Who did Graystripe love more? by Whitepaw

Whitepaw wonders which of his mates Greystripe loved more.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

Hi! This is Whitepaw with yet another article because I’m so full of ideas and I’m hoping to make this one into kind of a series, except not really because the other ones in the series would just be different cats and who they loved more. Anyway, I will be talking about who Graystripe loved more.

For Silverstream, Graystripe loved her enough to break the warrior code by going to see her and risk being thrown out of his clan. He was really depressed when she died and he really missed her. He knew that people were going to find out eventually that Silverstream was carrying his kits and then he would get in trouble. In Forest of Secrets Graystripe tells Tigerclaw “I know what you’re going to say, Tigerclaw. I don’t care.” That’s right after Silverstream dies. It also says “Fireheart picked up the kit with his teeth, and left Graystripe beside the cat he had loved more than his Clan, more than honor, more than life itself.” That, I guess, is how much Graystripe loved Silverstream.

For Millie, Graystripe loved her despite the fact that she was born a kittypet. Millie was a good, loyal mate for Graystripe and she helped him find his way home. If they traveled so far together they must know each other very well. Graystripe really does love Millie and they have lots of adventures together as well as a litter of three kits. Graystripe does sound sad and lonely without Millie in the elders den with him. I think that he truly loved Millie.

In conclusion, I think that Graystripe really loved both of his mates. Silverstream was kind of like his college sweetheart or whatever and he had kits with her even though he wasn’t supposed to, and then Millie is like his true mate, the one he was with for most of his life. He truly loved them both and was sad when they both died. I think he loved Millie more because he was with her for longer and they knew each other very well. Graystripe was even imagining a conversation with Millie and what she would say. I’m not sure if it’s fair to say he loved her more, though. Anyway, I hope you liked this and next time I will be doing who did Crowfeather love more.

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  • great article, whitepaw! i think he has a more developed relationship with millie, but i agree that he loved them both.

  • I personally think Silverstream
    like Graystripe broke the warrior code to be with Silverstream he left his birth clan to be with her
    and to me Millie to Graystripe is kind of like a really good friend I don’t think he would do as much to be with millie
    like he didn’t kill himself to see Millie he only left the clan because ThunderClan seemed different

  • I love them both! I have to say I love SilverxGray best, and was so upset when Sliverstream died. At first I was mad that Graystripe replaced her with Millie, but once I read her manga I really liked her! I loved the part of Graystripe’s Vow when he was thinking of her. Great article as always!

    • @Irispaw
      I am NOT trying to be disrespectful to your opinion, I’m just going to say mine. I agree with this article, first if all, because he just seemed to be with Millie much more, and seemed to know her better. Second of all, (again, please don’t take this as hate, it is completely fine to like SilverxGray) I just don’t really like the ship SilverxGray, and prefer GrayxMillie much much more. I feel like Silverstream didn’t really have a personality except for ‘kind’ and, ‘calm’, which I didn’t really like. She had a bunch of potential, but they killed her off. No offense to anyone who agrees with you.

      • I completely understand your opinion! I love Millie too! I think they know each other very well!

  • Nice article!
    Gray x Silver x Millie is wonderful.
    GV did something: proving Gray x Silver x Millie’s going to happen. Happen.
    Do you know Graystripe and Crowfeather’s mates went to StarClan first than him? Anyways, I wish Graystripe didn’t think about Silverstream when he was with Millie – ooh, that would be kind of close to an obsession.
    Millie’s not a Silverstream clone, and… I love Gray x Silver x Millie.

  • This is a really cool article. I like how you weren’t judgmental of Graystripe, his choices, or his mates. Also, the picture of this article is the same as my profile picture.

  • i think he loved silverstream more. just living longer doesn’t mean he loves millie more…when silverstream died,he mourned and mourned every day and he even dreamed of silver many nights.

  • I believe he developed more with Millie. First love doesn’t always win. Silverstream was only with him for a short amount of time, and their relationship was fast and immature. With Millie, she gave up her home for him and his Clan, following him to who knew where, where they dealt with re-settling into ThunderClan and being outcasts within together.
    Graystripe and Millie had time on their side, and that’s why I believe Graystripe loved Millie more.

  • I think silverstream. because… yea, he loved her more than anything in the world, but he never had that connection with millie i dont think. AND it was silverstream and mille who told graystripe to travel back to his clan after being trapped by twolegs, but who did he listen to? silverstream.

    • Do you mean like, in the manga when Graystripe was with some twolegs and he had to escape? In that case, Graystripe and Millie still haven’t formed that bond so I don’t think it counts 😛

  • this is a good article! i really like that there was no explicit bias towards one ship or the other here, it’s always good to look at things from different angles

    i personally think he loved both Millie and Silverstream equally. i get that he may have grieved for Silverstream longer, or lived with Millie longer, but i really think he loved them both equally, and he showed it in different ways considering the circumstances between Gray x Millie and Gray x Silver. i see no reason why he would love one more over the other when he loved both a lot

    • I didn’t read the article(not for any reason besides I just don’t have the time 😛 ) but I don’t understand why people compare love? Like “they love this person more” It just doesn’t make sense to me. Love is love and I don’t think it should be compared.

      I mean, you can love people more than others, but in cases like this I don’t think it’s really needed 😛

      • yeah, i don’t get it either 😛 and even then, polyamorous relationships exist too so like. i also don’t get why he’d have to choose between one or the other when Graystripe loves both