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When will Bluestar become ancient? by Whitepaw

Whitepaw wonders when Bluestar will be considered ancient by the Clans.

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So, this is Whitepaw here with yet another article for BlogClan and this time I will be pondering about when Bluestar will become ancient.

The elders may tell the stories of cats they remember from when they were kits or maybe stories that had been passed down to them by their elders when they were just young warriors. Anyway, these cats are deemed ancient. If some elder told Cloudkit the story about a kittypet turned leader named Pinestar that they remember from when they were kits, and now Cloudkit is Cloudtail the elder and why shouldn’t he have told Flamekit or Finchkit the story of the ancient Pinestar. And then when they’re elders they can pass it on and that’s how stories like Mapleshade’s reach the modern clans.

Anyway, back to the point. When will Bluestar turn ancient? Well, it depends on some things. What is a clan cat’s definition of ancient? For the sake of this article, I will say when nobody alive in the clans has seen the living cat face to face. There are probably some other definitions in the warriors world, but this is the easiest to write an article about.

So that means that Bluestar isn’t ancient yet because in ThunderClan we have Graystripe that was a warrior for a time under Bluestar’s leadership and Brackenfur, Graystripe’s apprentice, Cloudtail, and Brightheart that remember her and have probably seen her and Thornclaw who is actually still a warrior cause he refuses to retire. So there are a fair amount of ThunderClan cats that are still alive that remember seeing her in person. From ShadowClan, the only cat I can think of off of the top of my head that would remember seeing Bluestar is Tawnypelt. For RiverClan, there’s Mistystar and I’m pretty sure Reedwhisker would have seen her a couple of times, not that he remembers. And there might be others. I can’t think of anybody from WindClan off the top of my head or SkyClan that would know her either but there are still a fair amount of cats that have seen her but most of the cats haven’t. So after Graystripe, Mistystar, Brackenfur, Thornclaw, Cloudtail, and Brightheart die, Bluestar will be ancient if we are going by the ancient definition that I mentioned above.

That was a pretty short article so I’m sorry but it does give you something to wonder about. You guys can comment on when you think Bluestar will become ancient in the comments. Anyway, see ya!

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  • Crowfeather probably saw her at his first gathering, and Nightcloud definitely because she’s older then him, even if she wasn’t listed in the allegiances, and Mosspelt would’ve seen her too, since she appears in “Fire and Ice” and is still living to this day. Gorsetail, who was a senior warrior in “Dawn” would have also seen her, and she’s still alive. Tawnypelt knew her, so her mentor, Oakfur would’ve surely known her too, and he’s still alive. Snowbird also would’ve seen her, since her litter mate is Ratscar who was a senior warrior in ‘Raging Storm’. So all of those cats knew her- and we add Cloudtail, Brightheart, Greystripe, Brackenfur, Reedwhisker, Mistystar, and Thornclaw to that- and we have 15 cats living that remember her! She won’t be fading for a while. Also, even if they all died, she wouldn’t fade away immediately, because no living cat has seen Moth Flight, Clear Sky, River Ripple, Tall Shadow, Wind Runner, or Thunder! Or Pinestar, Sunstar, Oakstar, Doestar… I could go on an on!

    • I’m not talking about how soon she will fade, I’m talking about how soon she will be no more than a legend.

  • Bluestar very well could become ancient at the end of TBC, but that’s just what I think.
    Lupin is awesome!

  • I hope Bluestar will be talked about – she might not be.
    You know, what do elders talk about? Isn’t it about their stories, mostly, how we see?
    But I think Bluestar is already ancient. She was born nine arcs ago(basically), and Graystripe and the others are… sort of ancient.

    • Well, you know how queens would tell their kits that Tigerstar and before that Mapleshade would get them if they misbehaved. And Graystripe’s personal stories might include something like “I remember when I was caught taking prey to RiverClan! It was with Firestar of course, and when Bluestar, the leader at that time, caught us, she was so mad and we had to become apprentices again!”

  • Cool article Whitepaw! Fun fact: I was reading this whilst sitting on a bench outside my local shop (I was waiting 4 my mum at the time)

    • [spoiler title=”Hmmm…”] Have you read the part about where the clans couldn’t find Bramblestar for the past two books? I don’t think they’re gonna be able to retrieve him from wherever Ashfur put him. [/spoiler]

  • Great article! I guess Bluestar is pretty ancient, but I don’t think the clans will forget her anytime soon. The cats in Thunderclan still remember her.

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