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Dovewing and Tigerheart are related?! by Whitepaw

Whitepaw makes a surprising discovery about Tigerheart and Dovewing’s relationship.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

So, while I was doing my family trees series and exploring other stuff, I realized that Dovewing and Tigerheart are related! So normally as you guys might know already I support cross-clan mating because then their kits aren’t so inbred because they’re most likely not closely related if they’re in different clans. But, this kind of backfires when there is so much cross-clan mating and switching clans that even if there are two cats who mate from different clans, they’re still related to each other! So, y’all are probably wondering, how are they related to each other? Well, they share a common ancestor, which is Speckletail! Wait, Speckletail? The Snowkit one? Yeah! Speckletail! Which is odd, cause we always think of Dovewing being in Firestar’s family tree and Tigerheart from Tigerstar’s. But, it turns out to be Speckletail! Okay lemme explain.

So, Speckletail had two surviving kittens in her first litter. They were Goldenflower and Lionheart. Well, since Goldenflower is mentioned and she’s pretty much famous for mating with an evil dude, you’ve already figured out that the line goes Goldenflower→ Tawnypelt→ Tigerheart, tada! But how does Dovewing come in? Well, you do this: Lionheart→ Brightheart→ Whitewing→ Dovewing. And so they are 2 ½ cousins? Cause Dovewing is technically a generation younger than Tigerheart if we’re thinking about it that way. Does anybody know what the actual term for 2 ½ cousins is?

Whatever, anyway now I’ve shown you how they’re related. I think that at the beginning of the warriors series I was like oh my gosh! Graystripe is breaking the warrior code! Aaah! And then I was like wait Bluestar did that too! What?! And then I was like Yellowfang mated against the medicine cat code! Oh my gosh so many cats and they all have to pay a terrible price for it! And eventually with all of the other cats that were half clan and everybody mating and moving to and with cats and different clans, I kind of just lost interest in the subject of cross-clan relationships. I do think it’s an overused drama thing and there’s like two cross-clan relationships in every series. Seriously, somebody needs to think of something new.

Welp, anyway, I hope you liked my article and agree on that last bit, you can comment in the comments. Goodbye for now!

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  • I saw the headline before I read it and I couldn’t figure it out but now I’m in shock 🤯 I would never have thought Specletail MIND BLOWN!!!
    Great discovery, Whitepaw

  • Great article! Why are a lot of ships are related in some way? You could write that article Whitepaw! (Just a suggestion!).

  • i totally agree with the last bit. forbidden relationships happen so often in the series that it feels like the authors are just adding it for shock value at this point. i was blown away by the graystripe reveal, but each time it happened afterward, it has less of an impact. like, do the cats even care about the warrior code anymore? i just want to see an entertaining, healthy, well-developed relationship between two warriors of the same clan again. i want a NORMAL ROMANCE. plsss

  • i totally agree with the last part. forbidden relationships are so overused in the series, and it feels like the authors are only making more of them to add drama and shock value. the problem is it’s not really working anymore—leafpool and crowfeather was the last cross-clan ship i tolerated. but, because i’m not a huge fan of either dovewing or tigerheart, their relationship was just annoying to me. (i haven’t read the broken code yet, but i hear dovextiger gets better, so my opinion is only based off of what i have read thus far.) i was completely blown away at the graystripe reveal, but afterward, each time it happened i cared less and less. like, do the cats even care about the warrior code anymore? i just want to see an entertaining, healthy, well-developed relationship between two cats of the same clan. i just want to read about a NORMAL romance for once. plsss

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