Bumblestripe -An Example of Manipulation and Entitlement by Mapledrift

Mapledrift shares xer opinion on Bumblestripe and his actions.

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Hello, I occasionally see some people trying to defend Bumblestripe and as someone who has a personal hatred towards the man I’d like to formulate my feelings and emotions into an article
So, here it is
Enjoy !!

Bumblestripe and many other cats in the clan were constantly pressuring Dovewing to get into a relationship with him. Whenever she displayed a lack of interest, instead of moving on from that situation, he proceeded to sulk and essentially mope about how it was cruel of Dovewing to reject him. I distinctly remember some other cat getting annoyed at Dovewing for being mean when all she was doing was rejecting romantic advances. This is incredibly hard to respond to, as what are you meant to say in response ? Oh of course I will date this man that I am not attracted to now that you’ve said that or seem cold hearted and ignore the comment – Dovewing is forced into a situation where she has no option but to feel bad for her actions
That constant pressure on someone can make them feel like they should be reciprocating feelings, when there are no feelings. Here are some thoughts that might cross the mind of a person in this situation :
“Am I being too harsh ?”
“He’s a really nice guy, maybe I should give him a chance”
“I don’t want to make him upset”
So yes, he was pressuring her, whether he meant to or not, the pressure was there by his actions. In reality if someone denies feelings for you, you shouldn’t continually pursue that person, they’ve given their answer. Bumblestripe refuses to accept no as an answer. This isn’t love, it’s infatuation and obsession to the point where he doesn’t actually care about Dovewing’s feelings. Overtime, Dovewing may have began to mix up the feelings of friendship and a crush, to the point where she “returned” Bumblestripe’s feelings even though her true emotions weren’t romantic.

Now we get onto the time when Dovewing and Bumblestripe were mates.
Throughout their whole relationship, Dovewing seemed incredibly uncomfortable . It appeared that she settled for him instead of pursuing a relationship with him because actual feelings blossomed, which is a huge red flag for an unhealthy relationship
Also, Bumblestripe seemed to constantly bring up the concept of having children with Dovewing, even after she expressed discomfort with this idea many times. Even at her close friend (Purdy )’s funeral, Bumblestripe again brought up the idea of having kittens with her.
This constant pestering and and not listening to Dovewing’s opinions are more huge red flags for any relationship, especially with a topic like children. Dovewing was CLEARLY not interested in having children with Bumblestripe which is, after all, entirely her choice. She is her own person and she can make that choice. Yet Bumblestripe doesn’t let it go. He always brings it up, showing again how he doesn’t care about her own personal feelings, only caring about what HE wants out of this relationship. It also highlights how he seems to think that pressuring her into these things is ok, which it absolutely is not.
Whilst he’s trying to convince her to have kits with him, he uses backhanded compliments, complimenting her “motherly abilities”. These are absolutely signs of manipulation as he is complimenting her only to get what he wants out of her. He was still too caught up in his fantasy world to see that he was bothering her, and at this point I don’t think he truly cared.

All in all, Bumblestripe pressures Dovewing into a relationship regardless of her feelings for him. He continues to pressure her so that he can get what he thinks is the perfect future for both of them even when Dovewing clearly doesn’t share these feelings and it is negatively impacting her. He feels like he is entitled to get what he wants, when he really is not.

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to talk about your thoughts on Bumblestripe in the comments. Also, a fun fact, this article was actually originally a comment that I edited and added to create an article. If anyone can find the original comment you win my undying respect

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  • I defend Bumblestripe, but you’re points are good.
    The reason I defend Bumblestripe is just simply by the fact that he receives too much hate for so little. Before I read the Broken Code and etc:) I heard a lot of things about people saying Bumblestripe was a jerk and stuff like that so I was expecting some form of a kinda evil cat like Breezepelt for example. When I read the Broken Code and etc:) I was a bit disappointed, because I could not find any reason to hate him. He might’ve made Dovewing a little uncomfortable at times, but it didn’t seem like anything that bad. I mean, I see a lot of cats being jerks and receiving so much love, I just don’t understand why basically the whole fandom hates him. I just don’t think he deserves this much hate.

    • So basically, what I want to say to this, is I’m not saying Bumblestripe is a mass murder or anything. We shouldn’t be constantly comparing his actions to cats like Breezepelt who are purely evil, because to be totally honest, Bumble’s actions don’t seem too bad in comparison

      However, let’s take this away from comparisons for a second. I’m going to bring up a point you made “He might’ve made Dovewing a little uncomfortable at times but it didn’t seem like anything bad”
      Does this not portray a clear issue to you ? He was making Dovewing uncomfortable, which yes, isn’t as bad as murder, but it is still wrong. Dovewing was put in a situation where she felt as if she had to become mates with a cat who made her uncomfortable, that must have been horrible for her

      I’m going to bring this into the real world for a second. You are friends with a random guy, but you have romantic interest in another man. However your friend clearly has a crush on you, and everyone around you including him is constantly pushing romance towards you, even after you say no multiple times. After a while, you feel pressure to date this person, even though you felt extremely uncomfortable with his advances for a very long time.
      Even then the pressure doesn’t stop, and he’s now constantly pushing for you to have children, even at a funeral he brings up how he wants to have a child with you, even when you are mourning and still uncomfortable with the idea of having kits.

