Dovewing and Ivypool by Flowerfern

Flowerfern compares Dovewing and Ivpool.

Art by crefollet

I feel like everyone does this article, but I’m sort of running out of ideas, and It’s an interesting subject. When anybody does a Dovewing and Ivypool article, there’s them saying either “I love Dovewing and hate Ivypool” or “I hate Dovewing and love Ivypool.” Personally, I prefer Ivypool, but there is some parts about Dovewing I prefer to Ivypool. I’m going to list their pros and cons, starting with Dovewing.

She had very important kits
She helped defeat the dark forest
She stands up against cats who hated the dark forest trainees
She doesn’t sway under peer pressure
She makes use her powers by hunting x10 and solving the beaver problem
She followed her heart (By going to Shadowclan)

In her profile, she is described as brash. Brash means “Rude, tasteless, arrogant.” (I’m not including the full definition, but that just about sums brash up.)

She acts like “I don’t want powers. I wish I didn’t have powers.” When she finds out she has powers. When her powers are gone, she’s like “I’m Deaf! What happened to my powers!” Bit of a mixed message.

She breaks the Warrior code (Hollyleaf: Gasp!) by leaving her clan and having kits with a Shadowclan cat.

This is really minor, but in lost stars, she’s very overprotective of Shadowsight, even though he doesn’t want her protectiveness.

Dovewing and Ivypool are talking and Dovewing says “You’re just jealous because I’m better than you! You don’t like that Tigerheart like me and not you! I’ll always be a better hunter and fighter than you!” Yeah, I’m not sure what to say about this one.


She is described as brave, intelligent, and hardworking. That’s always good.
She’s the best fighter and hunter she can be.
She’s strong, both physically and mentally.
She stays with Thunderclan and Dovewing, even when she’s jealous of Dovewing.
She’s worried abut her sister when Dovewing breaks the code.
She risks her life to spy on the dark forest.
She fights against the dark forest and convinces others to do the same.

She’s too trusting of cats who say they’re Starclan. At least, she was.
She gets too jealous sometimes and snaps.
She doesn’t respect Dovewing’s choice to go to Shadowclan with Tigerstar.
She stays in the dark forest even after she learns it is the dark forest.
I can’t come up with any more cons about Ivypool. Tell me in the comments if you have any more please!

Ivypool has more accomplishments than Dovewing, but is too jealous and snappy sometimes. Dovewing is a great hunter and fighter, but hasn’t risked her life as much as Ivypool has. Also, If Ivypool had powers and Dovewing didn’t, how do you think the storyline would’ve changed? I’ll leave to to ponder that question for the rest of your life. ;D

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  • I actually don’t like that people always love one sister, and hate the other. Like, they both did bad and selfish things, and they both are really important main characters who helped defeating the Dark Forest. I would say i like Ivy better, but i think they’re both equal and they don’t deserve hate.

    And then there’s me who just like them both and hates Hollyleaf lmao