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My Favorite Ships by Whitepaw

Whitepaw lists their favourite ships from the series.

So, this is Whitepaw here and I will be talking about some of my favorite ships. So, the first one is…

Firestar and Sandstorm!
I like Firestar and Sandstorm as mates because it kind of just works well. At first, Sandpaw and Dustpaw didn’t like Firepaw just because he was a kittypet. But then, Fireheart saved Sandpaw’s life which is a typical way for things to start and Sandstorm started to like Fireheart because even if he was a kittypet, he had the spirit of a warrior. I just think this works kind of nicely and smoothly where they ease into having to be in the same clan but eventually they come to like each other. Also, I like that Firestar came in with blood that wasn’t from the clans and so he didn’t mate with somebody who is related to him and ThunderClan became a little less inbred. And also Firestar was loyal to Sandstorm the whole time.

Graystripe and Silverstream!
So there are a lot of people/cats that like this ship and I like it too. They truly loved each other and then they had kits and everything was just dramadramadrama when they continued meeting each other even after Fireheart told them not to and then Silverstream died giving birth and then Graystripe moved to RiverClan which is the one thing I didn’t like about how this relationship turned out. (I mean, Silverstream deserved StarClan. StarClan is better than the living clans and I think Silverstream got what she deserved.) I also like cross-clan relationships because more mixed blood and because it always adds so much drama! And I think Graystripe and Silverstream were cute with each other.

Leafpool and Crowfeather
So, this ones basically a who do you think Crowfeather went with best and I think Leafpool. Also, I like this one because it is basically the whole point of the books Long Shadows and Sunrise, the three trying to figure out their real parents. And I also think this one is cool because of all the ways they broke the warrior code. They trespassed on each other’s territory and Leafpool broke the medicine cat code and Crowfeather broke the warrior code by mating and Leafpool wasn’t really being loyal to ThunderClan. And of course, cross-clan relationships give more mixed blood so another reason why I like it.

Dovewing and Tigerheart
I like this because it’s what Dovewing wanted. So much of the clan especially her sister was pressuring her to become mates with Bumblestripe and have kits and be a ThunderClan queen but that’s not what she wanted and she might have loved Bumblestripe a little but she stopped loving him once she continued meeting Tigerheart. Now I guess there are some of you guys out there that don’t like Tigerheartstar and say he stole Dovewing but Dovewing made the decision by herself that she wanted him as her mate. Some people don’t like Dovewing and I guess I could go either way with her but I mostly don’t like her either but I still ship her with Tigerheart.

Jayfeather and Briarlight
So, so far I’ve only done real mates but this time is one that didn’t actually happen in the series. I and a lot of people like this one because I think at least that Briarlight made Jayfeather happy. Of course, Jayfeather did actually love Half Moon as Jay’s Wing so many people ship them but I like Jayfeather and Briarlight better because I’m not exactly sure why but Jayfeather and Briarlight seem like they fit well together. Briarpaw got injured and Jayfeather had to help heal her and eventually Briarlight practically lived in the medicine den and learned herbs and since Jayfeather is blind and Briarlight is crippled they can each do stuff for each other.

So I listed five and I think that’s enough and y’all can tell me your opinions in the comments. But goodbye for now!

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  • Jay×half definitely. I think all the people who ship jay×stick are just not thinking right (sorry for the insult) but who would ship a cat with a stick!?!?!?!!??
    But, I do think his weird obsession with the stick is kinda very jayfeathereyish
    Y’know like the cat wos in a prophecy has a obsession with a old stick, totally makes sense

  • Firestar x Sandstorm: This is the best Prophecies Began ship, paws down (if you don’t count Brightheart x Cloudtail).

    Graystripe x Silverstream: Eh. I don’t mind it, but Silverstream is really annoying and thinks she can do anything she wants without bad things happening to her. Honestly, this Silverstream is way too much like Mapleshade.

    Leafpool x Crowfeather: This is better than Feather x Crow, no matter what the critics say. Leafpool is so kind. She never wanted Crowfeather to feel alone, only for the safety of her clan did she leave.

    Dovewing x Tigerheart: I don’t ship her with anyone. Bumblestripe is pushy and Tigerheart is arrogant and annoying. Dovewing doesn’t totally deserve to be excepted in Shadowclan after she left her clan, her sister, her parents, and everyone else.

    Jayfeather x Briarlight: This one is cute! I prefer her to Halfmoon, honestly.

  • OMG, amazing article!!!! I agree with all of these!! I LOVE Firesand, it is the best, and Silverstripe is SO awesome!!!!!!!!!! I think Briarfeather works out great, and Crowpool is the same. I also really like Tigerwing for some reason, IDK, it’s just awesome! (Plus, I love Dovewing.) Also, I really hope Jay chooses Briar in Starclan, not Half Moon. I like her, and her and Jay are okay, but Briar x Jay is better. Oh, and how did Half Moon make it to Starclan? She’s a tribe cat!!!!!!
    P.S. Dear Tigerdawn,
    Silverstream is NOT like Mapleshade! She didn’t murder any one! (But I am a Mapleshade fan though, she’s the only decent evil cat, lol.)

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