My top 8 warrior cats! by Brightshine

Brightshine lists their top eight characters from the series. Spoilers for The Broken Code!

Artwork by toboe5tails

Hi, this is my first article on BlogClan so sorry if it is not very good. So anyways, I am making an article discussing my top 8 warriors characters. And number 8 is…

8. Violetshine. The Ivypool clone! Violetshine is basically Ivypool again, but I like Ivypool, so I like Violetshine. Her friendship with Needletail is really sweet, and she is so brave with the whole Darktail thing. I am really happy for her and Hawkwing, that is just so sweet.

7. Brightheart. I like Brightheart a lot, and I also like her name. Bluestar was going crazy and not trusting anyone, so Brightpaw and Swiftpaw were like, “let’s go drive away a pack of dogs on our own!” Not the smartest idea, but it was really Bluestar’s fault. Then Brightpaw survived, got named Lostface, got renamed Brightheart, and lived happily ever after. The End. No just kidding. Brightheart also learned about herbs, had four kits, and THEN lived happily ever after. But seriously, Brightheart is as close to a happy ending as you can get in Warriors. Which makes me happy, because I don’t like tragedy.

6. Cinderpelt/Cinderheart. They are a tie because I love them both equally, and also the minor detail of them being the same cat. Their spirit and perseverance is just… wow. After Cinderpelt was injured, she was so sad and I was so sad because she was just the most happy, energetic apprentice and she deserved to be a warrior. But she did get a second chance at that so, yay! I also love Cinderheart and Lionblaze so that helps.

5. Sandstorm. Sandstorm was my original favorite character because I love her spirit and attitude, it’s just we pretty much lost her character after The Prophecies Begin. I do like her though, and I like her and Firestar, and that is pretty much all I have to say about her.

4. Graystripe. I really started liking Graystripe after I read Graystripe’s Vow. He is such a loyal friend to Firestar and I am SO HAPPY he did not stay a kittypet forever. He would have made a really good leader, but I guess he didn’t want to, so… Anyways I think he has very good character development and is also quite old, so he will probably join StarClan soon and I will be sad.

3. Squirrelflight. She is so awesome in so many ways. She has the best SE, the best POV in The New Prophecy, she is even acting leader of ThunderClan. (*whispers* Sqirrelstar! Squirrelstar!) Anyways, a lot of people blame her for someone else’s mistake *stares pointedly at Leafpool*, but I feel like she just did what she thought was best for the clan and her sister. She was a good mother to the three and I don’t blame her at all for what she did.

2. I thought so long about this one, I keep going back and forth between Squirrelflight and Mothwing. In the end though, it has to be Mothwing. I just love how she is still an awesome medicine cat even without believing in StarClan, and she is (I think) the first cat to recognize StarClan’s faults and not be evil. She has such a good personality, especially for a medicine cat. I feel like it happens a lot where a cat is hurt and everyone is just freaking out, and then Mothwing is all calm and actually does something about it. In Veil of Shadows when Mistystar exiled her, well first I was like “What Mistystar you were my favorite leader noooooo” but then I thought “Well Mothwing just got a whole lot more awesome”.

1. My top favorite character is… Drumroll please… Ivypool! I honestly don’t know why I like her so much, I just do! I really like her personality, and the way she kept persevering even though she was overshadowed by Dovewing. I totally get why she wanted to train in the Dark Forest, and once she realized what they were doing she turned spy, which was really brave. She’s not very good at naming her kits though. I mean, Thriftkit? Seriously?

Wow I just wrote that all in one sitting! That took some time! I hope you like this article and uh yeah, that’s it!


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Hawkwhisker-Deputy of StudioClan
Hawkwhisker-Deputy of StudioClan
February 9, 2021 7:16 pm

Here’s my favorite characters:

2.Gray Wing
1.Clear Sky

February 9, 2021 10:05 pm

I don’t really like Squirrelflight, (More of a Leafpool person) but otherwise, I’m neutral on all the other cats you mentioned.

February 10, 2021 12:14 pm

love ur article
besides mothwing tho :I

February 11, 2021 3:05 pm

Awesome article! I agree with almost all of these, except Mothwing.

*Spoilers for last book (so far) of Broken Code*

Mothwing is really mean to Shadowsight and makes him become an apprentice medicine cat again for no reason. ):

February 11, 2021 3:07 pm

I am also rooting for Squirrelstar! 😛

February 11, 2021 8:09 pm

Nice article, kestrelfeather! I agree with all these cats though I am kinda a leafpool fan, and in my opinion violetshine and ivypool are interchangeable. (I love both characters)

February 11, 2021 8:10 pm

Sorry I meant bright shine! 😅

February 13, 2021 4:35 am

Wow! Great article~ I love Ivypool best too! Not only her personality,… also … her APPEARANCE!!

March 1, 2021 5:32 pm

I like all of these except for Graystripe (I think he’s an annoying traitor,) and Cinderpelt/heart. I don’t like Cinderpelt/heart because I think it is so annoying that she got to be reincarnated. It’s not fair because cats like Snowkit had a much worse life, and they didn’t get renicarnated.

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