best and worst cats (in my opinion) by Riverstone

Riverstone lists their favourite and least favourite cats from the series.

Art by NeCroven

I’m starting off with my top 5 favorite cats!!!! Most of these cats people hate, but I love ’em!!! I hope you like it! (Although y’all probably won’t agree with me :D)


5: Jayfeather
Ever since a kit Jayfeather struggled with the fact that he was blind. He showed strength working through that challenge and finally accepting it. Most cats were mean to him and that’s why he’s grouchy, and he just doesn’t like to admit when he needs help. When he was only a small apprentice he made the journey all the way to the mountains and back, that shows he is strong despite his blindness and he deserves a spot on my list.

4: Mapleshade
I know Mapleshade is very evil, but I see past that, I don’t see an ugly tortoise-shell with and ice cold heart. I see a depressed queen who lost everything: her kits, her mate, and her clan. She killed many cats, but they deserved it, and it doesn’t make you evil if you kill the “Bad guys” Although the cats she killed don’t seem evil to us, they seemed evil to her. She killed cats who watched her kits die, and abandoned her when she needed help. Mapleshade earns a spot on my list.

3: Squirrelflight
Squirrelflight gave up everything to be the mother to her sister’s kits. Because of Leafpool’s kits, Squirrelflight lost her mate (temporarily) But, without Squirrelflight Thunderclan and all the other clans would be dead. If Squirrelflight hadn’t mothered them Leafpool would’ve. Leafpool would probably leave Thunderclan, then no one would be there to save ThunderClan during the great battle, even if Leafpool stayed the kits would not receive the mothering they needed because Leafpool would always be busy. Squirrelflight receives number three on my list.

2: Hollyleaf
Would you risk your life for someone you hardly knew? Hollyleaf didn’t have time to answer this question she saw a cat about to die, so she rushed forward and took the final blow. That makes a hero. Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, but she hardly had a choice(and Ashfur is very evil) She had to make a snap decision. She created her own punishment and went into exile, but she returned when ThunderClan needed her most.

1: Ivypool!!!!!
Ivypool is by far my favorite, some people say she’s evil because she trained in the Dark Forest, but you can’t judge a cat by what they’ve done in the past(with the exception of TigerStar) is Lionblaze evil because he trained there. Or what about Brambleclaw? Ivypool risked her life to spy there every night and because of that she earns number one on my list!

Those were my favorite cats! Now for my least favorite.

5: Sleekwhisker
Sleekwhisker is really annoying, first she ruthlessly murdered Needletail, who I liked, then she got a “Second chance” which she instantly threw away by betraying her friend and stealing her kits. Sleekwhisker should never have been kitted.

Lol Starclan isn’t even a cat but I wanted to put in why StarClan is annoying.
Starclan is always meddling in everyone’s business. I’m going to quote Sol real quick, “These cats are dead and their spirits have no power over you.” He’s right dead cats can’t do anything. If StarClan wanted to be helpful they should at least give a clear prophecy.

3: Hawkfrost.
I like most evil cats, but I can’t stand this one. His goal in life was ruining people’s lives. He was always planning something. and he nearly broke up SquirrelxBramble. He also was constantly trying to be awful to Mothwing. An example, Mothwings first time to the moonstone: Mothwing was so excited to go, then Hawkfrost came along and ruined it by making her not believe in StarClan.

Ever since day one Firestar was stealing the spotlight, he was always tattling on tigerclaw. I can see why Tigerstar hated him so much. Firestar was also a kittypet. A kittypet shouldn’t be leader of the clan. Fire alone shall save the clan. I always think to myself that prophecy never came true. Then I realize it did. Fire killed Firestar therefor it saved the clans from dumb ol’ Firestar. I could go on and on about how much I hate him but that would take hours, so I’ll wrap it up. I. Hate. Firestar. I actually prefer not to use the word hate so. I. Dislike. Firestar.

1: Dovewing
Because Ivypool is my favorite Dovewing is my least favorite. even though they are sisters Dovewing wasn’t the nicest. Dovewing was sometimes just mean to Ivypool. Sometimes she could be nice. Then Dovewing just abandoned ThunderClan. Dovewing would do anything for Tigerheart but not her own sister.

feel free to argue with me in the comments. I doubt y’all will agree with me. Thanks for reading!
– Riverstone


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February 11, 2021 12:28 pm

I agree with all except Firestar! Great article!

February 11, 2021 4:36 pm

I agree with all of these, except Firestar. I can understand if some people say he’s overrated (which I don’t actually think he is), but saying he was a bad cat? No. First of all, Tigerstar was evil. Saying that Tigerstar was evil was the right thing to do. Tigerstar wanted to kill children. And saying that a kittypet shouldn’t rule the Clans- I can’t. He wasn’t a kittypet. That was the whole point! His heart was one of a warrior’s!

February 11, 2021 5:21 pm

I completely agree with everything here except for Hawkfrost. I love Hawkfrost, partly because of his awesome name and partly because of his interesting arc. I think he deserves a super Edition.

February 11, 2021 8:01 pm

Love this list! Though I may get hate for this, bluestar would be on my list. I mean, think about it- she abandoned her kits and accused her clan of being traitors plus she named brightheart “lostface” and resulted in swiftpaws death. Just sayin.

💙 Coldheart 💙
💙 Coldheart 💙
February 12, 2021 1:29 am

I agree with basically everything! Great article River!

February 14, 2021 10:41 pm

Yayyy! Finally someone who likes me!

Shimmer in the snowy sky(Shimmerpaw/sky)
Shimmer in the snowy sky(Shimmerpaw/sky)
February 18, 2021 1:57 pm

I like Firestar

silverstream (she/fae)
silverstream (she/fae)
February 22, 2021 12:05 am

i agree with all of these except firestar and starclan and maybe dovewing— starclan is far smarter than the living clans are, so that’s why they spare their help.

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