Unhealthy relationships in warriors by Meadowstripe

Meadowstripe discusses a few unhealthy relationships in the series.

Art by idess

Hiya, I’ll be talking about unhealthy relationships in this article/page, and it’ll be my first so sorry for any mistakes I might make.

So, the first relationship is Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship. Since you most likely read the title, you know what I’m here for. Bramblestar is manipulative! Or at least I think so. He makes Squilf deputy, saying she’ll stand up to him if he’s doing something mouse-brained (hare-brained for Windclan) but then when she tries to stand up to him for doing something mouse-brained (**POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT**) he threatens to take her position as deputy! He gave her the job to stop him from doing mouse-brained things, then threatened her for doing that! That’s not a good relationship with your cat-wife, Bramble!

Alright, okay, moving on to the second relationship, and keep in mind, these aren’t romantic. Blossomfall and Briarlight. Blossomfall, as you can see, if just living her normal life and then Briar gets paralyzed, Blossom is frustrated that she’s getting all Mille’s love… you know the story by now. I’d like to see if MAYBE just MAYBE I can find some sort of sympathy for Blossomfall. I don’t personally hate nor love her, so this isn’t super biased. So, let’s see, maybe I can think of something…? Mhmm… that COULD work… Okay, hear me out on this that I’ve been able to conjure in my brain-mind. Blossom’s view: She’s trying to escape from the tree, and her sister runs back TO the murderous tree, Blossom is freaking out, wondering what she just saw. And she keeps herself together despite the fact that she’s thinking of the worst possible outcome: Her sister is dead. She finds out her sister is just badly injured and will never properly walk. Maybe Blossom is actually freaking out? I don’t know. I was kinda hoping I could find some reasoning, but no, she’s just immature and flat out terrible to Briar.

The last one here is going to have to be Bumblestripe and Dovewing. Bumblestripe gets his clanmates on his side about the whole thing, and he tries more than he should, to cat-marry Dove, when she says no, he and his clanmates pester her more and call her a terrible cat for rejecting him like that. You might say Ashfur loved too much, but he killed Firestar, BUMBLESTRIPE loved too much! I’m not going for him, but you can see, in Bristlefrost’s point of view of not getting loved back, his problem was that he took it too far. He got her friends and family to annoy her about it, he manipulated her.

But what do I know? I’m just a silly apprentice!

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