Evaluating strange warrior names by Windstorm

Windstorm shares their opinion on some of the odd names from the series.

Art by Laureltuft on tumblr

I’ve seen a few articles similar to this, but none quite like it. This article will be about ‘bad’ names, but I might make one about strange but pretty names later.

SkyClan- SkyClan has some… weird names, to say the least. Billystorm, Bellaleaf, Harrybrook, Rileypool, Snookthorn are some. Let’s start with Billystorm.

This name seems to evident a good climber, as Billy could be short for Billy goat. Storm, however, is perfect as one of it’s meanings is an uproar or controversy.

Next, Bellaleaf. I think they should’ve cut the a, seeing Bellleaf is a pretty great name. However, Bellaleaf isn’t bad. A good name for a pretty cat, and Bellaleaf looks nice. Leaf can mean to go through something quickly, and Bellaleaf’s long legs make me think she would be fast. In addition, it rolls of your tongue. It’s my favorite of the kittypet names.

Next, Rileypool. Again, if they cut the y, Rile would be a cool and interesting suffix with possibilities like Rileroar. As it is, it’s okay. Riley can mean brave and pool can mean to work together. Rileypool seems brave, surviving the sickness in SkyClan for so long. It’s okay, but not my favorite.

Next, Harrybrook. He’s pretty fluffy, and Harry can mean… Ruler? Is this hinting for Harrystar? His suffix, brook, means to tolerate, which most people can’t about this name. By far my least favorite of these 5 names.

Finally, Snookthorn. Snook can mean a type of fish. The expression cook a snook means to openly show a lack of respect to something, foreshadowing his leaving the clan. Thorn can mean a disturbance of sorts. His name is a big analogy for the daylight warrior leaving the clan.

I also want to talk about Ivypool’s kits in this article- Bristlefrost, Flipclaw, and Thriftear.

Bristlefrost- This name would be downright AMAZING… for a villian, not a main hero! Bristle means to get upset and angered, frost means distant and cold. SUCH a waste of a great name. As is, we have to take it as meaning extreme cold.

Flipclaw- My google search has brought my joy, and I will now forever refer to Flipclaw as Eggnogclaw, as flip means eggnog. It can also mean mild annoyance. Claw means what you think it means. Eggnogclaw is a pretty good name.


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