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My top 5 favorite warrior cats by Songfeather

Songfeather lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by NeCroven

Hello there clan members it’s me your senior warrior Songfeather on it with her first post (the pain of being new) I’m going to talk about my favorite warrior cats I’m pretty new to the fandom I started loving warrior cats like 1 year ago

I love hollyleaf for some reason actually something funny happened I took a quiz on the official website with a quiz (I think) made by Erin Hunter the funniest thing happened If I were an actual warrior cat I would be hollyleaf and if I were in a clan it would in thundeclan but anyways I love that she had forbidden love although she killed ashfur Idc ashfur isn’t one of my favorites but anyways I just love hollyleaf for some reason idk why
I don’t see why brightheart isn’t somewhere in everybody’s favorite list I feel so bad for her he anem was lostface then she said the sweetest thing in one of the books “As long as cloudtail loved me I was no longer lostface, but brightheart” she said some things before but whatever brightheart deserves a bit more attention
3. Squrrielflight
I mean come on how can you not love her she is so adorable despite that I hate bramblestar I love her even more cause she adopted my most favorite warrior cats
I’ve only read a couple warrior books I’ve read squirrelflights h
hope and my reaction
Bluestar was originally my favorite character when I was much newer to the fandom she had a forbidden love with oakheart which I didn’t mind much she was a great leader I would say she apprenticed firestar and I wish she was still alive she dies risking her live to kill some dogs I sobbed the entire night… idk I do not think she should have die WHY WORLD SO CRUEL I hate that tigerstar attempted to kill her when she was running out of lives I’m glad he was sent to the darkforest but it’s not his fault ITS THRISTLECLAW’S FAULT

:slow claps:
I don’t really have a reason to this I just think he looks cool plus he was my fav in first book

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