5 reasons why Warriors means so much to me by Skyfrost

Skyfrost shares why they love Warriors.

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Hello, my name is Skyfrost, and this is my first ever article, but honestly, I love debating with people about the Warriors series and I’m exited to talk about lots of different cats on Blog Clan, so, here’s my first article: 5 reasons why people seem to love Warriors so much. Ok, here goes. Don’t judge me if it’s bad.

5. The way it’s written. I love the way Warriors is written. It is so beautiful and exiting, and I love the way that the Erin Hunters make the cats seem real. They have so much emotion and the Erin Hunters portray them wonderfully. They show us a different, more exiting side of cats than the boring, sleepy old kittypets. (I didn’t even like cats that much before I started reading Warriors 🙂 ).

4. The cliffhangers. Every time you finish a Warriors book, it feels like the worst time to end, so you have to read the next book. Some people might hate this, but I LOVE it, because it makes the series go so smoothly, it ends at one point, starts at that part in the next book, if you are in one series that is, because if you just ended The Prophecies Begin, and started The New Prophecy then it will start like a year later and so on and so on.

3. Warrior names. People LOVE making up Warrior names for themselves and their pets, I know I do! I actually named my cats Fireheart and Sandstorm. heh heh. (If we get another I’m going to name it Tigerclaw). Anyways people love to make up names for themselves, their pets, fan fiction, and other thing I probably don’t know about.

2. The romance. Some people, including me and most kids, think that romance in books and movies are kinda gross, but in the Warriors series, I’ve only found a couple of romance scenes where I really started to get uncomfortable, and I think the Erin Hunters did a good job of balancing out the romance, not making to disgusting, but not making their be no romance, because that would just be weird, I mean, they are feral cats, they should have mates, right?

1. The fights and excitement.

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  • I agree with everything in this article except for the romance. I don’t find the romance in warriors groos, I just find it boring. Great article!

  • I also love the balance of romance. I made up my own clan name and tribe name, Echclaw, and Echo of Dripping Water.

  • Wow, this article is just beyond great! I agree with you 100%!
    I did not like cats either before I read warriors, the names are clever, and I love the great cliffhangers. Not going overboard with them, but making it enough for the reader to HAVE TO READ MORE. 😛
    Good article once again, (I love your name and its cool your cats are Sandstorm and Fireheart! :D) and great points. 🙂

  • great article skyfrost! i LOVE the names in warriors.
    i love how a cat can go from…uh…smokekit, to smokepaw, to…um…smokefur to possibly smokestar.
    again, great article!!

  • Ok, this was an amazing article! I am going to try to write one soon, so watch out for it!

  • Wow, you are right. I also didn’t like cats at all until warriors came along. It made me see cats wern’t lazy, sleepy, pet.

  • Love the article! (My parents wouldn’t lemme name our cat a warriors name, so his name’s Jasper… but in secret I call him Crowfang)

  • Wow It’s like you wrote down what I was thinking! I really like the romance, personally. But I think that there is just the right amount, I wouldn’t want to much. I started liking cats 70% more when I started reading the books as well and I most likely would have named my cats after warrior cats characters if we got them before I started reading the series. (So I named my chicken Leafpool instead 😄)