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Who did Crowfeather love the most? by Whitepaw

Whitepaw wonders which of Crowfeather’s mates he loved the most.

Art by DarkBroken

Hiii! This is Whitepaw with the second article in this series thing. The first one was who does Graystripe love more, so you can check that one out. Anyway, I will be exploring three cats that Crowfeather could have been with and trying to figure out which one he loved the most.

Feathertail was one of the cats that Crowfeather loved. She loved him back, too. They met on the journey to the sun-drown place and Crowpaw was just viewed as an annoying apprentice. Whenever Feathertail told him to stop arguing or that it would be smarter to do this than that, Crowpaw agreed, but never with Brambleclaw, even if he and Feathertail had the exact same point. He was just an apprentice when he met Feathertail and became a warrior after she died. She did die saving him, which probably made him love her even more. He actually requested to be named after her which suggests that he really loved her a lot. I still just think of Feathertail as Crowfeather’s first love, or him falling in love with another cat that’s older than him.

Leafpool was one of the cats that Crowfeather loved. She definitely loved him back and she had his kits. They wanted to run away from the clans together and start a family in peace away from all of the strict laws of the warrior code. Crowfeather loved Leafpool more than his family, his clan, and the warrior code at some point. He knows he caused a lot of trouble and sometimes he is rude to Leafpool after they go back to their separate clans, but he later saves his son with Leafpool from his other son with Nightcloud which suggests he wants to know more about his children on Leafpool’s side which suggests that he loves her and the family they started.

Nightcloud was Crowfeather’s final mate. We all know that he mated with her just because he wanted to prove that he was loyal to WindClan and not because he loved her in any way. But, in Crowfeather’s Trial, she goes missing and he wants to find her and they resolve everything and state that they weren’t meant to be together and it’s so nice. I still don’t think they actually loved each other, though.

In conclusion, I think that Crowfeather loved Leafpool the most. Feathertail is always the first love omg I’ll be with you forever lalala. Then something happens and they can’t be together and they go off and find others. I never thought Crow x Feather would last very long. I definitely think that Crowfeather loved Leafpool most. You can post what you think in the comments. Goodbye!

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  • I agree! It’s obvious that CrowXNight wasn’t the strongest Crowfeather relationship, and I think Crowfeather was just learning what it means to be a mate with Feathertail. Great article!

  • I totally agree! Feathertail was more like a high school crush, but Leafpool is the cat that Crowfeather truly loved. Also, great article!

  • I agree. Everyone thinks Feathertail, but it isn’t realistic. By the time he gets into Starclan, it will have been years since she died. Leafpool on the other hand didn’t die in the second series.

    • Why does everyone say Feathertail is just a high school crush???

      Squirrel x Storm was a high school crush.

      In the chapter where Feathertail died, Stormfur’s POV mentions that he saw enough love in his sister’s eyes to wash the rivalries of the Clans away.

      And… in the prologue of Crowfeather’s Trial, when Feathertail dies, he’s thinking “We’ll never be mates of have kits together. Never…”

      This does NOT seem like a ‘high school crush’. (Why would Feathertail ask Leafpool to tell Crowfeather not to grieve if it was just a crush? Why would she visit him sometimes and defend his kits, even with another mate other than her?)As for the age gap, it’s far bigger between Sorreltail and Brackenfur, and they stilled worked out. So, I think Feather x Crow is the best.

  • I do agree because they ran away and then had kits together but I still think that he always thinks about feathertail and probably will always think about her and will always love her. It is very true that he loved leafpool more than feathertail but like I said he will always love feathertail

  • I dont think so see how Crowfeather reacted at Feathertail’s death, now see how he reacted at Leafpool’s death, and Crowfeather and Feathertail never tried to hidetheir relations, but Crowfeather and Leafpool yes. And Feathertail says that Crowfeather woud fight the whole StarClan for her.

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