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Ranting random warriorcats by Thornfeather

Thornfeather shares their opinion on some characters from the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hellooo everyone! Thornfeather(or in blogclan name: whitepaw) speaking!!
today,im going to rant about warrior characters. BUT!! its random. just cats popping into my head…

Ok….he’s a real ambition-y cat. He was a great deputy,but i don’t think he would’ve been a good leader. i think he would’ve turned into the way Onestar was…anyways,i would say his li’ll scheme weren’t good. but i just don’t have much feelings for this cat. neither bad nor good.

I know some people call him Jaybae,and some people call him Jay-the-annoying. But i love him. His personality fits so much with his history. He’s so tsundere…(which means he’s chilly in the outside but has deep feelings in reality. well,for some TMI(too much information) time.. i personally ship JayHalf,because JayBriar’s relationship is…..just..not a thing,and i like their friendship(no offense jaybriar shippers)

I love Oakheart personally. I know many people hate Oakheart because he’s arrogant and mostly the people who hate him is Oak x Grey shippers or Blue x Thrush shippers. But i actually like him. He was the one who was mostly close to Crookedstar when he was discriminated by Rainflower. and his talks to Bluestar are so sweet..he says he’ll always love her. So….i love him.

I hate Slash. Only because Star Flower wouldn’t be his mate,he starves Star Flower and her kits. That’s so toxic.i have no more to say about this character.

5. Ashfur
I HATE Ashfur,and the fact that he has so many defenders makes me hate him even more. Ashfur defenders talk about him trying to kill Squirrelflight’s family is no big deal,and just blames on Squirrelflight and hates on Hollyleaf. That’s just wrong dude. He trys to kill three foster kids of Squirrelflights,and her father.(A.K.A. the leader of the clan) but Ashfur defenders just say like this:’yeah,sure he tried to kill her family,but-‘ but that’s a VERY BIG DEAL. VERY BIG. Ashfur is like ‘omg she fell in love with brambleclaw how should i get her love OOOO I MUST KILL HER FAMILY!!’ and the defenders are like “DONT JUDGE HIM BESIDES HE WENT TO STARCLAN” . Ok,the reason he went to Starclan is only because Yellowfang backed him up. Half of Starclan still gives him dirty looks(good ridance!). And also,Squirrelflight…dont blame Squirrelflight. She only thought him as a friend,nothing more. She was not even mates with him-she never chose too. She ‘led him on’? No! She never knew Ashfur liked her more then a friend. And thing about Hollyleaf….i knew Ashfur’s death will come like this. Hey,woah,i’m not saying she didn’t do wrong,because she DID wrong,killing someone. but then she realized there is no change in things,killing Ashfur,so stop saying Hollyleaf is dumb because she killed Ashfur then she let out the secret herself,because she has her reasons.

6. Rainflower
Ok,i dislike her and are disgusted by her actions. yes,Crookedstar was dumb going out of camp,but that doesn’t give her the right to abuse and neglect,and discriminate him. i don’t hate her as much as the others do tho,because they made up in Starclan. but i still don’t like her and are disgusted.

Ahhh,a good villian! He did many things-killed several kits(including Badgerfang),raided Windclan and chased them out of their territory,killed kits too weak too fight and blamed Yellowfang on Brightflower’s kits deaths, killed his own father…etc. but the strange thing is i don’t have any feelings upon him. I would love him to be killed forever tho-like this!!
Raggedstar and Brokenstar are alone fighting somehow.
Raggedstar: im gonna kill you now..like you killed me.
Brokenstar: *Growls* Try it. Guess the ‘mighty Raggedstar’ would be dead forever.
Raggedstar:*growls and gets ready to pounce*
Yellowfang: *appears out of no where and pounces at Brokenstar,killing him forever*

kinda like that lol

Hmm..i really hated him so much..but now i like him,after i read Crowfeather’s trial. I still do disputes with those who cover his faults when he was in OoTS. Because he DO have his faults. Trying to kill his half brothers,especially a blind med cat,trying to kill a pregnant queen,celebrating his half sisters death is INDEED a fault,and don’t blame Crowfeather for it. Crowfeather had indeed been hard on him,ignored him,but he did it because he feared he might fail him like he did with Feathertail. Also, Nightcloud did most to make him evil,encourging him in the wrong time in the wrong place. and BTW, anyone who says he didn’t care about Breezepelt,your wrong. He loved him,the erins described it even,and when he was a kit he had a fever,and Crowfeather was curling around him all night. Also,even if he DID neglect him that much ,thats not an excuse to be evil. Look at Crookedstar,and you’ll know what i mean. but enough about that. The reason i like him,is because he seems to regret his moves and try to be better in Crowfeather’s trial. Also,i’m a big shipper of Heather x Breeze <3

I love her!! dispite all the haters. I don’t deny that she is evil,and i don’t think she has to be in Starclan because she IS evil. But still. Appledusk( was really mean to her,and i think her motive is really good. Appledusk was a no good brat,who got along when things were good and when things turned BAD,he turned his back on her. Coward. And Reedshine too,hissed in her face that the troubles all her fault. Appledusk and Reedshine is the perfect match. They can rot together. And,for all the cats who blame on her when the river killed the kits,she had no choice! This had some chance of survival. in Twolegplace,there were dogs,hostile kittypets,twolegs,monsters. and if they stayed in the riverbank for a patrol to come across,no they couldn’t. thunderclan patrols come and go too-if thunderclan can exile them in a stormy night,they can do enough things like killing them. (frecklewish followed Mapleshade and her kits,and didn’t help them) so the conclusion is,the things that happened are not her fault,but after that she IS evil and i love her as a villian.

