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My Favorite and Least Favorite Warriors by Nightshadows

Nightshadows shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by fairyleaf

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Hello! It’s me, Nightshadows, again! This may or may not be my second article, but this one and my first were submitted minutes after each other, so I can’t tell when they were published so… Anyway, moving on… (Contains Spoilers! If you haven’t read the latest books as of September 2020, I suggest you leave or continue, knowing your day will be ruined!)

My Five Least Favorite Cats:

5. Firestar
He’s probably on everyone’s top ten favorite list, but something about him makes me dislike him. For the first arc, he was great, one of my favorites, actually, but after a while… maybe it’s because he just became *perfect.* And the fact that he was the fourth in the prophecy… I mean, come on, he didn’t even DO anything. He just sorta… died.

5 1/2. Yellowfang
I don’t dislike her in general, I actually love her, but I really hate some of her actions. Forcing Leafpool to make Cinderheart a medicine cat, even though Cinderheart was a totally separate cat from Cinderpelt and deserved her own life, nearling voting on sending Leafpool and Squirrelflight to the dark forest? Okay, maybe the last one wasn’t 100% accurate, but I really disliked her actions sometimes.

4. Cinderpelt
Like most characters on this list, I loved her. Well, until she tried to take over Cinderheart even though Cinderheart is a totally different cat with aspires, dreams and who most certainly does NOT want to be a medicine cat.

3. Tigerstar the First
I don’t hate Tigerstar for taking over ShadowClan, indirectly murdering Bluestar, (mostly because of reasons you’ll see farther down) trying to kill Firestar, I hate him because of what he did to poor Tiny. And what I find funny is that Tigerstar technically killed himself. Take that, you monster.

2. Tigerstar the Second
Wow, we’ve got both Tigerstars on this list now! I have a long list of reasons for my dislike against him, but let’s just make it simple. He suggested giving ShadowClan land to SkyClan, and just went NOPE and kicked them out. Who does that?! I’m also biased against him for catching Dovewing’s eye even though it wasn’t his fault.

1. Bluestar.
She’s a HYPOCRITE. She’s horrified at Tigerstar I’s attack on Tiny, and then, mere moons later, lets Rusty, a *kit*, fight a fully-grown warrior! And what’s worse, she let two kits fight each other, with one of them not knowing the boundaries, making the other *bleed*. Cats could’ve been SERIOUSLY hurt. Bluestar’s lucky they didn’t. And on top of that, she mated with a cat who is hardly as good as Thrushpelt. Oakshine and Bluestar had no backstory whatsoever. They just saw each other during a border patrol and fell in love. I have a longer list of reasons I dislike Bluestar so much, but this is already over 850 words and I don’t want to make this too long.

Honorable mentions: Dovewing (probably would’ve tied with Cinderpelt if not replaced her), Blackstar, Onestar

My Five Favorite Cats:

5. Sol
I like Sol so much. Though he was pretty dumb, thinking that he wouldn’t get caught in stealing the kits, I think he was just likeable. He was kicked out of his home, *twice*, and he’s cunning and smart and handsome. What else could you ask for?

4. Uh.. Darktail? Darkspot? Darkstipe?
I don’t remember his name, but he was Tigerstar’s apprentice. I don’t necessarily like him, rather the prospect of him and Tigerstar. I genuinely believe he had a crush on him. And before you do anything, it’s scientifically proven that cats can be homosexual so it’s 100% possible in the real world. I also found his loyalty to Tigerstar adorable and just amazing.

She’s in the shadow of her sister, and goes to train in the Dark Forest. I honestly think that if Ivypool wasn’t constantly in the shadow of Dovewing, I’d hate her. I mean HATE. But she has a reason for her attitude, and so I love her. I don’t know why I do, I just do.

2. Rootpaw
I’m pretty sure he got his warrior name, but I forgot it. Anyway, I can relate to him a lot, him being bullied. And I don’t know if this was in the books, but he’s quite clumsy and I just like that about him.

2 1/2. Purdy.
I can’t say much, but I just thought Purdy was adorable. He was the easygoing elder who could be rude at times and I was really heartbroken at his death.

And finally, my favorite cat….

1. Mapleshade
I like evil cats. Before you go yelling about how horrible she was, just put yourself in her shoes (or paws, in this case). You’ve just been kicked out of your home, with newborn kits, and they die while you try to reach your mate, and they reject you, and on top of that, you’re having nightmares about what will happen if you don’t kill someone. I can’t justify the killings she made after going to the dark forest however.

No honorable mentions because I can’t think of any.

So here it is. My current list of favorite and least favorite cats. Bye!

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