit. Yeah, that sounds crazy. It’s possible though, especially because she and Shellheart weren’t mates anymore.
Those are my ideas about why Hailstar renamed Crookedkit. Next up is Rainflower, possibly my least favorite character.
This paragraph is not meant to be offensive to anyone who likes Rainflower, just my opinion. Okay, on Rainflower’s wiki page, she’s doesn’t have a personality page, but she’s described as neglectful and cruel. That just about sums her up. However, I’d like to add that she basically only cares about looks, she’s a fox-heart, arrogant, and is overall a terrible cat.
That’s my opinion on Rainflower and Crookedstar’s renaming ceremony. I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll make another article soon. (Either about Mapleshade and Ashfur, Dovewing and Ivypool, or Millie and Silverstream and Graystripe.)

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