I don’t know why but dispite all the things,i like him. i don’t know..maybe because he’s a good villian or something haha.

thanks for reading!!! you could comment what warrior character i should do next! feel free to disagree…but pls just don’t hate or judge on me or disrespect my opinion,because everyone has their own opinions! 😁😁 have a good day!

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  • Nice article! I also love Mapleshade. But there’s something I noticed in your article: in the Mapleshade section, you said a word I’m not-so-sure is Blog appropriate…
    Lupin is awesome!

  • Good article – only I disagree.

    Mudclaw – Sure, he can go to StarClan. He’s wrong, but he had a fine reason, but he’s wrong.
    Jayfeather – No. No. Nonono.
    Oakheart – Ooh.
    Slash – Ew.
    Ashfur – Ew. But I have a soft spot for him. I don’t defend his murder spree, but I’d say he’s ruined to make BrambleSquirrel look better, when AshSquirrel was a BETTER choice back in TNP. And he’s so sweet in TPB.
    Rainflower – Ew. But weirdly, I don’t HATE her. I just feel SO frustrated – crying – wanting to congratulate AND kill Mapleshade on her wonderful manipulation – yep, so it didn’t leave room for Rainflower. Or am I biased because her name is SO pretty?
    Brokenstar – EW EW EW. DIE. DID YOU?
    Breezepelt – Honestly, his redemption is nothing but TRASH. Utter trash, I could dump him in the trash. One second he’s gloating, the other he’s like “OHH, I did nothing wrong, seriously you guys, I DIDN’T say I wanted Crowfeather and a bunch of others to suffer and die because I didn’t get attention, I said I wanted to be a BETTER WARRIOR! HOHO!”
    Mapleshade – Reedshine did nothing wrong. WHY should she show compassion to Mapleshade when she doesn’t know the story, and WHY should she not forgive Appledusk – he’s her mate, and the father of the unborn kits – not forgiving would be… bad for the tiny kittens. And I’m pretty sure that word you used for Appledusk is… a very bad one. Hi, mods. Anyways, her killing spree is disgusting and underdeveloped, and she can ROT there, unlike Apple and Reed.
    Tigerstar – My favorite villain – he fits all the requirements. Classical, killed, lovely in a bad way, doesn’t have a sob story or is properly recognized in the fandom and everywhere that he IS bad… yes. Only the battle with BloodClan was… kinda… fast. Anyways.

    Good article!

  • Great article! I am an Ashfur defender, but I still like Hollyleaf and think that trying to kill Squirrelflight’s family was a bad thing to do. Whenever I’m trying to judge if a cat is evil, I think about their motives, not their actions, and Ashfur’s motives were mainly just jealousy and love. Plus, when he is in StarClan, he seems to recognize how terrible his actions were, and apologizes to Squirrelflight.

    *Broken Code Spoilers*

    (P.S. – He shouldn’t have been the imposter.)

  • this is how brokenstar’s death should’ve been done:
    Brokenstar: Aye Raggedstar imma kill u again
    Raggedstar: nuu i kill u
    Brokenstar: i kill u lmao
    Yellowfang: shut up brokenstar *kills him*
    Brokenstar: phooey…

  • i really do like mapleshade, you say most people hate her? youre completely wrong. reedshine did nothing, she was blind to appledusk’s problems, thats it. She was a good mate, and she had no idea of mapleshade’s affair with him. Just because she likes appleduck doesnt mean she’S bad. Anywyss, good article, i might not be able to go on blogclan much for complicated reasons so dont wonder why i dont comment ;w;

  • adding to my comment, i also defend frecklewish, she didnt do anything wrong but was too scared to help mapleshades kits. i believe mapleshade shouldve killed oakstar, the whole thunderclan neglected kits in danger, and thats a big no-no in th ewarrior code. nettle paw is awesome, i like himm

  • Mudclaw: Neutral
    Jayfeather: Jay is great
    Oakheart: Neutral
    Slash: Idek him
    Ashfur: I like Ashpaw and the early Ashfur but in TNP, TPo3, OotS, and in TBC he was the worst.
    Rainflower: What can I say? I don’t like her. I am also disgusted in her actions too.
    Brokenstar: Great villain. Horrible actions
    Breezepelt: I think he def changed (well only a bit i guess. His personality is still sparky). I don’t hate him now.
    Mapleshade: Amazing. And I like Appledusk too. And ship them. Please don’t kill me 😛
    Tigerstar:.. Which one are we talking about–? Cause I dislike both of them.

    Nice article

  • I like most of the big warriors villains but Brokenstar… I just found him disappointing because of all the build up in Yellowfang’s secret and the whole time i’m thinking: “He doesn’t do that much. Why are they making such a big deal?

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