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Top 3 Best Warrior Cats by Shadowfur

Shadowfur lists three characters they think are the best. Spoilers for The Broken Code!

Art by klaracrystalpaws

Hello! Shadowfur here! This is my first post, I am a new member. Anyway, I want to tell you the top 3 best warrior cats!

3. Graystripe
I picked Graystripe because he is a very good cat. He is very old, having lived one of the longest cat lives, from The Prophecies Begin to The Broken Code. He survived a lot. He survived BloodClan and Tigerstar ( The Prophecies Begin ), He survived The Dark Forest ( The New Prophecy, Power Of Three, Omen Of The Stars ). He survived the Great Battle, a feat not so many cats managed to achieve. He is currently surviving the imposter’s rein. He has gone through so much. On top of that he was a good friend to Firestar and Sandstorm.

2. Bramblestar

UGH…. I had a hard time with this one…. I didn’t know whenever to put Bramblestar in first or second place…. I put him in second place though. He was the most recent ThunderClan leader. ( Not counting the imposter. ) He is currently a ghost. Literally. Anyway, he was the leader after Firestar. In my eyes, he was just as good a leader. He was killed by Shadowsight ( By mistake ) and the Imposter. He, as a ghost, went to Rootpaw for help. Shadowsight managed to free him from the Dark Forest where he was being kept as prisoner.

1. Firestar!!

Firestar, in my eyes, is the best warrior cat. He sacrificed his life for all four Clans in the Great Battle. He was born a Kittypet, and left his home to live with the warrior cats. However, while he was a warrior and deputy, he was given a hard time about it. When he was a leader, however, only Darkstripe and Tigerstar dared to give him a hard time. Firestar led his Clan through many dark times, and fought Tigerstar in his final battle. They killed each other, ( Firestar killed Tigerstar first, and shortly after, Firestar died from his wounds. However, the cause of Firestar’s death was twisted so that most people thought he was killed by a tree that fell during the battle. ) and Firestar ascended to StarClan. He while in StarClan, he delivered the SkyClan prophecy.

Well, these are the Top 3 best Warrior Cats! Thanks for reading this!
Shadowfur out!

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