      If that was real life everyone would be horrified by the actions and tell people to get out of the relationship because that person is awful

      But because we also have murderers in warriors, people compare Bumble’s actions to Brokenstar’s or something, and then it seems a lot less. Bumble might not be a criminal, but that doesn’t stop him from being a horrible person, and generally someone unpleasant. I’m not arguing he was the worst cat ever, I’m just saying that he was a jerk, his actions were wrong and he does deserve the hate

      We hate him because he is a very real character, he’s the sort of guy you might meet in real life. His form of being a jerk is so real, and relatable to a lot of people, which is one of the reasons for the hate

      • I was just expressing my opinions, and I respect yours too. I just don’t think he deserves as much hate as he’s getting.
        I didn’t come here to start an argument, I just wanted to share my opinions^^

        • Oh no I didn’t want to start an argument either, I just really like debating my opinion cats aksdjfhg its fun to see other sides and then give my own
          i tend to write a littleeeeee too much sorry if i ever seem rude or imposing aksdjhf

  • I feel so alone. Being the only one who likes Bumblestripe :C I did get mad about his.. um ‘romancing skills’ but I think he is a good boy and he changed. Well I mean I never know what’s going on with him, but I want to look at his view of what happened.

    • We have no evidence to show that he had changed, and his “romancing skills” as you put it, were a form of harassment. I really don’t think my mind will ever be changed on him unless I see him admit his actions were wrong and apologise to Dovewing.
      Throughout the whole of the books he seemed like a decent person, his true colours only start to show when he is pursuing someone romantically, so that means that at the moment we don’t actually see that horrible side of Bumble anymore. His view of what happened doesn’t really matter to be honest.
      Dovewing felt uncomfortable and expressed her discomfort.
      That’s literally all we need to know in this situation, whatever Bumble thought he was doing it doesn’t change the fact that he made her uncomfortable, pressured her into being his mate and then pressured her with the idea of having kits
      Until he realises and admits that was wrong, he’s irredeemable to me

      but feel free to debate with me !! i am open to hear others opinions i just might be hard to sway

      • I don’t want to argue with you and I do have some strong opinions on him, but you have a very good point Map. It’ll be hard to change your opinion when I can’t change mine 🙂

        • Of course I wasn’t wanting to argue !!!! I’m just replying to these comments because I like to debate to people and I thought I’d give my view as well !!!!

  • I never really cared about Dovewing’s chaotic romantic life (by then I was already sick of inter- clan relationships) but after reading this article, Bumblestripe was kind of a jerk

    • I’m glad that I managed to get my ideas across !!! I wasn’t too invested in Dove’s romances either, but Bumble’s horrid actions really stood out to me

    • Thank youuu
      laskjdhgsjka well Piney, I guess you have my undying respect then

  • Bumblestripe and Berrynose are my least favorite characters. They can go fall in that one gap Jaypaw almost fell into in outcast.

    • alksjdhfghsjaks amazinggg
      I don’t mind Berry too much but I would yeet Bumble into that gap given the chance

  • i think bumblestripe was fine when he was young, but at purdys funeral, AND THEY ARENT EVEN MATES ANYMORE
    he says he wants to have kits with her.
    and there’s another cat interested in him right in front of him! i just don’t like older bumblestripe, but i don’t mean to disrespect anyone

    great article!

    • I feel like Bumble really just needs to understand boundaries honestly aksjdhf
      at a funeral is NOT the place to ask someone to have kits with you

      • exactly! and they weren’t even mates anymore!!!

        and rosepetal just in the corner

        and i think cherryfall has a crush on him

  • Honestly, I couldn’t agree with this more.
    I believe the peak of his manipulative behavior was when he tried to force Dovewing to take a walk with him (I think that’s what it was?) and then proceeded to walk away, leaving her so she couldn’t say no.
    Furthermore, he brings up the subject of kits multiple times and pressures her into becoming mates with him, which is absolutely disgusting. He then tries to “cheer her up” at Purdy’s funeral by suggesting that she have his kits. Again, that’s disgusting.
    I’ve mentally slapped Bumblestripe many times (😛) but it”s not just about Dovewing; it’s also about the way he treats the concept of romance. He treats it like something that he’s entitled to, when in reality he could’ve easily moved on with or without a mate. There was Rosepetal, why couldn’t he just accept that Dovewing didn’t want to return his feelings and move on to her or some other she-cat?

    • Oh absolutely I actually forgot about that time ! And forcing her to take a walk with him when she might have felt uncomfortable with the two of them being alone ? Just really really gross man I hate him so much
      YEAH LITERALLY cheering her up by saying she should have kits when in the past she’s literally been so uncomfortable with that idea ? I mean it’s just ridiculous honestly
      omg yes you put my feelings into words perfectly, he’s so entitled that he feels like he is deserving of this romance even when Dove doesn’t have feelings for him. He should have moved on honestly

  • I politely disagree.

