Who did Berrynose love more? by Whitepaw

Whitepaw wonders which of Berrynose’s mates did he love the most.

Art by holly2001

So, the most arrogant cat in warriors, and he managed to get two cats to love him? Anyway, this is Whitepaw here with another article in the who they loved more series but I’m pretty sure this will be the last one. Now, let’s get started!

So, Berrynose’s first love was Honeyfern. She was about the same age as him but I’m not sure how much interaction they had when they were apprentices. There were like eight apprentices at the same time as them but I’m pretty sure Honeypaw was about the only one who could tolerate Berrynose. When they became warriors, they became mates with each other and I’m pretty sure that Honeyfern was carrying his kits when she got bitten by the snake. Berrynose was absolutely devastated probably because they were young and they were going to have had kittens. I think that Honeyfern had liked him since he was an apprentice with reasons unclear to me because he was a bossy arrogant kitty and Berrynose loved her back because she was nice and pretty and would give her life to save any other clan member, which she did in fact do.

Okay, now here’s a Poppyfrost paragraph. I’m pretty sure that Poppyfrost and Berrynose just didn’t interact with each other when they were apprentices. When they were young warriors, Honeyfern got bitten and everybody was sad. Especially Berrynose because they were mates and Poppyfrost because they were sisters. Now, some people think that Berrynose just mated with Poppyfrost because she reminded him of Honeyfern, but I think they actually loved each other. They didn’t talk much at first, but then they realized they could bond and find happiness together even after their losses. So, they became mates and had a litter of kittens and Berrynose was super proud that he had kittens and Poppyfrost found a mate and Honeyfern watched from StarClan as two cats she loved bonded with each other and had a happy life. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure Honeyfern visited a medicine cat’s dreams and told them that she supported Berrynose and Poppyfrost mating.

So, in conclusion… hmmm. I guess Honeyfern was like his first love but I feel like they would have had kits, maybe more than one litter if she had survived. I do think he loved Poppyfrost more but that’s just because he had more time to ease into their relationship whereas for Honeyfern they were young warriors and then boom she died. Of course, if Honeyfern hadn’t died, then Berrynose never would have been mates with Poppyfrost but I still say that he loved Poppyfrost more. Well, you can comment what you think below, goodbye!

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