5 of the WORST parents in Warrior history by Starkit

Starkit lists some of the poorly performing parents from the series.

Art by dancinqskies

Hi, I’m Starkit and this is my first article so I hope it turns out well.
Rainflower is like the worst parent ever so it would be a shame if I didn’t put her first.
Rainflower changes Crookedstar’s name to Crookedkit which is terrible and during Oakheart’s warrior ceremony she tells him that he is her best kit and mothers aren’t supposed to have favorites. Also she is the reason that Mapleshade decides to haunt him and also she didn’t show up at his Leader ceremony to give him a life. Rainflower is a terrible mother because she basically neglects Crookedstar completely so I could go on forever about how she is a terrible mother but I’m stopping here.
Sandgorse is a terrible father and the reason is because he can’t understand the fact that Tallstar want’s to be a moor runner and also he blames Tallstar because Wollytail accidentally tells Dawnstripe that the gorge tunnel flooded even if it wasn’t his fault. When he tells Sparrow about the abandoning the gorge tunnel he says I quote “a dumb flood scared one of the apprentices.” So yeah he is a terrible father.
Palebird is a bad mother. Right now I feel really sorry for Tallstar he has terrible parents. So well first of all she was really mean to him after she had her second litter like she didn’t need him anymore. Palebird didn’t even know that Tallstar didn’t like the fact that she was mates with Wollytail a few moons after Sandgorse died. Palebird stayed in the nursery for too long I mean isn’t 6 moons enough to get over a hard kiting and after that before she was even a warrior again she was having her second litter of kits. She was a terrible mother to Tallstar but not as bad to her second litter.
Lizzardstripe is a bad mother and she was the reason that Brokenstar went to the dark forest. Lizardstripe nips, hisses, growls, and deprives Brokenstar of milk to remind him of how she didn’t want him. She calls her kit’s brats and basically hates them. Lizardstripe never wanted kits but she had them I mean if you don’t want kits then don’t have a mate.
Spiderleg completely ignored his kits at first and didn’t want them at all but then after word he was seen playing with his kits. End of Discussion.

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  • Great article! I think that Sandgorse was a much worse parent than Palebird, though I agree Palebird could have done better. honestly they were both being selfish.

  • (I’m not defended Rainflower here because I think she’s a good mother, she’s a horrible mother but) Rainflower didn’t show up to give Crookedstar one of his nine lives because StarClan wouldn’t let her.

  • Lizardstripe ruins Yellowfang’s love life because if she is the reason Brokenstar is in the Dark Forest she is the one who cause Brokenstar to kill Raggedstar Yellowfangs secret mate.

    I like Crookedkit better than Stormkit. For some reason, Crookedstar sounds way better than Stormstar. I’m not saying Rainflower was GOOD, but I don’t MIND him being renamed…

  • Funny you mentioned Sandgorse and Palebird-I’m just finishing Tallstar’s Revenge and actually know where every single thing you wrote under them (Sandgorse and Palebird) in the book.

  • i absolutely knew morningflower would appear somewhere in this list— heh

    nice article btw!! and agreed, stormstar did not deserve anything close to the treatment morning gave him when he was a kit. and just because of his looks, too! not to mention leaving him alone, where any cat *cough* mapleshade *cough* could manipulate hkm

  • I honestly think that if Lizardstripe was nicer to Brokenstar/tail he wouldnt have turned out how he was.I honestly think that if she would even treat him with a little kindness he would have took a different path.It is kind of sad for him😢

  • Personally Sandgorse is one of my favourite characters, but yeah, he wasn’t the most wonderful dad of all time. Great article, this concept is quite interesting.

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