My Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Characters by Cherrytuft

Cherrytuft lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.


Howdy! Cherrytuft here, and today I wanted to talk about my top 5 favorite and least favorite characters in Warrior Cats. I’ve seen lots of these and now want to try one for myself! 🙂 Remember, these are all just my opinion, and I don’t want to offend anyone!
Favorite Cats:
1. Squirrelflight-Goodness gracious, I love her so much! Bramblestar can be a bad mate a lot, by neglecting and disrespecting her authority, but she is strong and kind enough to love him anyway. She is brave, and assertive, and will fight to the end for her Clan. She has a remarkable sense of loyalty that stretches beyond her own Clan, which is shown when she helps the Sisters in Squirrelflight’s Hope. Plus, she’s just so cute!!
2. Briarlight- She’s so brave and strong! She risked her life for an elder’s, which I know not many other cats in ThunderClan would do, and she was so kind and courageous throughout all of it! She gave her life up so other cats could live, and she was one of the only cats Jayfeather cared about, which is kind of hard to achieve! XD I admire her honesty, kindness, loyalty, and bravery in the face of death. I love her so much!
3. Yellowfang- She got cursed with the power of feeling other cat’s pain! Pretty sure that’s the one superpower I would not want to have! Raggedstar bullied her and didn’t even care about her, in my opinion. She deserved better. She had to kill her own son! I’m so glad she got to have Firestar in her life. <3
4. Ivypool- Poor girl felt less important than her sibling, which is one of the worst feelings you can undergo in the world. She knew Dovewing seeing Tigerheart was a terrible idea, but Dovewing did not listen to her, and now Dovewing’s in ShadowClan. With two kits she ignores, and one kit that’s a decent character. Great, just great, Dovewing…
5. Millie- I love GrayxMillie. Some of you might say that she ignored Blossomfall and did not give her the attention she deserved, but Blossomfall was being a brat, in my opinion. Her sister is forever wounded, and Blossomfall is sad because her mother is worried about that. Millie is just a caring mother who cares about her daughter who has been PERMANENTLY INJURED. I mean, that makes sense, right?
(Bristlefrost almost made it on this list!!)
Least Favorite Cats:
5. Hollyleaf- Spoilers for Sunrise! So she kills Ashfur because he’s going to tell a secret, and then tells the secret herself? Seriously? I really liked her until this. This bugged me unbelievably. Ashfur was a jerk, but he didn’t deserve to die like that. And did everyone forget how good of a friend he was to Cloudtail? SPOILERS FOR DARKNESS WITHIN (PREVIEW): But now I guess he’s the imposter so… XD
4. Jayfeather- Now, I’m rereading the Omen of the Stars arc now, so that might change my opinion on him, but it’s unlikely. I know he has a hard time being blind, but… honestly? He comes across as self-obsessed to me. He is always fussing about cats judging him for being blind, even when they probably aren’t. He just is annoying, always thinking of himself. In my opinion, at least. I know most of the fandom loves him.
3. Dovewing- ‘Oh no, I got a power that I’m super lucky to have, and so I’ll complain over it like crazy while my sister is suffering and feeling left out!’ As I mentioned earlier with Ivypool, I feel like Dovewing was a terrible sister to her. Then she left her Clan who had done so much to help her, and ran away with some boy. In the process, she mated a tom she didn’t love and got his hopes up. I don’t LIKE Bumblestripe, but I don’t really dislike him either, even if he flirted with her over Purdy’s dead body. 😐
2. Silverstream- She comes across as a bratty spoiled girl to me. Yeah, I get that her mother died and so she was spoiled by her Clan and father, but that is NOT an excuse to say, basically, and this is not a direct quote, it’s just what I interpret her saying as, ‘Well, my father’s the Clan leader, so I can do anything I want! The Warrior Code does not apply to me.’
1. Spottedleaf- I really hate her. First of all, I hate ThistlexSpotted. The age difference doesn’t even bother me that much when I think of some other problems I’m not going to get into because I know some little kids read these. But it’s really NOT okay. Second, Spottedleaf talks to Firestar like… what, twice at the maximum, and all of a sudden they are in love? She flirts with him even after he has a mate and kits! She basically comes across as perfect, also. Apparently she smells amazing, is beautiful, and kind. No, literally, does she have any flaws?

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  • Nice article! I agree with some of these, and I disagree with some of them, but either way, I respect your opinions 🙂
    Fleur is amazing!