    Dovewing was never clear with him and never set standards. Dovewing was never firm with him, ever. Bumble saying that Dovewing would make a good mother is a normal thing that many cats have said before in the series. Why would it be different with them? Dovewing should have told him she felt uncomfortable instead of leading him on to believe something that wasn’t true, even if she wasn’t doing it intentionally.

    • Dovewing tried to show to Bumblestripe she was uncomfortable, but still tried to make their relationship work, up until the point she had to tell him she was uncomfortable.

      “They’d been practicing tree-battle all morning and Dovewing was hot and tired. ‘Why are we doing this?’ she grumbled at Brambleclaw. “What cat is going to climb a tree to fight? There is no SquirrelClan!’ Bumblestripe flashed her a warning look. ‘Shut up!’ he hissed. But Brambleclaw was already bounding along the narrow rowan branch.”
      “ Every time I do something wrong he points it out like I hadn’t already noticed.’ Bumblestripe stared at his paws. ‘I was just trying to help.’ Brambleclaw flicked his tail. ‘It’s good of Bumblestripe to be so patient with you, Dovewing.’
      ‘Patient?’ Dovewing retorted. He’d criticized every move. ‘Can’t we just move on to drop attacks and go hunting?’
      ‘Is she ready for drop attacks?’ Brambleclaw asked Bumblestripe. ‘I guess.’ Bumblestripe’s ear twitched. “Having seen her tree skills, I think she’d better practice falling out of them.’ Dovewing glared at him. ‘Okay!’ she snapped. ‘I’ll practice climbing some more!’ Bristling, she bounded onto a higher branch and kept jumping till Brambleclaw and Bumblestripe were nothing more than patches of fur far away through the leaves. Relieved to be away from Bumblestripe’s
      fussing, she stared out across the forest. She hadn’t been this high since her night with Tigerheart …”

      When she got mad at Bumblestripe, she had to face guilt from her Clanmates.

      “Bumblestripe scrambled to a halt beside Dovewing and Rosepetal. ‘You nearly ran me into a tree!’
      ‘You should watch where you’re going,’ Dovewing growled. ‘I nearly tripped over you.’ Muttering under her breath, she ran down the slope. ‘Clumsy mouse-brain.’

      ‘Why do you have to be so mean to him’ Rosepetal’s whisper took Dovewing by surprise. ‘It’s not a crime, you know!’ ‘What isn’t?’
      Rosepetal’s gaze darkened meaningfully as Bumblestripe raced past them.
      ‘What?’ Dovewing repeated. Why did Rosepetal look so angry? ‘It’s obvious he likes you!’ Rosepetal snapped. ‘You don’t have to keep biting his head off. He’s your Clanmate, not prey!’ Dovewing flattened her ears. Why should she feel bad? ‘Why do I have to tiptoe around him just because he likes me? It’s not my fault.’

      Rosepetal looked sideways at her. ‘Do you enjoy hurting his feelings?’ ‘Of course not!’ Guilt flashed under Dovewing’s pelt. ‘Then apologize.’ …Dovewing winced. Rosepetal was right. If Bumblestripe had feelings for her, it wasn’t fair to punish him for his attention.

      Bumblestripe is being very controlling and Dovewing has clearly had enough but she doesn’t complain because she feels he has a right to make her uncomfortable, because he loves her.

    • I think I’ve said similar things in other comments so I’ll try and keep this short. Dovewing shouldn’t have to spell it out to Bumblestripe. He should realise that by her not reciprocating the feelings or showing any indication of romantic interest, that she wasn’t going to be his mate. Cats shouldn’t need a straight up no to realise that others have no interest !!! Anything except from them being keen and happy to engage in romance should tell them that they shouldn’t keep pursuing this cat. It’s really hard to say no to advances if someone is making you uncomfortable
      Ok my feelings about the “good mother” comment are VERY strong and I’ll just link you to the other comment in which i discussed it !!!!! Sorry that this comment is an essay it was like early morning and i clearly woke up and choose to write a novel aksdjfhjskal

      also just want to say i am no way trying to argue, I’m just replying to these comments to start a debate !!!

  • Oh gosh I have no idea what half the words these peeps keep using in the comments even mean 。・( ꈨຶ ˙⌓ꈨຶ )・。

    Help me! Why do so many blogclanners enjoy using complicated words that I don’t know about in their *what-feels-like-essay-long* rant(s)?

    • Hi !!! I’m probably the main person writing the essays, i do apologise for that i get carried away aksdjfhjsk are there any specific words you are curious about ? I can try and answer any questions !!!
      sadly tis the fault of school that i use big words, one too many essays aksdjhf

      • Umm I would list a few words but I have lots of dictionaries in my house so I’ll probs just look them up 4 myself in there

      • Also about that school part at the end: that’s pretty understandable 🙂

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