Why is Firestar so awesome? by Fiercestar

Fiercestar shares their opinion on the famous ThunderClan leader, Firestar.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Well, it may just be my opinion, but Firestar is the best cat in the whole series. I know some of you disagree, but hopefully, there are some mmm who agree with me. There is one thing that I do not understand though. Why do some of y’all hate Firestar so much? He may not be y’all favorite, but surely he doesn’t deserve all this hate! Anyways, onto the topic of the article.

So, why do I think Firestar is so awesome? Well, here’s the reasons. Hopefully they make sense to you.

Firestar loved his mate, relatives, clanmates, and all of the clans. He fought hard for all of them, against sickness, Bloodclan, weather, The Dark Forest, and who knows what else. He even put Skyclan back together! That’s dedication to the clans right there.
Firestar was not perfect. He took risks, lost lives, and really just had a bad day at times. But he fought through it, got through it, until he lost life number 9 fighting his arch enemy, the one, the only, Tigerstar. He used all of his lives wisely, and he will be one of the best leaders in Thunderclan – no wait – all the clans will ever see.
Firestar followed his heart and had oodles and oodles of faith and trust in Starclan, and he let Starclan and his heart tell him what is right, not his mind. It takes a strong person – err – cat to follow their heart instead of their mind.
Don’t you just love what Bluestar said? “You will have the warmth of fire to care for your clan and the fierceness of fire to defend it.”
Finally, isn’t his pelt color amazing? Some of the pictures you can draw with his pelt color and his name… they’re just amazing.
Also, he is the first cat that you meet, as Rusty. You follow his journey, and yes, his archetype may be common… but in Warriors, it is interesting and amazing nonetheless.
Isn’t it just amazing how all of the clans come to respect him as a leader equal to them, even though he was born as a kittypet?

Well, that’s all the reasons. Did I convince you to love him? No. Welp. Did I convince you to AT LEAST stop hating him? Another no! *exasperation* *sigh* Double welp. But all joking aside, Firestar was a pretty good character, and even if he isn’t your favorite, he really does not deserve so much hate.

Also, thanks for reading 😉

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