  • Spottedleaf is hated so much! I don’t love her but she’s been overlooked for what she did for her clan. First to comment

  • Nice article heres my top fave cats!
    And my least fave
    Huh I just realize I only have three of each

  • I mostly agree, except for that part about Dovewing, Dovewing did not get Bumblestrpes hopes up, and it’s unfair when people say it like that. She just wanted to be nice, and even if she did want a relationship with him, she quickly became uncomfortable and that gives her every right to leave. It’s nobody’s duty to stay with someone just because you got the other person’s hopes up and you don’t want to let them down. Not all relationships work out, Dovewing was unhappy and had the right to leave him. That’s like saying “ Oh, she got married to a guy that abuses her, but she wanted to be with him at first, so she shouldn’t have left him.”

  • I liked this article.

    1. Hollyleaf is obsessed with following the warrior code, and cares about nothing else. But then she kills Ashfur for him wanting to tell Squirrelflight’s secret. But then she says it all at a Gathering??? And she hates Squirrelflight for… loving her? She hates Leafpool… for being a medicine cat, for loving Crowfeather??
    2. Squirrelflight! Omg she is my fav character!!! She is a genius! RavenclawSlytherin totally!
    3. Briarlight, so strong!
    4. Yellowfang, so… wow!
    5. Ivypool is so… wow, too!
    6. Jayfeather… I hate him so much!!
    7. Spottedleaf’s only flaw is to be flawless.
    8. I hate Silverstream too

    I disagree in:

    1. Millie. Blossomfall and Bulbestripe were idiots, but Millie is too. She thinks StarClan can do anything. She spoils her kits… She is always worried about Briarlight, but she is an adult already! Briarlight doesn’t even agree with her mother.
    2. Dovewing is greaaaaaat.

    So basically I give this article and 8, plus an extra point for giving actual reasons, not just saying “she’s great” and being well told. 9 then

  • My opinions:

    • Squirrelflight is great!
    • Briarlight is my favorite!
    • Yellowfang is cool!
    • Ivypool is such an interesting cat!
    • Millie is nice!
    • I think Hollyleaf is an amazing character 🙂
    • Jayfeather is a perfecto grump
    • Dovewing.. Oh I love her. And I love Bumblestripe. I disagree with the bad sister part tho. She was a little oblivious to Ivypool’s struggles but she tried to be there for her.
    • I’m neutral on Silverstream
    • I can’t say I hate her, but I also can’t say I like her
  • I completely agree with everything except Jayfeather. He is grumpy but utterly darling. He just wanted to fit in and be ‘normal’ like the other cats his age and he had to learn to grow into the cat he becomes in the later series. (I didn’t love him nearly as much in Omen of The Stars but looking back, he was an angsty, slightly depressed teenager who was having a lot thrown at him.)

  • im neutral on spottedleaf and dovewing (because while she was spoiled it was clear she didnt want to be with bumblestripe as he made her uncomfortable), but millie was just neglecting blossomfall. Blossomfall gets hurt, millie snaps at her for getting hurt instead of sparing 20 seconds to check in with her, and goes to briarlight. I´m sure a visit to briarlight can wait 20 secs. I hate millie

  • I agree with most of these except for both the Millie and Silverstream ones because when I was surfing Warrior cats on google, I saw somewhere that one of the erins (I don’t know which), confirmed that Graystripe will choose Silverstream in Starclan, now this next one is a stretch and I don’t believe it but apparently someone heard a rumor that Graystripe only like Millie because she looked like Silverstream, but I only believe the first one just because the first one was confirmed by the erins and the second was not yet confirmed or disconfirmed.

  • Dovewing is not a spoiled brat. It’s not her fault she got a power, it’s not her fault Ivypool’s jealous. And everyone was pushing her like: “Ohh… Dovewing, hi… ooh – you know, Bumblestripe likes you… very much…” and Bumblestripe’s like, “Hi, Dovewing! You know… well, why don’t we do this together?” Then the others would push her again…

    But I agree with you on Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Spottedleaf – oh, no, no, no.
    I don’t agree with your reasons on Ivypool, because my Dovewing-defendant inside my mind is making me push Ivypool away – for a good reason, I think – but Squirrelflight, Briarlight, Yellowfang, and Millie are all great 🙂

  • Good article, I agree with you about hollyleaf, she was really annoying and probably more vicious than appropriate, also dovewing was kinda a brat. I disagree with all your other dislikes, jayfeather is my favorite character by far, he’s so…….. grumpy. And spottedleaf was a bit of a Mary sue but saving sandstorm was ironic but in a good way. Silverstream would have made a great queen and I rlly like her.

  • i agree except millie and Silverstream
    Millie was fussing over her a whole lot more then she was supposed to. She had the right to be fussy in the start. But even when Briarlight adapted,she still fussed over her. she fussed over her way too long,and neglected others. she never even gave attention as other clanmates do! she treated her kits as though their other clan cats. She went too far.
    Silverstream…i know that she was bratty. But she was a great mate and a loving mate,and that’s one of the good parts she have.