How mates are related by Kestrelfeather

Kestrelfeather shares how some mates in the series are related.

Art by Sirmaril

Hey guys kestrelfeather here and i am making an article about how mates are related to each other!

Now I bet you have thought of this before but I’m going to do that thinking for you this time so you don’t have to and also because I’m bored lol

Number 1

Silverstream and graystripe

This one is pretty easy

So we start with graystripe his mom is willowpelt who’s mom is Swiftbreeze who’s mom is flashnose. Flashnose is sisters with daisy toe who had moonflower who had bluestar. Lastly bluestar is mates with oakheart who’s brother is Crookedstar which is silverstreams father!

Graystripe – willowpelt – Swiftbreeze – flashnose – daisytoe – Moonflower – bluestar – oakheart – Crookedstar – silverstream

Number 2

Fern cloud and Dustpelt

This ones pretty easy to but don’t worry they get harder

So we start with Dustpelt which flippin sister is brindface who had ferncloud. So she’s dating here uncle

Dustpelt – Brindleface – ferncloud

Number 3

Fernsong and ivypool

So we start with fernsong who’s father is Lionblaze who’s mother is Leafpool who’s mother is sandstorm. Then sandstorms father is redtail and Redtail’s sister is willowpelt. She was mates with Whitestorm who was also mates with Brindleface. Her sister is Frostfur who had brightheart who had whitewing who had ivypool!

Fernsong – Lionblaze – Leafpool – sandstorm – redtail – willowpelt – Whitestorm – Brindleface – Frostfur – brightheart – whitewing – ivypool

You could also replace redtail sister being willowpelt with his mother is Swiftbreeze who’s mother is flashnose who’s sister is daisy toe who’s daughter is moonflower whos daughter was snowfur who’s son was Whitestorm and then go on

Number 4

Tigerheart and dovewing

This one is a bit harder

So we start with Tigerheart who’s mother is tawnypelt who’s mother is Goldenflower who’s brother is Lionheart. Lionhearts mate is Frostfur who’s daughter is brightheart who’s daughter is white wing who’s daughter is dovewing!

Tigerheart – tawnypelt – Goldenflower – Lionheart – Frostfur – brightheart – whitewing – dovewing

Number 5

Thornclaw and blossom fall

So we start with blossom fall her father is graystripe who’s mother is willowpelt who’s mate is Whitestorm. White storms other mate was Brindleface who’s sister is Frostfur. Lastly Frostfurs son is Thornclaw!

Blossomfall – graystripe – willowpelt – Whitestorm – Brindleface – Frostfur – Thornclaw

Lastly number 6

Berrynose and poppyfrost

First we start with berrynose his half brother is toadstep who’s father is spiderleg who’s mother is Ferncloud who’s father is Whitestorm. Whitestorm also had sorreltail who had poppyfrost!

Berrynose – toadstep – spiderleg – ferncloud – Whitestorm – sorreltail – poppyfrost

Well hope you liked it that’s my research on how mates are related

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